Alright Everyone It’s time for a good ol’ sport Let’s Play ….
Badminton! Playin’ Badminton Look at me! Servin’ now like Ali-G Servin’ up like Ali-G Hit that cock right down the court All the audience , stand up !
WHOP! Everybody now, just come to the hut … where we play BADMINTON! Look at me , serve it now and it goes out! Oh damn , look at me! I just served wrong,
Oh gee! Danish Badminton player , Peter Gayde It started being played in 1888 (eighteen – eighty – eight ) Badminton is a racket sport Played by two opposing teams players …or two opposing teams , doubles. That take position on opposite halves of a rectangle
court that is divided by a net Players get points by scoring a strike out with the
racket so it passes it over the net And lands in the opposite side and lands in
the opponents side and rallies that shuttlecock Just strike that Granny and just shoot that shuttlecock before it passes over the net The rules of badminton state, that a badminton
match consists of the best of three games In doubles and men’s singles The first to score 15 points wins the game In women’s singles , the first side to score 11 points wins the game If the score becomes 14 all (10 all women’s singles) The side to score 14 first, shall excersize
… to continue the game to 15 points The second game to end at 17 points Who served throughout this game serves in the next game… Only on the serving side can add another point to his score , Remember this my people and you will learn a little bit more! BADMINTON! Look at me! Servin’ now like Ali-G Hit that shuttlecock , down the court All the audience , stand up! WHOP! Everybody now just come to the hut,
Jabba hut, the hut! Look at me! The rules of badminton state that you have to change
end with your opponent after the first game If the third game is also played ? You’ll change ends , usually in a game the ends at six
in a game of eleven the points will be given The rules of badminton singles ! That was the hardest thing , I’ve ever had to rap
too , in my … entire … life.

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  1. Good editing, good song, good game

    Good choice

    well done Robert

  2. @davidav11 I am sorry that you didn't like the video. But tbh we did have crappy equipment and the footage sorta corrupted. also if you haven't noticed we aren't really professionals and I don't know what there isn't to get. This was just to get the song on line and we achieved that.

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