Badminton: Hitting Skills

Badminton: Hitting Skills

Hitting Technique right way of hitting shuttle cocks hitting technique, there are 2 things to be remembered number 1 be able to take shuttle in front of body number 2 be able to take shuttle away from body this is essential what ever a player do the player should be able to try to do this 2 important elements I will explain why this 2 are important number 1 take shuttle in front of a player body the lower level player beginners when they hit shuttle their eyes only go to the shuttle not the other side of player, net or court little bit advanced player while they are hitting shuttle cock they can see net, opponent, opponent court together so, they can make more accurate shots even more advanced player, international player they can see shot as well as opponent also opponents mind for example in order to do that they have to take shuttle in front of their body for example, if they take shuttle here then shuttle, net, opponent they can see together so they can actually hit while they see the corner straight or cross straight lift or cross lift but if they take shuttle side then their eyes angle goes that way and then take shuttle that way so, there is no match forehand same in front I can see shot and opponent altogether I know some times player cannot take all the shuttles in front of their body because they are forced by opponent what I am saying is the problem is when they have time to take shuttle in front of their body they don’t because of their wrong habbit that’s problem not only that, shuttle goes to the rear court then the player must move their feet and then take shuttle in front so their weight can go together after the shot they are ready but because they take shuttle above their head or late they loose their balance so, if you take shuttle in front of your body there are lots of benefits but if you take shuttle side of your body the accuracy, power, deception and speed of movement will be badly effected number 2 take shuttle away from the body there are racket length, arm length if a player use this length when they are playing it looks like they don’t move too much and they take shuttle earlier which means they are making their court smaller but if a player taking shuttle near their body then their court will be like foot ball ground also just imagine the accuracy if they take net shot like this it will be more effective and accurate rather than take shuttle like this like this let’s say drive take shuttle away from the body here here here here there away rather than take shuttle near their body better that way early lets say net shot it will be better use arm like this like that like this rather than wasting, this should be changed to the reason why I say this is roots of badminton because what shot ever player do this will apply this logic will influence every single shot movement and everything like deceptions, power more demonstrations take shuttle in front of their body ok watch this please net shot here here there so I can see together wrong side of their body there there there like this another word lets say there is a window in front of window there is a vase out side of window there is a human a person is walking around player must be able to see 3 things all together not only window not only outside person they should be able to see all 3 things together same time that is advanced badminton have a look taking shuttle side of their body and in front of their body how it looks different drop shot please in front there there there side of there body watch my face again in front of their body please remember if you wanted to play advanced badminton two things take it in front of your body take it away from your body you will gain lots of benefits

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  1. Sorry if I made you feel that way. I have habit of copying the wrong way as sometime people learn more from it rather then how it should be done. I am please to know you like it. Lee

  2. First of all, you have to learn right skill of making hitting actions (compact and fast and sharp. Then you have to check your grip to see if your grip is right for the shot you are making. If these are right then use heavy racket, racket cover or tennis racket to make your fingers and arm strong. It can be done. put your time and effort and keep try until it happens. Good luck and let me know how you got on. Lee

  3. I am sorry to say this but trueth is that your attack must be stronger then their defense. You can try a few tactics but it will be not real solution. Until then you can try a few things. 1. attack differently (check smash, slice smash rather then always using hard smash. 2. do not attack do clear and drop as they are happy for you to attack and you can not get through to them then there is no reason you samsh. let them smash. the real improve should made on your attack power. Lee

  4. Mr lee i a have started playing since few months and doing pretty well after watching your videos. thanks a ton for all your coaching. can you suggest which racket should i use as now i want to advance on my techniques.currently i am using yonex nana speed 100

  5. I think that is good for some more time. Stay with it and after a year or so test other few rackets to feel if there is a racket feel better. Lee

  6. again, logic makes it easy

  7. Nice Video and Coaching Strategy again to you Coach Lee… if i may ask a question, is there any badminton yell? i see some players saying something if they make great shoots like Team China and Korea. if there is one can you post it.. it would be highly appreciated… thanks.

