Badminton: Just for Laugh (7) The Player who uses his head for steep smash

Badminton: Just for Laugh (7) The Player who uses his head for steep smash

Just for Laugh (7) The Player who Uses His Head for Steep Smash Please do not use your head to make steep smash but I see few of them do this way okay watch my head yeah so he really wanted to hit steep smash he is so focused and he doesn’t know he is using his head to hit it down so please remember it is not your head to make shuttle go down in order you to hit it steeper shuttlecock has to be here here so you can hit it down okay watch this here if shuttle goes deeper you have to go back and hit but I think this player been heard you have to hit highest point in smash so he takes shuttle here and then try to hit it down but it will never go down why? watch this its very hard and you might get hurt because you stretch and hit Compare you have to go back and hit you have to go back and hit

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  1. eventhough funny, you actually solved my problem…. l used to take shuttle above my head as was trying to hit the shuttle at the highest point…..
    thnx lee sir….
    great respect from India….

  2. you should do a funny video about some people who just do the same shots all the time under any circumstances. You can see their patterns all the time for services… you can anticipate their movements so often that it becomes boring to play against them

  3. Coach Lee, next just for laugh should be the amazing frame shot!

  4. sometimes when i do a smash i bend my head to the left. is this wrong/ something i should improve on?

  5. Hi Coach Lee. Please could you advise on how to play slice smash to create more angle and reduce pace of shuttle.

  6. Coach Lee, when doing backhand smash defence at the sideline should I just take one step or two?

  7. Coach lee, you are amazing…. really like your videos… i just have one question which grip should i use when i receive a 3rd court drop shot… its seem quiet difficult to use the regular smash and clear grip you have shown in your previous videos… my personal observation tell me to use bevel griping?


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