Badminton Intensive and Advanced Movement Training (1)

Badminton Intensive and Advanced Movement Training (1)

Intensive and advanced movement training I would like to show you the advanced movement training which is good for developing the recovery step and push off power and sharpness from the base I would like to invite Perry who is captain of my club I would like to introduce Perry Perry please come posture go hit ready go go go stop so what I am doing to the players he hits recover pause in the air so he is waiting for opponent to hit in the air so in the air I will point like opponent will hit when he lands he knows where to go ok watch the timing ready go hit wait push wait push go hit ready hit ready well done ok go hit ready hit wait ready wait wait hit next one is designed to learn how to change directions against a player who does a lot of deceptions ok have a look what I mean so what I am going to do is this when he came recover when he is in the air I will point a corner and just before he lands I am going to point another corner so in the air short flash second he has to switch it because he thought I am going to point there but I will change it so when he lands he will be little hesitated ok have a look please go hit ready hit there go go ready go go go well done sometimes I deliberately point early and wait because he knows I am going to do deceptive pointing so he might think first one is not the real one so I deliberately pointed early and stayed there so I am reading his mind and then do different way so he is not sure whether this is real one or fake one The pointer must make the points when the player is in the air

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  1. I think the one thing you left behind in this video is the different methods of training equipments you can use for this drill. Such equipment like weight vest, ankle weights, a elastic where you tie it to the net and practice the back corners and front corners from a different angle. Other than that, great video but in my personal opinion, i think hoping when returning to the center takes too much energy out of you even though the purpose of this drill is for controlling your center of gravity.   

  2. Hi Lee
    First thank you for uploading new videos as u have been quiet since how to become advanced player series. I have been following you religiously on here. I am a coach myself I know you r based in Canada. Four of my students wants to attend a structured trainning programme in next summer holidays. All players are currently plying in Leicestershire county. These players trainning with me in one to one as well as group. They r looking for one month structured trainning. Can u let me know weather it's possible and how to contact you for more information
    Anand Panchal

  3. Dear Coach Lee,

    very nice and informative video 🙂 but my Question is:

    Why do you jump in the air for step one ? And not widing the feets without Jump (just lower down the posture and widing the feets very wide) ? Is it just for the timing ? I think when widing the feets in the right moment very wide after the opponent make a shot the timing could be also improved and you be also ready, without jump. So I think it needs not so much stamina as jumping in the air.

    I would rejoice greatly about an answer, I appreciate you as a badminton coach very

    Kind regards

  4. Hello,
    I am from india and a great follower of yours.
    Sir how to know where to place the shuttle ? It would be very kind of you , if you make a video and tell us the areas where it would be difficult for my opponent to reach and easier for me to win the game.
    Your respectfully;

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