Badminton-Mixed Doubles: (6) The Most Important Practice for Female Player

Badminton-Mixed Doubles: (6)  The Most Important Practice for Female Player

Mixed Doubles The most important practice for female player ok ready look you have to look over there like that, that way when shuttle is there so you have to go there yes ready if I point there, shuttle is there, you move there and this is smash, if I smash you drive it straight straight forward kill it yes ready Move cross court from the shuttlecock and return opponent smash to straight go forward kill yes ok ready go yes go After drive return move to the net fast to kill next shot go drive – forward like that well done go This is the most important tactical position for female player to do to win a match

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  1. coach, on the drive, where are you telling the female to locate her shot? Second question, it seems like the female is playing the side away from the clear. Is this correct?

  2. @Guanabana51 She should locate her drive to straight rear court and that can be the winning shot. Yes it is correct that way opponent shot to her will take longer and much eaier to defend. When your side is defending, your lady partner should be located on cross court unless she is as good as you are or stronger. Otherwise you should face shuttlecock straight. I hope this answers your question. Lee

  3. excellent videos coach !

  4. @jesslove1992 Thank you. Lee

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