Badminton Just for Laughs (3) Show off him self and Blame others

Badminton Just for Laughs (3) Show off him self and Blame others

Just for Laughs (3) Show off himself and blame other things ok there are few players like this he is very good player he is playing and some people are watching after he hits he looks other people like this and he walks around show everybody how beautifully he done ok so he do that he will kill it and he will look opponent like this and he will look other people and show ever body how good he is ok what I would like to say is if you are really good before you show every body how good you are every body already know about it but funny thing is the person after making a good shot shows like that when he makes mistakes he looks racket because racket made mistake next time he makes another mistake he can’t see it because he already saw it he looks light so because of the light I couldn’t see well and opponent during the match, partner lift shuttle cock over there and opponent smash to him and he could not get it he will look partner and tells everybody I could not get it because partner lifted wrong and further more he is ready shuttle is there he couldn’t get it he was late he will do that to show everybody it was my shoes because of that I couldn’t get it so if you look players in your club I am sure there will be one or two might have that kind of body language

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  1. I from Malaysia can you tech me tricks shoot

  2. Coach Lee I love your videos they are very helpful!
    I know that flexibility is one of the most important parts of badminton. But unfortunately mine isn't very good. Can you please make a video about stretching exercises to improve my flexibility for badminton?

  3. epic! and excellent demonstrations.

  4. Soooooo true haha 🙂

  5. hahaha i like just for laugh videos

  6. hahaha so true  i do this very often 

  7. I got astigmatism so I do look at the light when it really affects my shot (even a very simple clear shot could be missed due to the brightness), not blaming it but feel sorry for myself haha. For me sportsmanship is essential on badminton courts.

  8. Hi Coach Lee, how are u? in the past i have a lot problem with people that doesnt want or no willingness to block attacking smash, (1:34 – 1:55). He/she just put down the racket down and said 'o my god' or just sighs. Then always said to me, dont lift the shuttle and play short. Also he/she is alway getting angry with me or doesnt want play with me anymore. How on earth always play short on whole game/rally. Sometime the opponent drive, drop and net shot so good/fast i need lift the shuttle to make the rally goes on. Because im start playing badminton on the late age, i have still much to learn.
    During my badminton carrier i accidentally/on purpose develope my smash block skills. You know, when i still amateur i hit almost every shuttle back up, bad netshot and weak attacking play. So i always got the smashes. But i always determined to keep hit the shuttle no matter what. Now most of the time after the first 5 points, the opponent knows that im better at blocking a attacking smash than my partner. So my partner received more smash than me. Now is very arritating to me knowing that my partners cant do proper blocking.
    Till now i dont/cant say anything to that persons(partners).
    Mr Lee how can i handle this? What should i say against my partner?.
    Thanks in advance.

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