  8. I am sorry that I do not bhave one to post you. But each player is yelling differently. Just express your feel, confidence, determination at that moment. I am asking my players to yell rather then play silently. Lee

  9. What is your native language? just curious.

  10. I am a South Korean. Lee

  11. Dear Lee,

    You need to help me out here. I am taking shuttles close to my body. This is because I want to play as late as possible to make an effective deception. How do I come out of that habit and re-learn? Learning afresh is easier compared to unlearning and re-learning. What do I do? My badminton has improved significantly after I have learnt how to adjust the grip. Kindly advise.

  12. Sometimes what you do can work well but I believe that deception by taking early is more advanced skill. Soon I am going to make clips for many deceptive skills and that may help you. Meanwhile you would better to try to take shuttlecock early that way you can hold it longer which make very deceptive. Lee

  13. Dear Lee,

    Thanks for the reply.

    1) But please also advise me on how to get rid of my bad habit first.

    2) You also considered making clips about how to hold the racket in rear court, mid court and front court (long grip/short grip). I am waiting for that too.

    Thank you very much.

  14. 1. It requires you will and thick, deep focus to change the habit. Even you do it you may still do the old way so if your focus is low then it is not possible to change.
    2. There may be little change and please do not focus on it too much as it has to be done automaticly. Lee

  15. Thanks Mr. Lee for sharing your skills. I believe by doing this, you are contributing a lot to the improvement of the sport and how it is played.

  16. Thank you very much for your kind comment and I am delighted to know. Lee

  17. Muchas gracias por tus vídeos, no entiendo muy bien el idioma pero casi no me hace falta, solamente con el video y con la energía que transmites ya es suficiente.

  18. You are very welcome and I am very pleased to know you like it. Lee

  19. Thanks Mr. Lee. You help me a lot 🙂

  20. Thanks Mr Lee..Very nice video for me.Can you please share how to do Jump Smash perfectly?Previously I try to do but my smash is not very fast.Perhaps skill and timing is not correct..Do you have any advice?

  21. awesome explanation…..i have seen most of your demos….all are excellent..

  22. Many many thanks Lee sir. I'm a beginner and your videos are helping me a lot.

  23. thank you, Coach Lee. This will be the theme of my next training.
    I am impatient

  24. thank you mr Lee ,feel not only a good coach also a good sports teacher and master ,the way of answering to all commants reveals your good attitude

  25. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge, I remember Bruce Lee my idol he is also like you want to share his skills to the world. Wishing your good health.

  26. …crystal clear explanation and demo, thanx coach lee.. =)  

  27. simple words clear message ,,, just loved it.

  28. i am grateful coach….please upload more and in orderly..gratitude

  29. Dear Master Lee, you are the best.
    I am a beginner level player, i was not knowing any thing about badminton, I started to watch your video 6 months ago and after practicing, now I am winning matches against tough club player, thank you. Be happy always.

  30. u r a genius and the best helper a one could get…….thank u…

  31. Thank you so much Sir Lee for the wonderful lesson it helps me a lot. I hope I can see you playing again or just the clips of yours while competing the tournament. I keep on searching  your playing highlights but I cant find anyone of them. Hope you can post your playing highlights on your career…

  32. Tks master Lee, i played for 6 months, but no any basic skills, just play it myself
    Since i followed your lessons, i :grow up" week by week in badminton field.
    I want to say tks a lot to you.
    I'm from Viet Nam, i know english a little, but your record in video hard to listen. I think the best way to anyone even for those who dont know english can learn, that you can subtitle your video.
    Best regards,

  33. Thank Master Lee , i have improved a lot buy watching your videos

  34. Thanks for this video Lee !! You pointed out the mistake i do while playing .. It will definitely help me to improve the game

  35. Very great videos lee, I'll give a few pointers to my players as I'm a first time coach. will improve coaching techniques. also will give them to watch them.

