Badminton-How to Improve Finger and Wrist Power

Badminton-How to Improve Finger and Wrist Power

How to improve finger and wrist power – Stage -1 I would like to show you how you can use racket head cover like this and I made the hole here so its not heavy so the hitting action can go quite fast other wise racket will go like these that’s why I made hole to practice the wrist, finger ok now, it can be done net play Tom by hands come closer, forehand yup, here tap so when you use your racket head cover try to tap it like this, look move this side I might hit you tap tap because its tap, it requires more power rather than follow through this is easy, yeah like this it should be tap ok, every time you do that if you do 10-15 times correctly it will be very hard ok watch this, here hold 1 when you practice this one, practice your feet before you go to the shot always do one like this ready 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 same idea here tap rather than tap tap tap tap if you can do that, practice your feet together like this tap tap wrong way tap tap tap that way you bring the finger and ready watch the feet ok ready 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 ready 1 2 3 ready 1 2 3 ready flick deceptive flick hold – too high hold hold – straight hold – cross straight ok now forehand same there there there ok ready smash defence throw yeah ready small tap here tap tap tap more importantly you can practice backhand clear too ready by hands same idea tap tap tap tap tap finally, you can practice smash this is tricky, if you don’t do well you can’t hit it with shuttle use racket ready if you want to make your wrist strong arm powerful, your finger powerful you can use this kind of cover, to develop it even you can practice at home watching TV take your cover out, sit in the arm chair and practice backhand lift backhand lift backhand clear if you have not done it before, you should do 10-15 hits without shuttle cock, rest and do it again, don’t do it too much one more when you have not done it before do not hold it here too heavy at the beginning hold it up here its bit easier and then you can go down

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  1. I see, you put on the racquet cover to add extra weight, the holes so you have control like a normal racquet and the cover also covers the string which makes you lose power and with all this you need to add more power constantly which will in some time make your wrists and fingers stronger….. I think

  2. Yes that is very good. You got all the points of this clip. Lee

  3. Can you just use a heavier racket instead than without the covers? Because it wastes one by putting holes in it..

  4. Yes you can as long as you make right hitting action it will help. Lee

  5. You are right. The one I have also all gone and it will take a few months to come. Lee

  6. Yes I did that too. That is a very ways to make your wrist and fore arm strong.
    Thank you for your comment. Lee

  7. thnx a lot……it helped to improve my game…..

  8. I am very pleased to know. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  9. I think you have to find other way to make power then using your wrist. More body, fore arm, shoulder. There must be ways to do it. I also think that you will be the best person to findout the way. Look for the way and teach me how you did. Lee

  10. Thank you for that wonderful guide!! If u don't have the cover ,could u use a heavy racket??

  11. Yes that is as good as cover. Thank you for your comment. Lee

  12. Dear coach Lee,I have been practicing my wrist and fingers but lately it seems i have been hitting my smashes and overheads wrong and I have shoulder pain that increases a little with every hit during training.Can You please tell me what might be the problem? Thank you very much for your videos,they have helped me greatly.Please dont stop making these videos.

  13. I have been unable to find a cover….was trying to find something around the house n…

  14. Try to do followings:
    1. Make the impact point in front of your body
    2. Try to smash vertically
    3. Try to smash with more wrist then shoulder
    4. Your step have to go deeper then shuttlecock.

    The most important thing for you seems taking it in front of your body.


  15. very nice strokes. I should remember not to swing too much.

  16. Thank you for your comment and that is right simple and compact hitting action is better. Lee

  17. Yes, sure I have a number request about that skill. I am planning to do it. Lee

  18. Will to win is the first thing to have. Right skills (stroke, movement and so on) Speed, power and fitness as level goes higher. Lee

  19. Your video's are awesome ^^
    these are the best tutorials i found =D
    thank you for posting this ^^
    because of u sir a lot of people know now how to play/practise badminton ^^

  20. Thank you very much for your such kind comment and I am sooo pleased. I shall continue. Thank you. Lee

  21. Thank you for your comment. Lee

  22. i'm looking for what workout can i do in my home or room alone to improve my badminton skills. is there any of it?

