Badminton Grip (Question 4)

Badminton Grip (Question 4)

Question 4 How many different types of grips should be used during the game? – one, – two, – three Number 4 question the answer is three main grips number 1 is neutral grip number 2 backhand grip number 3 forehand grip again neutral grip backhand grip forehand grip neutral, backhand, forehand neutral grip backhand grip forehand grip neutral backhand forehand neutral backhand forehand neutral backhand forehand but remember in backhand there are more different grips backhand net kill grip, backhand drive grip backhand clear grip is different same as forehand because shuttle is being hit in different points there fore grip has to be changed so mainly 3 grips but actually its more than 3 grips

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  1. can you show all the grips?

  2. @sugizolove I will remember and definatly make clip for the detailed grips. I can not promise the time scale but I will do it sooner then later. Thank you for asking. Lee

  3. @sugizolove Hello there. Thank you very much for taking time and effort to post your comment. I am very pleased with my decision to upload more clips to youtube so more badminton lovers can access them. I am planning to do more. It is a great to know that those clips are beneficial to you and many others. Thank you too. Lee

  4. Can you show all the grips. I have a tough time changing the grips from backhand return of smash to forehand return of smash. A detailed guide for each grip and how to change from one to another smoothly would be awesome!!!

  5. Thank you for proposing the clip. Yes my next clip is smash defence (follow Lee)
    and I will make detailed clip for it. Lee

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