Badminton Movement Training: Type 1 (Advanced)

Badminton Movement Training: Type 1 (Advanced)

Movement training – type I (advanced) now if your player has got good idea about one how to pause and be able to push off then next level is more demanding training to build up the legs build up the recovery steps build up the push off have a look this one ok Tom move that one to side please ready, bend knee ok now watch all together how he moves ok ready go 1 pause push push push 1 2 3 1 2 1 2 3 1 2 1 2 3 wait push ready yes ok well done now here the important thing for you to watch out his eyes and posture the player after he pick it up he should go land like that because he knows next one is there the player must not do like this already going if shuttle comes there he can’t change so neutralise, hit ready and then go hit ready and then so his posture should be like that not like that or no like this ok Tom again ok so don’t go already there center, then go ok have a look go 1 2 ready push it push better much better you are neutralised yeah center go go ready yes stop well done so the way he did it is like real match hit it wait and go hit it and wait that is badminton now I am going to ask him to do the wrong way already he is going Tom show me wrong way when landed, don’t land like that land already like this and land like this ok this is wrong way go thank you for doing that because the way he did it, he did not pause he did not wait he picked up, he already moving that kind of practice is not really beneficial for real match because real match every time, player has to wait so the training has to be exactly same hit wait and go ok now change it again, this is right one ok perfectly right one please lower, watch it each time ready watch watch his face and posture ready go 1 2 3 1 2 1 2 3 1 2 1 2 3 ready – ready well done this can be done in all directions ok, Tom will demonstrate now move that to there please here, so there and there ready go yeah, wait push it ready 1 2 3 1 2 1 2 3 1 2 3 well done ok now side again ok leave it, can you move to that corner please, the rear corner have a look ready go 1 2 ready 1 yup 1 2 watch shuttle over there yeah you can rest one time at the base hit ready ok stop in this training, player has two choices number 1 – pick it up and then get to the base wait and then restart or pick ready land go so the first one, when imagine he hit little bit high he has more time to wait the second one, he drive it or flick it so he has no time to rest but he has to go immediately so there are two different timings number 1 wait and restart wait and restart again ok go hit ready that’s straight now this time wait one time rest hit ready one, yes this one he rested same front and back wait and start go ready push one more wait and start 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 that one when he lift high, he get to the base and then start now no rest between the movement so immediate going, because when shuttle goes faster ok no wait, immediately there to there ok low yes side please go 1 2 – ready push it ready – ready push ready – push ready – push ready – push ready – ready – ready player must be able to practice both 2 different timing of start number 1 – get there and start number 2 – hit ready and then start so now you understand which one is which when shuttle goes high more time the player get to the base and then 1 or 2 steps and then start when he do the net play or flick then he go back and immediately start ok one more now that’s normal length some times some players have got very good check smash fast slice drop shot, which shuttle lands close but short so this one mix, normal length really fast short movement ok Tom will demonstrate, watch this normal, very fast ok watch this ready go 1 2 yeah even faster ready – wait – go good yes ready push ok so first one lets say lift come, opponent did check smash go immediately ok now the other way, lift and defence normal, shuttle goes little bit deeper and very fast side, imagine that is smash ok watch this ready go push it, even sharper faster ready 1 2 3 excellent ready 1 2 3 well done

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  3. Thank you very much. It is nice to find something I can practice at home in the garage. I love your videos.

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  6. Love it, thanks. Simple and effective. As all the best things are 🙂

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  8. Thanks Lee!
    Your trainings materials are very helpfull. Respect.
    One remark. Could You please use body microphone in order to hear better quality of Your training instructions.
    Thanks and good luck;

  9. thanks lee. very good choaching. very used for every players. wish you always success.

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  15. It's grt and it makes me to learn more

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  17. Any training could increse the frequency of movement? It means the foot moving faster.

  18. Thank you very much, your videos is really great. Greetings from Norway.

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  20. Really good training…thanks for the video…

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  22. Hi coach, I'm just wondering whether single training will help my double play? I prefer to be a doubles player, but recently I've been doing singles training, and I find myself much fitter, faster ect. but my performance when playing doubles matches has been lowered. Could you please explain why?

  23. Playing singles will help your double play in someways. But you should be able to switch the tactical things between singles and doubles. You may play doubles like singles. When you play doubles you should attack more and play the way to help your partner and set things up for your partner. Lee

  24. I appreciate you taking the time to post these videos, they are if great help

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  26. hi coach nice video. thanx
    just wana ask you is this training work for my daughter she is 4yr nw. / please give any link for trainging for child.

  27. I think that will be too young. The important thing for her at the moment is to enjoy badminton more and teach skills less. As she get better you can increase skill teaching more. Lee


  29. That is a very important but a big question as there are manythings can be involved on your question. Skill of movement, awareness of what your opponent is doing, power in your legs also shots(if you do more defensive shots then you will be more under pressure) My answer have to be all of the points I mentioned. You have to improve all of them. If I can see you palying a match then I may be able to tell what you need most. Lee

  30. thank u very much sir………i will be keep touch with you

  31. You are very welcome. Lee

  32. Hi Lee, I'm from Vietnam & being your fan, videos is short, easy to understand but valuable for all players from basic to expert. Very please to see your more videos in the future & someday in VN

  33. Thank you very much for your kind comment and I am very pleased to know that you feel that way with my clips. I have never been in your country but I very hope to visit in the near future. Lee

  34. Hello sir! I have been following you from a long time and your tutorials on shots like flick serving, side serving etc has helped me a lot in improving my singles and doubles game. Sir I have a question. I am a little obese, so my movements become very slow after taking a break(2-3 weeks) and i have kind of started developing pain in my knees after continuously doing practice. How should I proceed now keeping in mind my knee injury ? i will be waiting for your reply

  35. Please tell me about your knee inhury more. How you got it and when it is more painful and when it is less painful. How long you got this injury.


