Badminton-Hairpin Net Drop

Badminton-Hairpin Net Drop

Hairpin Hello, I am Lee thanks for coming in this video I am going to show you normal net play what I mean by normal net play is when you take shuttle little bit away from the net so, in this situation the important thing to remember is safe shot rather than try to slice it sliced shot is when you take shuttle near the net rather than away from the net because it does not matter if you slice it when shuttle goes over the net the spin will be stopped in this video for that hairpin I would like to make 4 learning points the first learning point is hitting technique how to hit in this situation for the net shot I will show you first here at the impact time from shoulder to end of the racket you should feel like one piece in this way you will be able to have better control and accuracy what I mean by is this backhand please there so, its better stay still when you make the impact so your accuracy will not be affected by your body movement for example, if you hit like this then the accuracy will be dropping again please I saw some players they try to control the shot by using their wrist because they move their wrist like this the control will be not very good it will be better all parts of your body and specially from your shoulder to end of your racket should be stopped still at the impact, like this there stop stop one more stop rather than or moving this part of the legs number 2 point in order to pass your feeling to the shuttle cock the level of impact should be similar as level of your eyes this is what I mean there so, impact eyes level should be same like this if you take shuttle earlier, higher then your eyes, your posture should go little bit higher little bit higher please yeah there rather than higher yeah like this or if you are taking shuttle lower, then your posture should be lower too in that way you will be able to pass your feelings to the shuttle much better like this lower yeah like this like that like this like that rather than so, the eyes level is here impact is here so the feeling will not be passed on to the shuttle cock for forehand side exactly same have a look please stay still rather than try to control it by wrist same make the level of your eyes and the level of impact should be similar, like this rather than learning point 3 take shuttle in front of your body if you do, you will be able to see the shot as well as your opponent, opponent court all together which means you will be able to make deceptions and better accuracy and further more after the shot you will be ready immediately ok this is what I mean by taking shuttle in front of my body like this ok forehand, backhand both ways ready go there in front in front in front like this so I see shot, opponent together just imagine, if you take shuttle side of your body like now, then view of your eyes and the angle of your hitting will be different which means the accuracy will be dropped ok, side little bit here there or like this so, I am facing that way, while I am hitting the shuttle the other side, here my eyes go that way so, it does not match each other again, taking shuttle cock side of body is like this like this so look if my net is here its better to take shuttle like this the toes here and toes should be pointing the shuttle cock and my racket should go like this so its same line and better balance quite few players they do this way their legs here and then their racket and the impact is there so, like this this is bending which means there is no balance this one should be like this if shuttle is there, my right foot should be here and then my wrist should be stretched so in front of my body rather than like this backhand same legs here and toes pointing the shuttle cock and like this but some they do this way legs here and then take shuttle side of their body so there is no balance ok I will try this one have a look like this so legs here taking shuttle here which is no balance forehand like this legs here, impact is there so they are losing their balance this one should be changed to like this there so legs, impact together same line I can see shot better backhand same here there so, foot here and impact there so its better balance rather than like this number 4 learning point please use your left arm if you are left handed be able to use your right arm most of them, most of the players they are concerned about their racket hitting arm, they are forgetting about the other arm non racket arm this left arm is very important in making good balance please would you like to watch my left arm one more so, arm, right arm is here left arm is there so its balanced just imagine if a players left arm posture is like this yeah its different but, surprisingly quite many players left hand posture is like that or some times like this or some times because they are very nervous their finger goes very strange look, better balance will give you better control and accuracy also look after the shot, can be ready quickly if you are well balanced but if you are like this then it will take little bit more time when you go back to the base so, in order to recap the first learning point in this video for normal net shot, which is when you are taking it like this, away from the net rather than from here here or here, here same rhythm will be the most important thing to remember to do that whole arm control rather than wrist control that’s number 1 learning point number 2 try still, stay still when you make the impact point at the impact just stop if you do that control will be better rather than at the impact time moving your body, your legs and your arms if you move like that, then it will affect your accuracy number 3 try to take shuttle in front of your body here here rather than here or side of your body number 4 be able to use your left arm in order to make better balance it will bring you better accuracy and fast speed thank you I hope you enjoyed

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  1. Hello Lee. I was reading of static stretching (when you hold position) and articles said it was bad for you. It said does not help instead weakens muscles. Some say to perform different warmup like jumping jacks, jogging, spider crawl, etc. 1.What is your opninon on stretching?Good?Bad? Useless? 2. Should static stretching beused, warmup things (like jog), or none. 3. Should stretching also be used to cool down? 4.Is it good to do the stretch that simulates knee stepped forward hitting net shot?

