Badminton-Manner is Important (Part 2)

Badminton-Manner is Important (Part 2)

Etiquette 2 there are many players when opponent made good shot when this player made mistake and this player becomes angry and pass the shuttle to opponent like this or pass the shuttle like this that shows how small minded this player is it does not matter whether I was not ready or I made mistake I should take the shuttle up and think why I made mistake why I could not get his shot think and give the shuttle back kindly like this rather than hitting the shuttle back like that this action shows he is not thinking what happens he is only thinking why I made mistake why I could not get his shot he is just angry

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  1. its so nice teaching about attitude & manners as a part of your coaching. i think it is very much important in all subject. it is most important part. thanks

  2. Yes I totally agree with you. If this is not in place nothing will work I think. Thank you for your comment. Lee

  3. thank you so much coach Lee for your valuable lessons. I have been following your lessons since the past five months and I should say I'm learning a lot from you. I wish I could come and take personal coaching from you if only we are from the same locality but unfortunately I am from India. anyway Keep up the good work sir.

  4. Often when the "small minded" player behaves like this its a signal that he is mentally weak. Thus, his opponents, especially in doubles, will focus on attacking him not his partner. 2 reasons: he's mentally weak & being disrespectful.

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