Badminton Movement Training: Type 3 (Advanced)

Badminton Movement Training: Type 3 (Advanced)

Movement training – type 3 (advanced) if your player understand the importance of 1 and be able to do 1 then you can move onto more advanced training for your player develop the power of push off developing the power and timing of number 1 this is quite good practice after you taught him or here the basic one ok Tom, watch this please ok ready, bend knee, lower body center ready go 1 2 3 yes ok ready go 1 2 3 this way because he turns, he can’t see it and when he comes in the air, when he is in the air you must throw, so when you throw he will land so he knows where the shuttle is so he can push off immediately the timing of throwing the shuttle cock is the important thing this is the wrong time, ready, this is wrong go so I delayed it but this is right timing, watch this he is in the air and then go so when he lands, he can push off ready go 1 – 1 2 3 powerfully more, push off go ready 1 2 3 backhand again ready go 1 push ok one more ready go 1 – 1 2 3 well done now same practice even faster, ask him to net kill ok come closer please, more, more, bend knee ready kill go 1 kill ok ready fast go 1 push ok ready go 1 – 1 2 3 one more ready 1 – 1 2 3 yup this is good to develop further number one

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  1. @sjaakiebadminton Yes, that is possible and such clip would be good for many as they cabn see the movement in real match. I am not able to do it promptly as it need to arrange a number of things. But I will put that in my plan for future clip, possibly in next two months. Thank you for asking. Lee

  2. sir my name is aashish m vry demotivated with my game and i canot concentrate plz help me sir

  3. We all have times like that with all different resons. The question is which one is greater. Is your disapointment greater then your will and desire to be better player? Or your desire and hunger to be better player is greater then your disapointment. There must be reason why you are not playing well. Accept it and working even much harder until you play better. Be positive and do the training no human ever dare to do and become the player eveyone looked up. If you have your PRIDE then do it.Lee

  4. ty so much sir for replyn.

  5. You are welcome. Lee

  6. The one thumb down must be from a lazy player, lol

  7. ahahaha….yup..

  8. dear sir m 24 yrs , i have huge desire to be a best player…plz suggest what to do first

  9. Hey Coach, When is the correct time to jump (ready position) when playing a rally. Is it just before the opponent hits, when the opponent hits or just after the opponent hits the shuttle?

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