Badminton intensive and advanced movement training (3) Delayed start

Badminton intensive and advanced movement training (3) Delayed start

Delayed start to develop the power of the PUSH OFF at the base I have many players especially club players asking me about the timing of one when the timing of one should be done as opponent hit or just before opponent hit or after opponent hit when the step one should be done which timing is the right way for to do that my answer is after opponent hit many players they question me back saying if I start after opponent hit I will be late that’s their answer my next question to that person is if you try to move as they hit it, which they haven’t hit yet before they hit it my question where would you go they haven’t hit it yet you are saying if you don’t go before you will be late can you please answer my question so if you don’t go now which is before or during you will be late where would you go when I ask like that they can’t answer they might say ok I have to guess what happens if your guess is wrong and at the same time I give this explanation when you drive the car you had the traffic lights and it is red would you guess the green light and go and put your life in danger No, no body will do that only time the person will start the car is when the light changes to green in badminton 95% of the time the players have to wait until opponent makes the shot then I know how much I have to go because if opponent lifts the lift will be all the time different height different length different speed different My push off has to be changed depending on that. So this practice is designed to give that kind of player confidence that I can wait until opponent hit I can go and I can still hit it even better because timing is better that way I will experiment please watch this This is Ethan I call it delay the start training ok player is there I hit the shuttlecock but he can’t move until I say go but he can watch the shuttle, he must watch shuttlecock but no movement what I am expecting him to do you stop, you watch shuttle goes, I say go 1 123 here 1 very short flash second push off that is real ability of badminton player ok watch shuttle go yes, well done go go ok same front go do 1 go go go go one, 1 missing go, well done go there go go go go go go From my coaching experience lots of club players are late to the shuttlecock not because they are slow because they are too rushing it because they are assuming so before their opponent hit it looks like he is hitting there they already make move that is why they are late my question to the players is until you see where the shuttle is how deep the shuttle is how can you move it is logically not possible just be ready opponent hit and then 1 this way opponent cannot deceive me Please note that the time you can move before your opponent hit is only when you put your opponent very much under pressure. So your opponent has no other choice than one kind of shot. Other than that you must wait until your opponent hit and then move

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  1. Thank you, it was very helpful to me.

  2. completely makes sense now, so this might be the reason why international players makes it look so easy.
    Thanks Coach Lee for making such great videos with great information.

  3. Going to practice this now, thanks for the information and video, coach!

  4. Good to see you back coach

  5. Hi Coach Lee it is great to see you back! I look forward to watching any future videos with great interest

  6. I notice that when you do the push you don't really go in any particular direction because shouldn't you be doing the push upwards right before they hit? I usually do the push upward to get on my toes and then I move towards the direction.

  7. I notice that pro players also do the push upwards right before the opponents hit. Can you please justify why you choose this timing then. Please remember I'm not trying to be offensive it's just my opinion. I've also watched many of your other videos and they are very good it's just that I don't feel this video is teaching correctly. It's just my opinion.

  8. Hi Coach Lee, thank you for your videos! I'm a larger player and don't trust my movement speed, I practice and practice the 1-123 technique, then as soon as I get into a match I forget. More practice is required! I hope more videos are coming! 🙂 Thanks again.

  9. Dear Lee,
    Great to see you back and also in a colored shirt!

    As usual, fantastic fantastic explanation and the video clip. Kindly remember my earlier request to shoot each clip with many cameras from different angles. Thanks for your videos.

  10. I coach lee it's me katy

  11. In this video, Coach Lee talks about the timing of your first step.

  12. Very happy to see more videos! Thank you!

  13. Very nice to see you back 🙂

    Kind regards

  14. Thank you Coach for the tips, great Job.

  15. coach lee ..happy to see you after a while..this was actualy one of my question and i glad u made a clip based on it… i have a humble request ..  for each coaching tips u give..can you give a clip of how it actually applied in the real game..  like a actual game with your tips being applied… thnx. 

  16. I'd just like to thank you, Coach Lee, for your dedication and wisdom in the sport of badminton, and for the sharing of this knowledge with others. Despite you being many thousands of miles away, I feel as if you have been there all along by my side as I have improved in the sport of badminton drastically over the past few months. It is very pleasing to see that you are making clips again. Thank you.

  17. Thankyou lee…. love from ireland!

  18. Great explanation! Logic!!

  19. My question to this video is, you need to wait until the shuttle cock is above your head? Or just when you see that it is going to land far in the back or close in the corner?

  20. 1. thank you mr lee ..this video and others were very helpful and 2. is there a video of you teaching us how splice th shuttle from the back court?? … if not …it would be good for you to make a video of it please like when and where to splice and when to play straight shots

  21. this is so important. i believe the key is to be ready and respond. before i dont used it and always make worng judgement. so i understand what coach lee trying to teach in clip. i do that many time in my games and it does really2 help. thank you for the clip coach lee.

  22. hello coach lee…i want to know, what should be our common strategy when playing badminton.. pushing the player in the back court or playing more on the net.. please tell what is better option.

  23. Coach Lee, I started doing ready position after watching your clip. With this clip it has become clear when is the right time to do ready step for the launch. My regret that I could not attend coaching camp when I was young is minimised when I can be coached by a dedicated coach like you.

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