Badminton: Forehand Under Arm Drive

Badminton: Forehand Under Arm Drive

Forehand Underarm Drive I am going to show you forehand underarm drive not many players or trainers think this is important technique rather they ignore about this shot but to me this is as important as like drop shot or net shot or clear or backhand clear because in realty, players will have many occasions to hit this kind of shots but they do wrong actions what I mean by under arm drive forehand underarm drive is this have a look please forehand side shuttle comes lower than net height then the hitting action should be in this way rather than like this full swing surprisingly many players do make that actions there are many problems in this action when player is doing that the angle is fixed in this kind of swing difficult to hit straight most of the shots nearly 80-90% of shots in this action will go across side not straight but remember straight shot is more advanced shot have a look like this its nearly impossible to hit straight with this action yes as you can see it very hard this action is when a player is taking shuttle as high as net or higher then thats ok like this this one but not when a player is taking shuttle lower than net then this is not the way to do it that’s the way in this way straight block or cross block straight lift or cross lift straight drive many things can be done like this lift across lift across block straight block drive exactly same racket movement all angles can be hit like this not like this watch again please ready here shuttle is lower than net then the racket should go to the shuttle quickly immediately like this like that and then block, across, lift, across drive rather than go like this try to compare which one is more efficient advanced further more, which one gives more angles which one gives more variety of shots ready go now, compare with what you saw with that action compare this please you can see big difference the racket goes to the shot straight in these days badminton the advanced shot is fast simple, that is advanced shot before long actions, long body movement that’s the way to hit it, when the racket was heavier but not now no need, immediate simple actions like this and same time, because this is simple, fast there fore its more deceptive for angles but never like this when you are taking shuttle lower than the net here every thing is fixed to across and because in this way big swing is involved there not fast or accurate enough for grip for this technique is this is not powerful not like smash or this is not like net shot so grip should be some where between them watch my grip please this is right grip for this technique thumb is there second finger is there this allows you to hit all different angles this is not the right grip or this kind of grip for backhand is not right neutral grip is the right one this one for singles, doubles, mixed doubles especially more for mixed doubles and doubles player will use lots of time so remember clear, drop, smash not only that kind of things are stroke skills this is also very important one of strokes skills remember the posture, lower like that and then in this way you can go faster like this watch this please rather than posture very important don’t think I only can do this way if you practice every body can do it this is not experience, this is technique and if you believe you can do it then this technique is yours thank you

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  1. Follow the clip, I have to lower my postures with my racket neutral grip to gain more return
    control options. In this clip, it shows the forehand under arm drive and looks mostly like passive action which I meant defense . Since I did not see the backhand under arm drive clip, I assume that I could use the same way for backhand. I would set my racket in front of my body with 50/50 ready for both side defense. I wonder if I could use the neutral grip for backhand under arm drive? Thanks coach Lee

  2. Yes the way will be same as forehand under arm drive. When you take shot lower then the net, the important thing is to hit flat as possible. In order to do that the impact has to be pushed in short space with firm push. This is a important skill in doubles and mixed. If things are not clear please comeback and discuss again. Lee

  3. Thanks Mr. Lee so much! I practice everyday with your new techniques!

  4. I am very pleased to know and am very much hope these skills are working for you. Lee

  5. Nice video Mr. Lee, from Brazil.

  6. Thank you. I hope to visit your contry one day. Lee

  7. Thank's Mr. Lee for the Tutorial …

  8. You are very welcome. Lee

  9. I know this question may not be related to this video, but I can't find the answer anywhere. I am a beginner and I noticed that I often hit my shots high, letting my opponent smash. I want to hit the shuttle more straight, so my opponent doesn't get that much time to wait for the shuttle to fall, but I don't know what to do. Can you help me? Please, and thank you!!!

  10. No then you need different grip and different ways of movement depending on how late you are. Lee

  11. It is not done yet, but I am planning to do it. I am planning to make all the grips in all different situation. Lee

  12. I think no coach teaches this because no coach has such strong wrist and fingers as you got coach Lee 🙂

  13. Thank you for your comment. Lee

  14. Thank you Mr. Lee. Your videos are very clear and well illustrated.

  15. Thank you very much. Lee

  16. may i use forhand grip for overhead drop shot

  17. It is very much depending on where you are hitting from and where you are hitting to. Also if you trying to do slice drop, check drop, simple drop, fast drop. Your grip have to be changed to forwehand grip, backhand grip or nutral grip. I am going to make drop clips then I will be able show you more details. Lee

  18. thank u sir today my coach told me we dont need to be change the grip for overhead drop shot just wrist rotation is necessary through neutral grip is it right

  19. That is you to make decision. Every coach has their own ways to coach their players. It is not right me to say right or wrong of an other coach's way. Lee

  20. Hi coach Lee,
    my question is related to forehand. the problem is when i play my forehand from the back of the court it doesnt go to the back of the other end. i try to apply all my power but still it doesnt go. i am only 12 years old and i am thin but when others like me play the shot it goes to the back of the court. can u explain how to hit it properly. My shots only reach somewhat between the middle and the end. so can pls explain

  21. Mr. Lee, how to get power in shots by wrists…like you hit in this video
    while seeing this – its just awesome to see the power generating from wrists!!
    kindly advice.
    Warm Regards,

  22. I may be not explain well. It is combination of wrist as well as finger grip power, arm all together. Lee

  23. Coach Lee, thank you for making these videos. They are very helpful and helped me fix many of my bad habits. I just wish I could take lessons from you in person.

  24. I am very pleased to know and thank you for taking time to post your kind comment. I hope to meet you on a court in the future. Lee

  25. coach lee. how can i train to increase my wrist abilities?

  26. I've watched many of Coach Lee's videos – sometimes one video multiple times. I've always done what he shows in the videos… when he shows how it is done wrongly that is. 😛

    Learned a lot from your videos. Thanks a lot, coach Lee.

  27. Coach your Tricks are very helpful.
    I am just starting my carrier with badminton.
    Your explanation behind the action is just very motivating to go for it.
    Thanks a lot coach
    Very helpful lessons and easy to understand no confusion at all.
    Keep it up ….

  28.   coach lee, why do you say that straight shot is more advanced shot?

  29. The one is a lot faster than the other one.Ace

  30. lee, correct me if i am wrong; the wrist movement for that shot is dependent on the type of shot? for example, if i am doing a lift/drive, i use the wrist tap action; if i am doing drop i use the push action? and secondly; how hard the lift is also dependent on how hard i hold the racket grip?

  31. As i watch your lee i recognize how week my wrists are. Cant imagine how strong those hits. Thank you for the vids. Im able to see my weakness for me to work for.

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