Badminton-Fun Warming up (03) Boxing

Badminton-Fun Warming up (03) Boxing

ok ready like this like this move like this you can only touch shoulder with fingers I am attacking, you have to do like this no like this move no like this James touch me no like this, no like that touch, you have to move but no like this now I am attacking but you have to do this like that like this like that ok you attack ok go you have to make steps you have to do this step and then do like that like there I can’t see what are you trying to do no no no ready if I do this he has no time you have to give little space like that [laughs] like there like this like this like that its not fighting ok do slowly too close, too close, too close have space, have space, have space go too quick let me do it look when you do it I will do it for him to see me do this step, like this like that like this like that ya attack anybody ya like that ya yes yes ya well done when you let players do this one, because its like touching some big players they might do it too hard so you have to be very careful touch by your fingers, touch, touch but important thing is this steps

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  1. It is a works grt thanku

  2. Hi lee, I'm thinking of starting boxing soon and would like to know whether it could benefit my badminton in terms of speed/ footwork, smash/Clear power etc. I have been playing badminton for 3 years and am looking to go into county badminton by the end of the year. Thanks for the videos lee, appreciate them.

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