Badminton-How to return low service in doubles best possible way

Badminton-How to return low service in doubles best possible way

left hand up bend little bit side ways like this if you do that way it is difficult to move backwards or forward, ya that way its better ready now, left hand up, right hand up here so its quicker ok, now bring down, no like that it takes longer, ya up, yes ok bend, lower little bit the first step, when he serve do one ready, 1 1 yes 1 ya, well done 1 ok, I will serve to you ready go you are slower, do faster go, yes after the serve yes ok, ready if you stay little back then after 1, with your right foot forward attack ready ready 1 2 again ready 1 2 yes ok now when you move forward before your leg comes your racket should go first 1 2 ok again follow me 1 2 again 1 2 so now from here neutral grip from here change grip ready 1 2 and then after attack ready ok ready 1 2 3 ok good when you are attacking you must caught your wrist so you can hit horizontally if you don’t caught, it will go to the net ready ok, wait relax up ok 1 2 3 ok same closer your foot backward little more, yes if you stand there you have to move your non racket foot forward ready one more time 1 2 3 yes ok, Sean move forward, further more, stop you are forehand, no it should be neutral so you can go backhand too if you are ready for forehand, you can’t go backhand, neutral ready bend little 1 2 3 yes ok together ready one more 1 2 3 again 1 2 3 ok together on my count 1 2 3 2 – deeper 1 2 deep forward come again ready 1 2 3 ok I say go, you say 1 2 3 go 1 2 3 go 1 2 3 go yes well done 1 2 stop bend leg tap it ya, tap very small tap ya lower well done ready 1 2 3 – ready come to center ready again 1 2 3 ready yes again 1 2 3 one more time 1 2 3 1 2 3 now don’t do 1 ya, you are very slow don’t do 1 go for it ya now do 1 ya, little more speed 1 2 3, ok now after 3 ready for more 1 2 3 hit ready hit ready lower 1 2 3 yes yup faster solid 1 2 3 yup come closer 1 2 3 yes when you receive service, is it better to stand like this or like this no not like that foot should be down yes 1 2 3 you say 1 2 3 ok continue 1 2 3 1 2 3 again 1 is look 1 is where high or low ya, thats the meaning 1 2 3 hit ready again 1 2 3 bang ready if you stand very close like that here let’s think you are standing to the line ya stand there like this, then you don’t have time to move this one because its too close ok with that way same follow me 1 2 again 1 2 again 1 2 again 1 2 and then again 1 again 1 2 and then jump ready ok 1 2 3 because you are already too close you have to use your non racket foot follow me, on my order 1 2 3 again not balanced 1 2 3 now all in one go I say go you say 1 2 3 go 1 2 3 yes ready go 1 2 3 same, your racket goes you have to caught, so shuttle goes horizontally otherwise go to the net ready go 1 2 3 yes one more watch the shuttle go 1 2 3 yes 1 2 3 yes you say 1 2 3 1 is little longer 1 2 3 attack 1 2 3 yes be focused on feed, thats why have to see that’s the meaning of 1 1 2 3 yes now continue 1 2 3 yes 1 2 3 ya after 1 move fast now come to net 1 2 3

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  1. You are very welcome. Lee

  2. Thanks for the tips coach Lee. These are basics in badminton that i did not know. I still have a lot to learn.

  3. I am very pleased to know that you are learning from my clips. Lee

  4. Thank you very much for the clip! I am very weak at returning low service and this helped me.

  5. I am very pleased to know and thank you for taking time to post your comment. Lee

  6. Hi coach Lee,
    I paid attention to the Start Step you mention and see the differnce. It make the receiver off balance according to my opinion. However, I still don't know why step one is that important because it looks like you just lower yourself a little bit.
    Is it help you to push your racket foot toward faster as well or it is just for balance ?