  23. Hello coach, when will you upload some new videos?

  24. I will do it in this month. Some new clips will be uploaded in this month. I do aware that its been some time sine I upload new clips. Thank you for asking. Lee

  25. 2 peoples forgot to put holes around the racquet cover, thus failing in this training..leading to the relative dislike amount on this video.

  26. Really useful tips! Thanks for taking the time to share your talent and help make us amateurs better!

  27. You are very welcome and I am very pleased to know that you value the clips. Kind regards


  28. You are very welcome and I hope you find way to use your wrist. Lee

  29. Are you a former badminton player ? from South Korea ? ?

  30. Hey coach I have been having trouble with my hand when I play badminton. It really hurts when I do any kind of wrist action and it really limits my playing potential. I have a sharp pain in my metacarpal bones whenever I smash, clear, and do any kind of back-hand shot (Basically whenever I grip something). Have you ever experienced something similar to this? And if you know anything about it I'd really appreciate it.

    Thanks Coach

  31. I have experience like that for little while then it had gone. If it is contue like your case then it would be better to get professional opinion. I am very sorry my advise on this case is very limited. Lee

  32. does badminton helps in losing muscles? because everyone in our locality who have been going to gym and making their body muscular when the played badminton for 5 or 6 month s they were no longer muscular .

  33. It is because that badminton you have to run a lot so you burn more enege and people lose weight. Lee

  34. hi lee i am santhosh watching ur practice session on video. When I am trying for back hand the shot is not more power please help me
    santhosh my mail id is [email protected]

  35. I am pleased to know that you are watching my clips. For your backhand pleased view my backahnd clear related clips and practice them. Any problem or you do not understand then comeback to me. Lee

  36. Your lessons are very useful especially for a beginner like me. Thank you.

  37. Coach . My house dun have any cover like that . Can i use the racket to do that?
    Or i nid to buy one?
    How do u make those hole ?

  38. You can make holes by your self. Lee

  39. Hi Lee how do we make holes on the cover?

  40. I did it from a factory and it is not easy to do it your self but not imposible. Lee

  41. Hi coach! thanks you for your videos!

    How do you hit a clear when it goes very deep in to your forehand court? I can't seem to get those. Furthermore, what are the techniques to hitting a forehand clear from the side when you do not have enough time to get to normal forehand position? Thanks a lot!

  42. You have an advanced question. Getting behind of the shuttlecock, and be able to use wrist is the answer to hit deep clear. Be able to hit the shuttelcock with wrist and hit it verticly is the answer to be able to hit side lines. I am planning to do forehand clear clips/DVDs soon. Then things will be clearer you to see my points. Lee

  43. ah Thank you very much for your advice! I'll be practicing that!

  44. I hope it works for you well. Lee

  45. Hi lee, Did you use an especially instrument to make the holes?

  46. No it was made by a factory. Lee

  47. Thank you very much coach Lee.

  48. You are very welcome. Lee

  49. You can use the heavy racket and the result is similar but not same.
    If you do not have the cover then use heavy racket is fine to me. Lee

  50. lee which type of shuttles are gud- feather or plastic???

  51. I prefer the Feather shuttlecock as it has more feel and be ble to control more accuriately.


  52. If i use heavier racket instead of putting the cover, will it work?

  53. Yes it will do the job.

  54. Mr. Lee is it fine if i use a tennis racket instead of using a covered badminton racket… It's heavier than a badminton racket so would it be fine?

  55. Yes that would be fine. I also did use tennis racket when I was younger.

  56. Hi Mr.Lee,
    how often i need to practice this using a tennis racket ? I am a club level player,
    Thank you

  57. Try to do 20-30min everyday. Soon your confident and power will grow. Lee

  58. Thanks Mr.Lee , will follow your advice.Thank you

  59. Sure it will help nut you still need to practice and hit a lot of shuttlecock to learn the timing and wrist action. The timing of hit and balancing your movement is key to making hard stamsh. Lee

  60. Sure, you will feel the improvement soon. Lee

  61. I am sure you can do that just need to be positive and practice again and again. Good luck. Lee

  62. can't my wrist or finger powers automatically increase by playing lot of badminton matches coach Lee

  63. Yes it can be but by train you can make much more strong level then just play matches. Lee

  64. i am a badminton player please friends i need to download this video

  65. Thank you very much for the videos.. my skill have improved very much after watching all your video.. Thank you again coach Lee.. 😀

  66. I am extremely happy to hear that. Thank you for sharing good news with me. Lee

  67. hello sir,your videos are very much informative i have learnt a lot from your videos and thanks for consistently posting so many videos on youtube. I wish i was there in canada to take coaching from you.
    i have a question if you don't mind answering it,can you tell me how can i punch holes on the racquet cover or can i get it readymade?

