Badminton misconceptions with Pan Am star Michelle Li

Badminton misconceptions with Pan Am star Michelle Li

Michelle Li is preparing to defend her singles and doubles gold medals in badminton at the upcoming Pan Am Games. A lot of people misunderstand badminton as just being a backyard sport where you just kind of stand there in one spot and just kind of just poke at it. (Michelle LI, Badminton) But what I do, we train six hours a day, six days a week. (Markham, Ontario) It’s a lot of fitness, it’s a lot of strength, stamina, technique, skill, it’s just a combination of everything. And I think that’s what a lot of people don’t see. The strategy and the skill set for singles and doubles is very different. Singles, it’s more physical at the same time you don’t need as much power. But I guess doubles you need power to smash and like drive and like a lot of fast-paced stuff. Whereas singles you do need a certain limit of power but you can also compensate for that with your skill and technique and where you place the shuttle. So, in that sense, I think it’s two very different games. To know that it’s at home it just makes it such a bigger deal. Because you have your family and friends just in the stands and there’s so much media attention on you… …because you’re playing at home and you have the fans rooting for you and obviously they want you to get the gold medal. How I want to go about it is try to treat it as a normal match but definitely focus… …have my best performance at the Pan Am Games.

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  1. Congrats to Michelle on repeating her Yonex Canada Open Women's Single title today with a straight set win over Kaori Imabeppu.

    Best wishes for 7/15 – 16 Pan Am WD and WS finals ! Go Canada Go !

  2. Badminton is considered a 3rd tier sport. But anyways, as expected this video was meant to promote badminton yet they picked a player not even known to the seen, let alone a sponsor that makes sub par rackets.

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