  7. It is not for only better balance, it is for fast push off. If you look at the players video, you will see that their two feets land same time when their opponent is hitting otherwise they can not change their direction fast. Try to study bit more , you may be able to see the reasons why it has to be done. Lee

  8. is it necessary to make that jerk step before going forward ?? wont it delay our shot? even if its only a fraction of a second delay … when badminton is so fast paced..!! .. juz askin out of curiosity .. Coach Lee , please advice

  9. You have very logical and good points and I totally agree with you. You are right it will be delayed if the person's timing of the step one is late. When you are receiving the service you have to the step one as same time as your opponent is hitting. Let say if you do not do it then it is much harder to push off. It is same as you start your car with gear 3 not gear 1. If you bring the timing of your step one forward/early then the problem you mentioned wont be there. Lee

  10. oh yea. thanks. wil keep this in mind ..

  11. You are very welcome and keep practice with totally positive mind set then you will feel it sooner. Lee

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  13. Coach Lee, I have a question. You said that your racket foot should be flat on the floor, not on tiptoes. However, when watching some of the professionals play (like Cai Yun for example), I notice their racket feet are sometimes a little tiptoed. Why is that?

    This is a helpful video, BTW. Thanks 🙂


  14. Everyone has different ways. If someone put on their toe then they have to down first to push off but if your ball is on the floor then you can move straight way rather then go down first. Each player has their style and you have to choose your too. But remember not everyone does same way. Lee

  15. Yes, that is very true. 🙂 Thank you for your reply.
    Personally I find I like to use a half-tiptoe. My toes and ball are on the floor but my heel is lifted up a bit.


  16. I think the way you discribe is the best possible way to do it.

  17. It really work, many thanks Mr Lee

  18. Your coaching is invaluable sir! Thank you!

  19. Super high serves easy net kill really

  20. Thank you ! Excellent Technique.

  21. This is really helpful, thank you Lee!

  22. I will try these technique s next time I play regards big smash jim

  23. brilliant greay help i won 4 matches in row using this technique

  24. Thank you for all these advices Coach Lee. I just wonder where and when (after which step) to return in a mixed double ?

  25. Lee sir, you are an excellent teacher. Thank you for your guidance.

  26. I have a question not about the service return, but about how to deal with push returns from opponent. Given short time to react and put strength on the racket, I do mistakes like the shuttle goes directly to the front player causing kills at the net. What actions will be appropriate in this situation?

  27. I got the foot movement though it needs practice and i will do it,but i need to know how to hold racquet.

  28. Wow I have learnt so much

  29. Hi Coach Lee,
    thanks for your insightful tips, but please can you demonstrate how on earth this can possibly work for the dreaded drive serves? I encounter them regularly and can not handle them well.

    Interestingly there seem to be no one to teach drive replies and Pros don't do them, so I think they must suck, BUT I can't figure out, why…  

  30. Your videos are awesome! Very helpful.

  31. I'm a beginner. I love your videos. You and your videos are becoming my teacher. Thank you very much.

  32. Hi Coach Lee,

    How do I return a low backhand service using a netshot?

  33. How do I stop high serves??

  34. And thx for the vid, I'll use it next week at my championship

  35. Sir, I wanna ask you a question about when the opponets always serve in the right or left the court not in the middle , what is the best return ? thanks

  36. Coach, I must tell you I participated in a tournament this week end and I realized how week my badminton was!!    I will continue to follow your advises and try to get better for the next tournament.

  37. Wow, your steps was very helpful coach. I'm always have a bad habit when returning serve from my opponent. I tried this last night when playing, surely improved my playstyle. Thanks coach Lee, will make some time to look at the other videos as well

  38. What should I do if opponent is serve by high serving


  40. Thanks coach. I have a question. What if my opponent serves back and high suddenly? Is there a different foot work to go back and take the serve. And, how to decide whether smash is better option or drop on the first return for high, back serve?

