Badminton Movement Training: Type 2 (Advanced)

Badminton Movement Training: Type 2 (Advanced)

Movement training – type 2 (Advanced) This is one training has developing players legs power and explosive movement so now what you do player ready and then bend half squat and ready so like that when he goes up you throw the shuttle cock so in the air shuttle is there, he lands and then goes forward ok I will demonstrate, ok Tom ok watch this, so 1 2 3 ready 1 2 3 one more 1 2 3 ok ready go 1 2 3 well done 1 2 3 ok 1 2 3 power 1 2 suddenly push off push – well done backhand ready come closer go 1 2 1 2 excellent go ok one more 1 2 3 yes if your player can do one by one like that now you can continue net – side continue ok have a look Tom ready go 1 clear ready 1 2 ready 1 2 3 side 1 2 3 side 1 2 push ok 10 times 1 2 ok, now have a look training it can be done all corners ok so, build up the power developing push off and developing the timing ok ready go move down more power push off push – better push ok back excellent more power ok 1 2 3 ok watch 1 2 3 excellent ok 2 more ready move go 1 2 3 yes ready 1 2 3 one more 1 2 3 4 well done

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  1. So when we practice this, should we learn backhand, forehand, and smash stroke/grip before this or should we just practice this before I know how to do those?

  2. It would be better to know those grips first so when you do movement training you can change grip. Lee

  3. i have difficulty in changing grip while lifting smash on right side.( i am right hand player). please put a video explaining how to lift right side, left side smashes

  4. Yes I will, smash defence in doubles is my next recording plan. Lee

  5. Sir Lee, Can you show how to change grip between backhand and forehand very spontaneously. I always find it uneasy and lack timing to change the grip on time. Due to this, I miss backhand net kill shots. Please advise.

  6. sir i need some suggestion from you can i get your email so i can share with you
    it will be helpfull for me sir ?

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