  36. OMG!!Lee sir u r. damm good. OK my mistakes got corrected. thank you sir?

  37. hi, Mr. lee, im acen tong from jakarta, and i just want you to know that youve helped me alot with your videos, , much appreciated for your kindness , and im sure alot of people also received benefit from your tutorial.

  38. Hello Mr. Lee. I'm Christian from the Philippines. Your videos helped me a lot in improving the skills of my students in badminton. Hoping to see more progress on them through your tutorials. Almost of our mistakes and errors about the game was corrected. We really appreciate this effort of yours. Thank you very much and God bless.

  39. Sir I want you to make a video on smash

  40. Great video sir. Very helpful, and your demonstrations are super!!

  41. Lee this is one of the best videos for sure. i have been struggling with Serves and this gave me tons of variations and ideas to bring the game up. I did like how you suggested to be confident instead of being nervous about the return. so true. i had a question. i do notice a lot of players serve over the cork instead of under. i mean the racquet face often brushes over instead of tapping or slicing the shuttle, is that the correct form? i even noticed another youtube coach practicing that watch at 1:24 what are your thoughts?

  42. Sir!! you are the best coach on the whole.. seen couple of videos. but yours is the best. I ll imply this and correct this on my next game. thank you sir. salute.

  43. Hi coach Lee, can you show me video how to do a clear or clean with solid (power concentrate on hitting point) forehand hitting?I would like to know how the grip, finger and wrist work for this.Need your help on this. thanks.

  44. Hi Mr. Lee
    I am in my 60s and recently discovered your videos on youtube….i find them very informational and only wish i would have had access to them many years ago… my watching them i still feel i can improve… very good info, especially on back hand… however i did not see a session on the back hand smash…. do you have one?
    again, many thanks

  45. hello Mr.lee
    this is charan from India
    i have learnt much more batminton by watching your videos
    they have helped me alot
    very thanks for you
    hope u make more and more videos ?

  46. hello Mr.lee
    Thank you so much Sir Lee for the wonderful lesson it helps me a lot

  47. I have to admit sir, by far your channels have the most clear explanations on every techniques that you teach and its very helpful for me. I have tried many of your teachings into my gameplay and it actually working very well. Congrats once again sir. Keep it up!

  48. I'm complete beginner, played my first game yesterday with a ton of friends who have played for years. I will be taking your advice mr to help me beat them ahah

    edit: yeah prob the best teacher on youtube

  49. hello mr. Lee, thank you so much for your video clips, it helps me a lot for teaching my players for some skills. my name is marco from philippines.

  50. You're really a gem a great guru for someone like us who do not have coach.
    Sad but it's India.

  51. Thank you so much teacher.

  52. sound is not clear plz…

  53. Hello Lee Sir,

    I am happy and glad to say I regularly watch most of your lessons which would help improve our play on daily basis, but could you tell us how long should we practice such lessons, warm up, drill before playing matches with opponents. Do we need to add the same practice on the next day and on every day the same exercise.

    Could you teach us what are the best warm ups and cool downs before/after playing matches to stay active.

    Also, we request you to keep sharing every different lessons with us. Stay happy and longer sir.

    Inshallah, If Allah wills, If I earn more I will definitely come to see you sir.

    With Love,
    Akram from India.

  54. Coach, your teachings are taken highly in regard. Very easy to understand.
    From Botswana?

  55. Great work teacher. i really appriciate. i learnt so many things by watching your vedios.

  56. How can give a snack on back galeri

  57. Thank you sir. Since I began listening to your clips on various aspects of the game I have been able to bring a lot of improvement in my attitude towards the game… You are really doing a great service to a lot of players who do not have any background to improve their skills.. Thanks a lot.. Regards devesh

  58. you deserve the nickname "badminton warrior"… congratulations

  59. Seriously sir u changed my whole playing style and improved my game considerably,thanx a lot

  60. Sir your video quality is very low its create a problem for us

  61. Thank you very much coach

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