Badminton: Just for laugh (9) The lady who is afraid of shuttlecock

Badminton: Just for laugh (9) The lady who is afraid of shuttlecock

Just for Laugh (9) The lady who is afraid of shuttlecock again oh again oh

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  1. I watched all the just for laugh videos and it made me laugh hard xD thank you!

  2. haha, I see this so much with my beginner friends of both sexes…I tell them their opponents don't even know how to smash or hit the bird hard yet so there is really no need to be afraid. If anything I tell them to just keep the racquet in front of their face for protection

  3. probably allergic to shuttles

  4. at the beginning i was a real ladykiller (literally, but not on purpose) when i smashed in mixed – then i watched a few vids here (im not through with all yet) and i improved with aiming.
    this vid somehow reminds me of some of them 🙂

  5. Sir lee I want to share my experience with you today I have joined in a university there I met a badminton coach I thought I would introduce my self and tell him about my badminton career for starting my training sessions from tomorrow so I have asked a person about the sir and surprisingly the one beside him is the coach so I have wished him and then he immediately asked about my experience and said to take look of the court just before going there, as previously I forgot to introduce myself so I tried to hand shake with him by introducing me the next moment he got anger and said that I am a coach with international standard and I am recognised by the government and how dare you try hand shake with me? After this question I was shocked and he started giving lecture about it and now I am nervous. Sir lee I am sorry to ask but wanted to so sir is it really bad trying to hand shake with a coach? If no can you please suggest me how to be good(or behave ) with this kind of coach so that my career would not be spoiled with his ego and likely get help and feedback in a good way by behaving differently with such kind sir please help. As you said badminton is not only a game but also it helps a mould a person according to his surroundings so please help sir

  6. Sir make a video on a frustrated player and the screamer

  7. That's very well enacted ???

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