  2. 1. I do use active warming up as well as some of static warming up. I do static warming up because of I feel safe and after that I feel ready. Everyone has their own way whcih may against the theory. I think it should be conbined both if one feel better that way. 2. Yes I feel it is a must to do active warming up. 3. Yes very light active warming down and static streching would be good. 4. Yes i think so. Body and mind,

  3. both need to be warmed up so when you do warm up, same time you have to fucos on how you are going to play, how you are going to training. Lee

  4. How should nonracquet foot step? Should it drag acroos with back of toes touching ground?

  5. It should be weighted 70%/(on racket foot) 30% (non racket foot)
    Yes non racket food should be gently drag a just little bit. Lee

  6. Actually after watching you just to make sure it is not toes that drag, it is your right side of your left foot that drags? (Inner side of nonracquet foot drags)

  7. Yes you are right. I did not understand your question well. it is (Inner side of nonracquet foot drags). Lee

  8. coach Lee thank you so much.You teach us with your whole-hearthed..Truthful.Gbu

  9. Thank you very much for your kind comment and I am very pleased to know that you like the clips. Lee

  10. Ahhhhh! I never get tired of watching these videos. Great advice. Thanks Coach Lee.

  11. I am very pleased to hear that. Thank you. Lee

  12. hey lee sir why badminton player wear bresband in forarms? pleas tell me.

  13. Players normally wear it to take sweat away. Lee

  14. coach lee do you have a spinning drop shot??

  15. I am going to make the clip but I do not have it now. Lee

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  19. You are welcome. Lee

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  21. Thanks for your efforts for making all these videos, really appreciate it and it really helpful. Greeting from indonesia.

  22. Clear clips will be made in the near future. Please wait a little while. Lee

  23. A very motivational coach I've learned frm Mr.Lee.. I almost watched every vc from him and keep practicing! when I lost my confidence n down, i'll go back to basics. TQVM coach Lee, appreciated!

  24. You are very welcome and it is my plessure. Thank you for letting me know that you are treating my clips in such way. Thank you too. Lee

  25. Lee, YOu gave my child very nice tips for this energetic game. He learnt lot from your techniques. You are inspiration for him. Thanks a lot.

  26. I am very pleased to know. It is my great plessure. Thank you for taking time to post your comment. Lee

  27. Thank you sir for your all videos….
    I want to know about how to identify weakness of opponent while playing…please help me….if you any any video about this please upload…
    thank you

  28. If you focus on your opponent during play, you will be able to see his habits/faverit shots, where he makes more mistakes, how his emotion is changing, how his speed is changing, Then you change your game based on these information. It is your will to see about his badminton. Lee

  29. Thank you sir….I will focus on these points while playing….

  30. I hope it works for you. Lee

  31. sir i have a doubt….while playing in single…if opponent is at middle of court…where should i smash…on his backhand or on his body…???please help me..

  32. If he is in good position, smash at his body is good.
    If he is ready for your smash then you can do fast slice drop or attack clear. Lee

  33. Good Day Coach Lee, seen some of your training and other videos related to badminton and found very useful for my kid of 12 yrs. She has started playing game of badminton 9/10 months back and doing good without proper coaching. here i would like to ask you whether it is late to start badminton and how much time to spend to pickup the game though there is lot of improvement after seeing your videos. tks.

  34. She is not late but she may need someone to train her. To be a good elite player, having a good coach is good. But if she is really dedicated then she can learn by study clips and whating good players matches. Lee

  35. I always think "dropping" from the back court is called "net drop" , and "net shot" at the front. Am i wrong??

  36. Drop shot is normally mean from rear court to net. net drop/hairpin normally mean soft shot from net to net. Lee

  37. Amazing again, what a clarity and my younger son age (just turned 9) loves to watch along with me and by himself. He is training 7 days a week, do lot of physical work shadow, ploymeteric exercises, playing 2 against one regularly, singles twice a week, alomst 15 games per week. Watching top quality badminton on you tube, he some follow Lee Hyun li or Lee Chong wee or Taufik or Lin Dan. His power smash techinque is spot on as you have explained. Thank you for the great work you left

  38. You are most welcome. I think your son is doing very well to take such volume training. If he continue like that soon he will be a good player. Please let him view the clips of "how to become an advanced player" and clips of "poor badminton player's behaviour" those two sets of clips are very importnat for the players of your son's age as it teaches attitude. Lee

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  45. Excellent tutorial clips!! You teach us very useful skills. BTW, I haven't finished watching all your clips. Did you teach different types of strategies for handling different opponents? Just as what you replied to Aditya Nakhare. 

  46. I am 40 years old, i play badmintn since i was at 12.
    I never have coach, i only know hitting the shuttle.
    But since i watch your tutorial video, i have much progress.
    Before it, i dont even know about how to grip, right position, deception, etc.
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    This video is fantastic. All your explanations in your videos are very clear. I understand now for the first time about taking the shot at the level of the eyes – great tip.
    Thank you for posting such expert opinion for people like me who are amateurs.

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    Thank you Lee for sharing these lessons, 

  54. Hi Lee
    As a Coach and also an Engineer, love the way you explain the why of a technique and not just how. Great for kids who ALWAYS need a why!!
    Specifically on the forehand side, can you tell me how with the extended straight arm/wrist you can use deception and then generate the power to turn that into a lift. Power from pronation of the forearm looks difficult/awkward from that position. Same applies to the spinning net shot technique.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

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    I really enjoyed your video and I hope by implementing these 4 points,I would able to improve my net shot .Thank you for the video very much.

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  78. Net drop means you can't speak English. It's a net shot. A drop is from the back of the court when the shuttie is hit from high to near the net.

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