Badminton: Forehand Smash Defense

Badminton: Forehand Smash Defense

Forehand Smash Defence Lift the right way the wrong way the right way again Smash defence block the right way the wrong way the right way again

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  1. the right way you let the shuttle fall on the racket and bounce off with little momentum, the wrong way you slow the shuttle off and lift it away..
    why would the wrong way be wrong, slowing and lifting the shuttle off tricks the opponent into running off in the wrong direction.

  2. I think this just covers the basics. Many people just overdo things when they are beginners.
    I'm sure the man knows what tricks are! 😉

  3. how come u dont even look at the birdie and jus hit it

  4. You should be able to loot at the birdie as well as opponent court and opponent rather then just look at the birdie. Lee

  5. coachhh can you jump to next level and actually upload gameplayss lik you with your students or sumthingg

  6. Thank you for your comment. That will be done a little bit later stage I am afraid. After uploading footwork, I am going to upload level doubles, mixed doubles, coaches clips, deceptions, then I am going to deal with match play and tactics corrections on match play. Sorry but plaease wait some more time. Lee

  7. That sounds great. I am actually a mix doubless player too. I hope to see some great tutorialss about it

  8. hi coach, were you holding the neutral grip?

  9. Yes I was. I can not have backhand grip nor forehand grip as I do not have time to change when I am defencing smash. It is possible to defence forehand and backhand with neutral grip. There may be a very little bit of change but it is very small. Lee

  10. OH MY GOD THANK YOU! I would always worry about my defence and my returns would be sloppy because I would try to change to backhand or forehand grip because I thought just using basic grip was incorrect. Thank you!

  11. Yes you do not have time to change so you should have the grip which suit both side best possible way. Lee

  12. so this is basically more finger power rather than wrist or arm

  13. Yes say 80% finger power and rest 20%. Lee

  14. coach lee how do you train or exercise to have powerful finger power?

  15. There are a number of clips for that, please have look and let me know if you have any questions. Lee

  16. Hello Lee,
    I have tried this technique but I am not sure if I am doing it correctly as the results are not that great (can't generate enough power). I don't know whether it is due to lack of finger power or due to poor technique. I suspect the latter. So for a lot of your videos, I would like to see a very detailed explanation on how to execute a certain shot (maybe in super slow-motion). In this particular video it would be quite beneficial to most viewers I believe.

  17. Forehand smash defense is more difficult then backhand smash defense. If you cant do it will then there must be a reason. Please do not give up but be more egar and be positive to do it. Keep try and see the reasons. Lee

  18. Lee Sir.. I face a lot of difficulty in defending smashes which are hit very fast towards my forehand and close to my body.. i often miss them. i follow you sir. please help.

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