  36. Sir I have undergone through a MRI scan and the doctor said that their is a cartilage tear in both of my knees. It pains mostly after doing a strenuous exercises and while playing badminton for a longer duration of time. The injury got aggravated during ending of November last year and from that on I took rest of like 3 months and now i have started playing again.
    Thank You

  37. I very much hope your knee gets better soon. Take good care as knee is a very key part for playing badminton. I wish you best of luck. Lee

  38. Thank you sir! thanx a lot for your warm wishes. So sir please guide me how should i initiate my fitness regime now ( both indoor and outdoor). I will keenly looking for your kind reply.
    thank you 🙂

  39. Running is a must for about 30min or more 5-6 days a week.
    Weight training for 2-3 times
    Heavy footwork training about one hour long for 4-5 time s week.
    Intensive drills for one hour long 4-5 time a week.
    Speed training two-three times aweek.
    match practice for 2-3 times a week.

    Good luck.

  40. I'm good at badminton I'm just 10 I played I a tournement with big guys my dad was proud of me so was my mum and sister I asked my dad can he train me more i showed him this and he said that this is too hard so I had to do the basics I already know the basics but can u show my on how to do the backhand smash please

  41. Sure, but please wait for some time until I make a clip for it. You seems a very god player. I would like to ask you to see the clips of how to become an advanced player. Lee

  42. sir, i am of 14 and i m playing badminton from 7………i have a problem dat whenever i try to smash shuttle it alwys gets down by hittng of my rackets frame

  43. There must be problem. 1. You may grip too lose 2. You may be doing too big winding swing 3. Your step may cause the problem. But I think your grip may be the one causing the problem. Lee

  44. sir i am a badminton player. when doing swimming i got a partial tear in my right hand shoulder b4 4 mnths. aftr tat wn i was playing it pains so i consult doctor he askd me to do some strengthening exercise it ll be ok. i did and now i dont have any pain in any action still i dint go foe play. my qustn s can i play nw would tat tear be healed nw ?waiting for ur reply.

  45. Excellent training

  46. This clip is a lesson that is Excellent and Useful.
    Thank you so much and hope more clip the same.

  47. Thank you for your comment. Lee

  48. Dear Sir. Lee,
    I get trouble with forehand smashing.
    I have been playing badminton for 18 years.
    With footwork, it maybe fine. But when i smash shuttlecock, it looks like cutting and dropping. So shuttlecock'speed is decreased so fast and sometimes i can't control it in traight line althought i open wrist. How can i fix it
    Thank you so much.

  49. The best way to sort it out is you to record your action and let me see it. You can upload on your youtube channel and I will see it and let you know what I am thinking. Lee

  50. I find that when training this with other players and they start landing facing across (the wrong way) I put 3 shuttles on each side, then i point to a side they pick from, then when they get back to the centre I pick the side they have to put it back. I find it works better for landing in a neutral ready stance.

  51. That is very good. well done I like your createative thinking. Lee

  52. What a lesson very good for beginners

  53. The best training ever!!! Great to find useful information on YouTube. Keep it up!!

  54. Great split step drill also translates to other sports like racquetball tennis and squash.

  55. WOW coach,this is a good and an interesting practice for training our left and right side defenses.Keep it up!!!!!BRAVO!

  56. can i know that how you make them increse  their speed ??? 
      waiting for your reply sir .. 

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  58. this guy is quick !!!!

  59. hy Lee… watching videos of "USA BADMINTON " at "YOUTUBE" COACH Is introducing badminton i saw that when he was delivering a forehand high serve he was putting pressure on front leg.. is it right???? regard

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  62. I never had an opportunity to get proper coaching for badminton even though i played it all my childhood and am discovering it again at 45. Your training videos are so very helpful in building the right technique. Sir, do you recommend any specific exercise for the legs to be able to do these squats so quickly?

  63. Sir… ! i have been following alll of your videos.. this drill gives me a quick reply to the shot played…. the place where i am weak is the long backhand return… i m playing the right shot but i am unable to generate the power… can u give me a suggestion pls..

  64. hello
    while smashing the shuttle if the racket touches the net that is ok or no?

  65. Very Lucid and clear ., Just I am practising like the above ., Thank You

  66. thanks for your video I confident to be selected in school team

  67. Thank you for the video! I have improved so much because of it!

  68. Please make a special footwork for defending

  69. Sir i play single game but my problem is.after services picking i cover whole.code.after long services

  70. Your videous are inspiring me

  71. Thanks a lot i really like watching your videos. As a beginner it gives me helpful ideas when playing

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  73. I is very useful training

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