Badminton-How Your Elbow Should Be Set For Smash (Part 1)

Badminton-How Your Elbow Should Be Set For Smash (Part 1)

In order to make best possible smash how the elbow should be set how the elbow should be used ok now watch this please set, shuttle is coming from there to here I am hitting shuttle from here to the other side there fore my elbow should be pointing straight backward to the shuttle cock so my elbow line, shuttle should be opposite to each other that’s the way to create maximum power to the shuttle cock watch this so shuttle is coming from there elbow straight back shuttle comes and bang many players they turn the body so elbow goes that way when shuttle is coming from that way so my elbow is ready to hit it that way watch when players turn elbow that way when shuttle is coming from that way so look that way they go they have to turn that way so look like this like this instead of like that and then straight forward if I do that way elbow back straight back straight and then elbow goes straight forward elbow back straight and then stretch forward because elbow is straight back all my power will go to the shuttle cock in straight line but if my elbow goes that way so I set my posture, I set my elbow to use power that way when elbow goes that way this is really good to hit over there because I am hitting there not there and elbow is there, there fore he has to do like this like this so, it looks like set to throw the dart that way and then throw dart like this but if elbow goes there, it goes straight watch my elbow elbow should be straight back here straight back straight back and then bang set wrong way so there is turning right way again, elbow don’t move, don’t move elbow goes straight back so this is my racket this is shuttle cock shuttle fly this way, racket should come from that way bang opposite hit, that is the maximum power you can use but many players because they turn their elbow backwards shuttle fly this way, their (players) racket come from that way like this like that, no it should be shuttle come this way, your elbow your racket should come from opposite way to hit that is the maximum way to hit it, clean accurate way to hit it have a look again focus on my elbow there rather than there that way watch elbow, look wait, elbow don’t turn this one go straight, straight, straight not turning, because straight and then you can come straight forward if you turn, you turn back back back not turn turn, turn

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  1. I think a good coach must be good at physics. haha

  2. Thank you for your comment. Lee

  3. your point of view sir is quite scientific indeed. i know better now because of your amazing tutorials. Thanks.

  4. I am very peased to know that my clip is beneficial to your improvement. Thank you for your kind comment. Lee

  5. lee, I understand that it is easier to smash without tuning your body, but wouldn't you get more power from it? Like, coming from your core?

  6. You are most welcome. Lee

  7. can you make a video about how u should hold your racket when u smash ? my smash lacks power

  8. Please see my smash clips on how to grip. there is one you are looking for. Lee

  9. Hi Coach Lee:

    Could you please explain the merit and differences of methods taught by ex Chinese Nationals such as Zhao JianHua and Li LingWei that promotes the turning of the body to prepare for an overhead stroke? It seems both method gets the job done, so why are there two different schools of thought, and what's the pros and cons of their method? Watching Fu Hai Feng preparing to smash, if one uses your analogy, he'd be treating the chair umpire as the target 🙂 Thanks in advance!

  10. I see your point and issue very clearly. I do stess taking suttlecock in front of my body for number of reasons, such as views, deception fast recovery and accuricy. When there is time player can turn their body but they shoud not turn their eyes to side way as it will give no benefit but a lot of disbenefits. Every coach will be different as our face are all different. Even two coaches have same logic, the way they teach differently.

  11. Both players you mentioned are my faveriate players as they are very deceptive, have wider views and awareness and will to win where they were playing international competition and both achieved the highest level in badminton. I do respect them for that. Please see every coaches way and do not expect it would be same. You take what is right for you and add your understanding to it and make your skill. Lee

  12. Thank you for your explanation coach Lee!

  13. You are very welcome. Lee

  14. Coach Lee, I understand your reasoning of why you think the elbow should be pointing to the opposite direction of your target, but I don't understand why there are no other players in the world doing the same thing as you. Lin Dan, Lee CW, Fu HF, Boe, Peter Gade, Taufik, Lee YD, JJS, Tan Boon Heong, etc. They are all turning their body and pointing their elbow to the left when doing a prepared power smash. And their smashes are the most powerful and accurate ones.
    Why is that?

  15. Good point and I do understand why you sk this questions. Many club players turn their body as well as their face/eyes to right hand side then turn again. That is why theyr lose power and make miss hit.

  16. The players you mentioned and other top players turn more then what I mentioned in this clip but stil they make good smash because even they turn their elbow thier face and eyes are not turnd. (their impact point is in front of their body) If I try to smash as hard a I can, I will turn more then I mentioned here. In tis clip is to help club players and fucosed on the fundermental main point. Lee

  17. If that's the case, then I suggest you emphasize the face and eyes direction, instead of keeping saying the elbow direction. In this video, you didn't really say much about eyes and face, but showed the elbow direction again and again, which to me is not really what you really meant to say.

  18. At the impact point when the top players hit the shuttle, they have stopped turning and the movement of their elbow and arm is straight. Not like how you demonstrate the 'wrong' movement where you kept turning your body.
    So I think the point you are trying to make is not about elbow, nor body turning. If I understand you correctly, your emphasis is the eyes. As long as the eyes are looking at the right direction, more body turn would generate more power. This is what the top players have shown.

  19. No I have reason did that way. There are many players I coaches on clup level that their elbow direction is so poor they culd not even hit shots to the direction they want. You may an experienced player so you know and this clip may not give you much but it have been helped other peoples. There are so many different abilities and experienced players who come to this channel.

  20. I am sure some of my clips are not what you looking for and may not up to your level but please understand that it may be one of the most important clip for someone else. Lee

  21. Actually, if you freeze it at 2:37, you'll note that coach Lee's body is indeed turned prior to hitting the smash. I think the amount of flex and movement the racket head makes post impact says a LOT about whether or not you can achieve powerful smashes with his action. It's impossible to not turn your torso when you draw your elbow back in a straight line as far as it'll go. That's like trying to draw a bow back while keeping your chest and shoulder square to the target. Not doable.

  22. Thanks I really like your videos and think you have v.clear instructions. I lost 1-4 on Tuesday and that is why I am here 😀 If I win next Tuesday I will be back 😀

  23. I hope you win but even if you lose do not stop keep it going until you win. Lee

  24. I like your lessons. they are really efficacious

  25. Thank you very much. Lee

  26. Great. Thanks sir.

  27. You are welcome. Lee

  28. sao tôi khong xem dược

  29. Just want to know, which part we should use when we play a backhand clear short? is it wrist or shoulder?

  30. when i smash the shuttlecock does not go over the net, what should i do?

  31. How do I stop framing the bird?

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