Badminton-How to Improve the Timing of Impact for Backhand Clear

Badminton-How to Improve the Timing of Impact for Backhand Clear

Now how to make the timing of hit accurate now, when you hit shuttle cock please hold the shuttle cock first and then hit it, so please take the shuttle cock with 2 actions this is what I mean, you are ready and shuttle is coming there first thing you have to do, move your racket to the shuttle cock here shuttle cock is there, move hold bang because you hold it you know the distance because you hold it there is much better chance to make the timing, hitting timing accurate watch my racket, you are ready shuttle is going from here go to the shuttle cock straight wait, shuttle comes and then hit so 2 actions, 1 2 watch me 1 2 1 2 1 2 now if I don’t hold it there are more chance of miss hitting watch this shuttle go, you go and hit it now compare rather than some players hit shuttle cock one way what I mean is this, shuttle is there their racket is already back watch this shuttle is there already back and then from here to one way oh no this is right way there one way it looks like boxer hits from here to that way its better to hit two ways that’s the way to generate more power, this is what I mean two ways is hold and hit hold back hit hold hold so you hold shuttle comes back bang instead of already here and then hit compare already here one way two ways so set back bang like clear set back forward not back forward same backhand not here hit

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  1. Great advice!
    Works perfect-great improvement!!
    Thanks a lot!

  2. I am so pleased to know and thank you for your comment. Lee

  3. I am very pleased to know. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  4. Absolutely awesome! Thanks a lot for the video!

  5. Thank you for your comment and am very pleased to know. Lee

  6. Thanks. I will definitely try it. Some people might not always agree with your videos. However, I think your videos (at least those that I have seen) are perfect for the amateur players who have limited physical capabilities and minimum time of practice. You make it simple and straightforward..

  7. Please let me know how you get on. Lee

  8. is it wrong to do a follow through? i see some professionals doing it…

  9. do you think you can show us the whole court when youre filming this video?

  10. I will try next time. Lee

  11. There is time for follow through but more time it is better to use tap hitting action for backhand clear. Lee

  12. hi coach….what is the ideal tension the racket that we should use (i mean racket string)

  13. It is difficult to say as the string mashine is not same. The one I use, I do about 27 but it is my mashine the one you use may be different. It is dificult one to give you good answer. Lee

  14. tq my fav coach

  15. You are very welcome. Lee

  16. Thanks for the video Coach Lee! what adjustment do I need when my opponent plays a drive to my backhand? in that case I am not getting enough time to hold and then hit. please advice!

  17. Good question. That is why your ready posture is important. If you have good ready posture which is you racket and your racket arm is forwarded then you can intercept. You may not have time to hold and hit but this way you can take it much earier. Lee

  18. what if your back is facing the net? how do you hit backhands like this, then? because in the videos, i see that all the time it is your arm facing the net, and your back is perpendicular to it.

  19. hi coach, how shud i go back to base cause i always hit the shuttle and follow the momentum and turn a round. how shud i destroy this habit?

  20. Try to put your weight on the final step and try to stop. As you put your weight on the step you can stop your body and recover back straight way. There must be a way to do it. Try to seach for it you can find it out. Lee

  21. Thanks Coach! I have always had trouble with the backhand clear. Now my opponent will have a hard time picking on my backhand side! 🙂

  22. I am pleased to know this clip helped you. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  23. I have been absent from badminton for many years and just getting back into the game. Your videos are very helpful and add a lot of insight. Thanks coach!!

  24. Thank you for your kind comment and I am pleased to know you like them. Lee

  25. hi, i have a question, for example in singles, what happens if there is not enough time for u to get to the posture that u shown in the video? then i might not have enough time to hold and hit

  26. Yes you are right but you can do it in similar way. Let say you are at the base and shuttlecock is flying backward then you can point the shuttlecock from the base. If you have right posture from the base, you may able to hold most of shuttlecocks. Lee

  27. ok i get it thanks 😉

  28. You are welcome. Lee

  29. Thank you so much Sir !
    That is an excellent explanation about timing !
    I really need of it !
    So perfect demonstration !

  30. I am very pleased to know you find this clip beneficial to you. Thank you for postinmg your comment. Lee

  31. hii sir lee.. i like badminton very much and playing for last 8 months.. plz give me some important suggestion about my foot work how can i increse my foot work ability in badminton??

  32. Thank u so much sir

  33. sir how can i contact with you??

  34. thanks sir watching from bangladesh

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