Badminton-Fun Warming up (01) Play Tag

Badminton-Fun Warming up (01) Play Tag

This warming up is good for kids before starting the session, every body to get together get to know each other, having good fun to make good atmosphere for the session good warming for that purpose ok now you can stamp on the line, badminton line, any line this two lines are 1 you can walk on the line like this but you can’t go like this you can’t run you can walk I will try to touch you, you have to go away ok go I touched when I touch he can’t touch me he have to touch others, go no run, walk [laughs] Now you can run, not me you can run ok this time, you have to do side step only any type, there are many ways, this way, that way but it has to be side steps touch I will show you by touching side steps stop this side step is good for badminton because there are lots of side steps carry on go when you do this one, because lots of fun involved it has to be careful, calm the players down otherwise they do too fast, so you have to do it by step by step the first one has to be walking not running and then second one do running and the third one side steps but you have to stop after one and half or two minutes let them breathe and then continue again to 3 times

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  1. Coach. i never see the players warming up before a match . They just practise tossing the shuttle. how do they protect thmselves frm injuries ? ..

  2. Which players? national and internartional players do warm up well before the match but I do know that many club players are not doing enough warmup. Lee

  3. I love the echoes you get from gyms like this

  4. lee sir can u recommend any individual warming up exercises…i generally do normal streching and finger power exercise and start my play….a video would be much better:)

  5. I can't seem to understand what he's saying… I only realized that he was speaking in english after he said 'OK'. XD

  6. What happened to other warm up videos?

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