Badminton-Manner is Important (Part 3)

Badminton-Manner is Important (Part 3)

Etiquette Number 3 blaming other things there are many players they play and when they lose they blaming about court, about umpire, about ceiling about his, her partner I think if a player playing badminton as sport he or she should shut their mouth when they lost they can only say to opponent you are better than me no more excuses, that is real sportsmans attitude when you do that, when you take the responsibility to yourself you will be able to see what to improve what area he is better, what area I am weaker than him or her so I can work those areas but if you have habit of giving excuses you are not actually seeing the real truth so in the future you lose say nothing but congratulate your opponent and from that moment, working so hard 3 times, 5 times more than your opponent and be able to beat that person in the future so no excuses when you lose

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  1. no words to praise you i am attracted much by ur message thank you sir

  2. Very Good advice Lee. I have shown this to my 10 year old son too.

  3. Dear Coach Lee,
    How about when we advice to our partner? Is it wrong or right?

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