Badminton Movement Training: How to Start

Badminton Movement Training: How to Start

Movement training – level 1 (How to start) I am showing the first stage of practising the step one if your player have no idea about step one or he or she have not practised it before then you have to let them understand why they have to start why they have to land like this because that will give you the bounce bounce bounce now, in order to let them feel it this is good practice have a look please the first stage is, ready when I point you move little bit and do 1 and don’t go ready move go 1 ready move go 1 ready go 1 go stop so your player now know when shuttle go, it does not mean go when shuttle been hit before they go they have to do that because this allows the power ready now after that you can ask them to go ready move go 1 and then go ready go 1 ok watch the legs ok ready go 1 yes go 1 ready go 1 ready go 1 ready go ready go so first practice is 1 the second practice is 1 and go 1 and go ok now third one is 2 side make it simple ok move side way ya ready go 1 watch the legs move go 1 2 3 go 1 2 go 1 2 3 ready go 1 more go yup go well done thank you so ok now this 1 means you are asking your self where the shuttle goes ready Tom point me ok side where where and then go like this ok once more where bang where where

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  1. I am pleased to know and I hope it works for you. Lee

  2. Hi Coach.

    How r u? I have a question. Why the front feet/leg of male player always changing? Sometimes i see right leg infront, and sometimes left leg infront? Is it must Coach? Because now i always put my right leg infront all the time. No matter for smashing or defending. Am i doing wrong step?

    May God Bless You Coach Lee. Tqvm

  3. Thank you. It should not be that way all the time. When you are standing on the left side of court and shuttlecock is at the cross rear court on the opponent court in doubles then your left foot should be forwarded. In this way your chest and face will be facing the shuttlecock which will give you wider area to cover and wider view. In singles and doubles depending on where the shuttlecock is and the how much you are under pressure the feet position will differ. Lee

  4. Dear sir
    you are fantastic . i started watching your videos a month ago and learnt a lot on footwork , and further i would be watching your backhand tips videos .
    All i want know is to thank you for such a wonderful work and helping beginners like me.
    Thank you coach 🙂

  5. Thank you very much for your kind words for my coaching clips and I am very happy to know that you like them. It is very kind of you to take time to post your comment. Thank you. Lee

  6. dear coach lee,
    thank you for your great videos.i have learn many things from them.but i have three question,
    1. what would be the tension in my racket (Arc saber 10 )? to grip (with Tape) a racket properly ?
    3.i have a big sweat problem.sweat only starts in my i have to change my grip twice a month.can you please give me a solution.
    thanks.good luck coach lee on your next videos.keep up the good work.

  7. Hi there, 1. It is difficult to tell as each string mashine is different but I use about 26-7. 2. I will make a clips for it soon. 3. You may better to use towel grip and use powder (the power gymnastic players are using (white collor) If you can get it. Lee

  8. thank you very much coach lee

  9. You are very welcome. Lee

  10. Dear Coach Lee, i'm an average player but eager to improve, during my game of play (doubles), one big problem is i tend to lift the shuttle a lot, which makes easier for opponent to kill with a smash, eventhough i'm good in defending and retuning smashes but most of the time i fail. how can i improve this? an secondly my shots especially backhand goes half court, this is another kill for the opponent.i would appreciate if you can give me directions of what to do and how to improve.

  11. Lift should be your last choice and taking by your hackhand also should be your last choice. You should practice middle court push smash defense and that is thye best return of smash. Please view the backhand clear clips and practice it. Let me know if you face any questions from the clip. You are right attacker wins in doubles so find way to not to lift. Lee

  12. ok, just wonder if you have any tutorial for the Middle Court Push Smash Defese? would it be best by forehand or backhand? and how far should we hit?…i've already practice the backhand clear from your video and it helps a lot, but still i need to get my arms always ready with strength to do a backhand clear. but its a wonderful teaching from you coach.

  13. I heard that in order to move, you have to move your non-racket leg first (in my case, the left one), then the racket leg, in order to have a longer reach. Is that true?

  14. Sometimes yes but sometimes no. It is very much depending on what situation you are in. As you mentioned you may move your left foot to go deeper but if shuttlecock comes faster then no time to move the foot. Lee

  15. Samsh defense in doubles are the next recording plan I have. So please give me bit of time. I will do it and upload it soon. Lee

  16. Hey Coach Lee, did you film the videos in Toronto?

  17. Not this one. Lee

  18. Thank you Coach!!!
    u are d best

  19. Thank you too. Lee

  20. It was in UK but I am in Canada now. Lee

  21. Yes I am in Markham in Toronto and I teach all age all levels as long as the person likes badminton and wanted to improve. Lee

  22. What is the cost , and what club ?

  23. I'll subscribed!!! I can learn so many stuffs from you sir!thank you

  24. I am very pleased to know. Lee

  25. Coach Lee I have been watching your videos and it was very useful for me to improve my game play. Currently I am having trouble with my footwork, the problem is that i play in a cement court. And i don't know why but some times when reaching the shuttle I suddenly use more pressure on my knees causing knee pain so I would like you to tell me how to land the foot more gently. Looking forward to your reply and thank you.

  26. It is normal to have pain in your knee when you play such hard floor.
    Even if you do have good footwork it is normal to have pain in your knee.
    My advise would not change much in your situation. I am sorry to give you not good news. Lee

  27. Thanks for your time coach. I will try to change to wooden court.

  28. Yes that would be a good idea for long term badminton enjoy. Lee

  29. Thanks coach i learn frm u foot steps

  30. I am very pleased to know. Thank you too. Lee

  31. coach,what racket do you use?

  32. We should be moving our feet slightly before we do step one "one"?

  33. I have started watching your video for last 15-20 days.

    really good tips and techniques with simple explanation. It really helped me as beginner club level player.

    Thanks you.

  34. Hi,Mr.Lee you are a real powerful in idea of your Badminton Field .Every video i can see very important for Badminton Lovers.You are a real fantastic with a great stamina.Beside all those techniques i have keen interest to you about your meal schedule and variety.Please,if you don't mind? Regards,Kumar @ Florid Nepal.

  35. question: the 1-2 go stop motion how do i apply it in doubles? does it mean every time a shuttle is hit lets say i hit from middle of backcourt; do i do the ready pose where i hit or do i need to wait at the middle of the half court box?

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