  68. Would I get similar results if I used a heavy racket instead of using a racket cover with holes in it??

  69. Dear Mr. Lee, I have become a huge fan of this game since i moved to Canton province in China. Unluckily i have been playing for only a bit longer than a year with not much frequency due to my work schedule. Even though the circumstances, people that have trained a lot longer than me say that my improvement has been a bit faster than other average beginners, specially my smash and reactions. Your videos have been of much both inspiration and help.
    Now, what i haven't been able to perfect are steps. I've got the basics (pretty rough i would say), and i feel like kind of stuck there, without any further improvement. Is there any video about perfecting/learning steps? Would you recommend any special exercise? Every time you explain about the importance of training steps together with any other skill, could you do the steps' phase a bit slower? Beginners like me could get easily lost on that point.
    My admiration and gratitude for your outstanding work! Keep it up!!!

  70. Mr.Lee should I depend on my wrist power or arm power I used to go for coaching with another coach he says you need to depend on wrist power because if you are out of portion you can use your wrist to send the shuttle back but my second coach says you need to use arm power.What is your opinion Mr.Lee?

  71. Hi, do we need to put the holes on both sides of the racquet cover or only one side?

  72. Thank you Coach Lee. I learned something again that will improve my game. Long live coach Lee!!!

  73. thank you coach……

  74. coach lee how do i improve smash and not send it outside?

  75. dear coach, should i hold the racket tightly or gentle hold enough? i have a problem while hitting the shuttle hard or clears..when i hold the racket gently, there is lot of swinging moment and there is not enough power in that. whereas, when i hold the grip tightly, the wrist movement is getting arrested. what can i do? thank you sir.

  76. Coach Lee, can you advise me how to select a suitable badminton racquet? Thank you.

  77. sir
    how can I improve my backhand power ..
    it hurts my hand

  78. Hey Coach, I am a beginner and I am not sure where to start in Badminton. Any tips? Thank you Sir.

  79. thanks a lot, master Lee

  80. thanx coach lee nice techniqe to improve wrist power

  81. master lee how can I correctly do high back service

  82. coach lee how to jump smash becuse im young kid

  83. Hello Mr. Lee. In this video in "how to improve finger and wrist power", you said to try using the cover on the racket, on this subject I'll like to know what kind of material did you use to make it. You also said to repeat abou 10-15 and avoid to do too much of reps. How much it would be dangerous for your wrist health. And a last one, would you advise to set small weights (such as pieces of metal) on the racket to make it heavier?

  84. Sir i wanted someone to be my trainer but that coach said im too old to learn badminton and its out of my league now. Is it possible for me to learn badminton even now. Im 19yrs old and i do play badminton, im not exactly a beginner.

  85. Coach Lee, can you make some videos on how to play singles?

    Your Clips helped me how to play badminton better than before, Keep up the Good Work and Thank You so much.

  86. Sir is it okay if you didnt put hole in the headcover?

  87. Coach Lee… Since I have been doing more finger power and wrist exercises, I hit the shuttle out a little bit more consistently. How shall I adjust it to reduce power? Or should I adjust string tension as I am using 23 lbs now which makes hitting far too easy and perhaps lack control. Thanks for answer in advance.

  88. Coach, could I ask specific question : which is the most important aspect of controlling power in a forehand clear? I am hitting it with consistent power because shuttle goes out by the same amount. I am guessing one way is to clear at a higher angle, because that would definitely shorten the distance but increase flight time and allow opponent more time to return. Thank you.

  89. Hi coach lee.. aside from this video, do you have other videos for wrist training?

  90. Thank you Mr ..Lee?

  91. Lee u are great coach. Visit India here your huge following

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