Badminton-How To Use Your Arm For Backhand Clear

Badminton-How To Use Your Arm For Backhand Clear

How to use your arm when you are hitting backhand clear the best way to hit powerful clear is shuttle flying that way the racket move back from opposite way, that is the best way shuttle racket bang so now shuttle is flying there, my racket is there my racket should go backwards that way straight backward and then straight forward like that, like that that’s the way of shuttle racket hitting each other watch this, this is what I meant I will give you different direction of views so set, I will show you the right way first shuttle comes back do that bang ready back do that bang the wrong way is bring the racket to me bring the racket to me and then go so this way shuttle is flying that way my racket comes like this, so it cuts watch this, like that – like that it should be away there can you go this side my racket should go that way and then that way watch rather than bring it to your body so, its because its inside I go outside its that way not that way in order to use my power opposite direction my racket should go opposite to the shuttle cock opposite ok now some players they try to hit beautiful backhand clear and they do this way and they think this is so beautiful watch my face, shuttle goes there face goes that way they think this is really beautiful backhand clear so their face turns they can’t see the best way is eyes remain to the shuttle cock that way simple is the best

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  1. Is the thumb needed to add power in backhand clear? I did try to use my thumb but I found that it is hard to control the racket face.

  2. No thumb is not adding power the other four fingers are making the power.
    Please see other backhand clear clips. There is one clip about this topic.

    Kind regards. Lee

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