Badminton-How Your Wrist Should Be Set for Smash

Badminton-How Your Wrist Should Be Set for Smash

I would like to talk about the wrist for smash there are 2 ways number 1 wrist cocked that way number 2 wrist cocked that way some players do that some players do that I personally prefer to do that way and I have a reason for it ok, reason number 1 because it is cocked when shuttle comes it will be simple and sharper than that way, because that way will take longer have a look, if I do that it will be sharper also very precise how much power you can do for example look there shuttle comes clear smash so its same action but if I do that it takes longer and you will be more floppy like this it will be push so try to cock upwards another reason when shuttle comes fast to me if I cock it flat cock and then I hit it but if I do like that it will be taking much more time so shuttle comes to you, your racket face up cock there rather than like this that way lots of mistakes especially for unexperienced club players have this way they will be much more floppy unnecessarily big swing, because of this watch this again like this but if you cock it, it will be simple and sharp cock clear cock smash cock cock drop so look it is easier rather than like this so this one is I am not ready I am hitting shuttle cock like that there fore I should be ready for hitting position rather than like this I have to change it on the way no if I do that I am already ready ok so try cock the wrist that way not that way

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  1. I personally prefer to cock it abt 30 degree upward. If I cock it more, my shoulders get stiff.
    but cocking method really helped me hit a shuttlecock cleaner and sharper.
    Also less shoulder pain, shorter time to get ready. It makes easier to hit on the sweet spot! This method also make the various overhead strokes look very similar.- thus, economic, faster, deceiving, consistency, precision

  2. I am pleased to know you see the benefits of this way of skill. Yes you are right iot has deception, sharper hit, less action needed, has better awareness of oppoenent. Thank you very much for your comment. As long as you have the point the level of cocking your wrist would be fine to suit your individual comfort. Lee

  3. There are some clips on my chennal. Please do search for the clips, you can find some useful clips there. Lee

  4. You are very welcome. Lee

  5. hey erm i saw that when yo smacked u only flick ur elbow. that can srsly hurt ur muscles

  6. Thank you for your point. Lee

  7. Very good to know it is working for you. Lee

  8. When I play Badminton too often my shoulder hurts when I smash really hard. Do you think it's a good idea to use the wrist more to play my shots (Clears, Smashes)?

  9. Yes I do. It is better that way also it is good for deception too. Try to use more wrist. Lee

  10. Thanks for your response. I will try to put more wrist in my game.

  11. You are welcome and good luck. Lee

  12. Lors ce qu'on joue au Badminton ce n'est pas la force du bras qui fera voler le volant mais celle du poignée, on ne joue jamais a la force des bras au badminton c'est une question de POIGNE CASSE. Bon jeu…

  13. nice technique. Lee is an advanced coach. Thanks for the video.

  14. Thank you for your kind comment. Lee

  15. Your methods are explained very simply and in detail. Very helpful for amateurs players like me.

  16. thanx sir for teaching the correct elbow position…..

  17. You are very welcome. Lee

  18. I am very pleased to know that you like this clip. Thank you very much for posting your comment. Lee

  19. i'm very admire you! thank you very much!

  20. Thank you very much. We all are same you also have something I would admire. Lee

  21. Hi Lee, how important is it in badminton to have strong wrist muscles? Also, how could I exercise to make them stronger? Sorry for asking so many questions lately, I am just eager to improve and I value your opinion greatly.

  22. I am here for someone like you and please do not feel that way. Anytime feel free to ask. Yes wrist is very important there are many shots which decided by the power of wrist. You can do weight training, using heavy rackets, racket head covers. If you are able to use wrist more then your shot will be more deceptive and much more powerful and sharper. Lee

  23. I play junior badminton and your videos have helped me beyond words! I'm only 5'0 feet tall, is there any suggestions you could make to me since I am a shorter player??

  24. You can do fast movement, develop deceptive shots, developing tactics and anticipation. You can do it no problem. Lee

  25. Very helpful. I've been using a full motion swing to smash. Your video shows me that I need to only go half way then smash. Should my wrist be stiff, loose? Thank you.

  26. When you set your wrist should be about level 4 stiffness out of 10. Someplayers do too lose stiff and lose control. Lee

  27. thanks coach for that important tips on  power smash

  28. Hi Mr Lee..I have been playing badminton for almost a year now. However, i found out that my smash is not powerful enough and still very weak. I'm male and Im 33 years old and the string tension I'm using now is 24lbs..can you recomad what's the recommended tension 

  29. will be highly delighted if I get a chance to met with u once in a life time & get ur guidance ..u r probably the best coaches I have seen..I follow ur clips regularly

  30. sir, I will be highly oblighed if u kindly guide me to make smash from your precious time at the back hand side..I have foot work problem may…my timing is never good at back hand side

  31. good!!! useful techniques


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