  41. Hi Coach Lee, you are very detailed and specific with instructions during training. I think it is very professional!


  42. Thanks for the video, coach! But I made an observation that while u are serving to your students, your service is quite high above the net, and therefore they are able to kill it easily. But in a game, the service is done extremely carefully and it is very difficult to kill it. Please can u tell us what to do in such situations?

  43. Hi Coach Lee,
    Thank you for the detailed steps and instructions! After adopting your method, my return rates have improved and even scoring a netkill at times!
    I have a question though, what if my partner is returning the service and I am behind. What kind of stance should I adopt?

  44. Thanks for this. This move is what i was missing all this time

  45. very clear thank you

  46. Hello Mr Lee, thanks for your sharing..your explanation is simple and easy to understand..thanks again!

  47. That looks great, and it's really well explained, thanks for the video, i can't wait to try it out !

  48. Hello coach Lee.
    Could you please explain how to respond to flat return by opponent in side court for your low serve.
    I have difficulty in that

  49. the shotel cock its so very beautiful

  50. hi coach lee, what would be the right posture and grip for backhand when you do a low service return in doubles ??

  51. hi coach lee I would just like to say THANK YOU!! it really helped me and my friend during doubles

  52. hi coach lee I would just like to say THANK YOU!! it really helped me and my friend during doubles

  53. Coaching professionally, excellent ???

  54. return of serve is too slow, none dominate leg first

  55. Wish I could train as your student .. and climb out of the B level in tournaments 🙂

  56. very good teaching ! thanks

  57. Excellent video.. Thank you for helping thousands of badminton players !

  58. Can u give me your WhatsApp number

  59. can we get inside the box to hit a smash on the serve

  60. Dear sir ,your coaching very helpful. I started playing after my schooling days – a very big gap- first few days it was awful. then I have followed your videos whenever possible. before all my group members were telling this is wrong that is wrong all the time with my game. yesterday one fellow came to me and asked your skills have improved a lot, what are you doing ? congratulations Sir. all due to you and some practice videos I am following. people really underestimate when one plays bad which is very bad , they should motivate.thanks a lot. have a wonderful life.

  61. great video for return of low serve. learn alot from it. thanks Coach Lee

  62. thank you very much & it is very useful tips to improve the badminton skills …

  63. His free guidence is more useful than local coaches who receive k's of payment..
    thank you

  64. Love your couching

  65. Coach , one small doubt. What if the guy decides to serve it to the back court while standing to do the short service? Or what if the guy decides to serve to the front court corner.Then wouldnt we be at a disadvantage to take those serves?
    Thank you for your videos . They are highly helpful.Hope to hear from you soon

  66. v n coCHING SIR LE JAE BOK

  67. Very 9ce ….

  68. This is most important question that I can think of when returning low service this way – how can I tell whether the shuttle would be ‘in’ or ‘short’ (deciding whether to take it or not)?

  69. You are possibly the best coach in the world!! Great Job??

  70. Excellent video thank you sir

  71. sir please keep making videos

  72. best coaching with logic by lee sir. best techniques he tells

  73. Very few coaches think of left handed players,we every time have to change rt to left and vice versa,you have taken both right and left handed players,a big thanks to you

  74. The best Badminton coach ever

  75. Awesome coach ever

  76. Thanks coach

    great sir

  77. Sir.. I have a same question if i stand on the middle of the court then i coulnt do front tap so please help to wht shuld i do

  78. So usefeul ! It's exactly this video that I need. I saw a video of my way to play ( first time ) and I almost wanted to cry how horriful that was. I need to train and know how to move on the pitch.

  79. Its excellent trainning for lefties, thank you sir

  80. I have been an avid fan of mr lee. His coaching style is for us like mortals thay needs very solid foundation to really improve in badminton.

  81. Dear lee please make a video on how to return full serve best possible way in doubles. Plz.
    Ur videos are so helpful and way of teaching is great.

  82. Thanking you very much for your detailed explanation. Recently I won the local match in my hometown, with your video it is impossible. I started with zero.

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