Badminton: Just for Laugh (8) The Most Brave Player

Badminton: Just for Laugh (8) The Most Brave Player

Just for Laugh (8) The most Brave Player Sometime when I go to some clubs I see very brave player okay he is playing doubles yeah partner, partner here normally when shuttle goes up in the middle the opponent smash very hard to me please we move back and ready like that but some how this player doesn’t like it he challenges it how? he challenges receiving it with his face really hit hard yeah don’t worry so what this players do accidentally shuttle goes up instead of doing that this player goes there so do not try to defend opponent smash with your face like this dangerous when opponent is about to smash from the net you must move back

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  1. Hahaha hilarious! This is me as well! 😀

  2. I actually though of that idea before, but then I realized that my face is more important than a single point. 😉

  3. Actually it is bravest Mr.Lee 🙂

  4. hahah that reminds me one of my brother …

  5. Coach I' start playing badminton 6yeras ago. Not consistently
    Now I start playing badminton again with some good club players
    I'm playing miserably now n basics is not correct as well ..
    you know yeah some times I reach towards the shuttle quickly but I miss always.. is it the problem of hand Eye coordination or something else
    Please advice thank you

  6. This was hilarious ?????

  7. awesome and funny

  8. sir can u give me some tips for defending smash

  9. Hi lee sir how are you?

  10. Lee sir my English is weak so lee Sir tell me. What is better for stamina of Badminton game except for exercise .liquid or food tell me name plz

  11. My friend and I usually kneel down when we knew the ball is too harsh to be defence…but sometimes it did work….

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