Badminton: Half Court Drive

Badminton: Half Court Drive

Half Court Drive I am going to do half court drive what I mean by half court drive is this in doubles or some times in singles half court some where here the drive opponent attack to my body or drive from cross side or straight some where from here how to move how to hit and what’s important in this technique first of all the posture because I am standing this area my racket position should be some where middle so from here, I can go here, there or there or there so, not too high, not too low some where center of my body, this is the best place for this situation and then the feet position because I am standing half court right foot should be forwarded for attacking, as well as defencing if the left foot is forwarded, my right foot shoulder will be going backward this right hand side is ok but left hand side is problem quite often when my opponent is upon attacking some players have this kind of feet position and their racket is there like this and when the shuttle comes here, then that’s problem late but if this player put right foot forward there fore right shoulder, arm is forwarded so forehand, backhand that’s ok this way move forward, move backwards, have no problem so its better to put right foot forward, if you are right hander please have a look drive please posture like this, racket center right foot forwarded little bit not much like that or not side by side this is difficult to move forward also backward but that way much easier to go forward and backward ready ready – hit ready – hit ready – hit ready – hit ready – hit ready – hit ready – hit ready – hit ready – hit ready – hit so with this feet you look and move hit and then look again hit but what happens if I put left foot forward ready that’s problem, when shuttle comes here because my shoulder is backward like that forehand is ok but that’s problem so like this you do that when your shot is lower then opponents net that’s ok because they cannot attack ready please so right foot forward now racket skills, ready in this situation this drive, the player is not expected to have point from this drive the role of this drive, the purpose of this drive is to create opportunity to smash it rather than get point immediately so fast action is important and sharp action is important than big powerful movement so which is this please focus my racket here – there immediately there here, here, here, here rather than make bigger swings this is unnecessary very very important tip here until the shuttle cock is on the ground the feet and the racket should be always ready so shot after the shot ready again shot – ready shot – ready because of this ready two feet together allow this player to move any different directions have a look please the feet first look hit – ready hit – ready hit – ready hit – ready hit – ready hit – ready rather than hit and then just looking hit hit hit and looking hit and then looking and hit different and second point racket look after backhand this racket should be staying center because I don’t know where it will come again after forehand ready so each time, hit ready hit – ready so I am ready left hand side, right hand side exactly half and half unless I am very sure I forced my opponent to return certain part other than that situation player must be ready both sides now I will demonstrate the racket skills how to hit, how to be ready after the shot please watch my racket little bit slowly so viewers can see it racket please look hit – ready hit – ready hit – ready hit – ready hit – ready hit – ready hit – ready hit – ready hit – ready hit – ready hit – ready so each time hit – ready hit – ready rather than like this hit – ready hit – ready hit – ready because racket is very close to the body its slow put racket away and hit it immediately in badminton number 4 root principle is take shuttle away from the body like this away here there its faster rather than take shuttle from near the body like this here here here that’s not efficient also all other stroke skills same the hungry posture remember racing car posture rather than double decker bus posture mind behave like if you have not eat for 2 days you are hungry for the shuttle rather than if you had a christmas dinner you are not hungry does not matter because of this attitude of mind and posture the stroke skills the quality of the shot every thing will be completely different thank you I hope you enjoyed

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  1. thank u sir Lee u r a great teacher Respect

  2. in forehand drive .. what type of grip should used ????

  3. I have problem of toss

  4. Im the natonal champion in india

  5. mr lee your techniques of teaching is quite exceptional.

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