Badminton-Movement when your partner is receiving serve in level doubles

Badminton-Movement when your partner is receiving serve in level doubles

The Movement When Your Partner is Receiving Service (Level Doubles) First 3 shots in any match is very important there fore the preparation, the step in order to make best possible shot, during the first 3 shots is crucial I am going to show you in level doubles how you should prepare how you should move your feet in order to make those first 3 shots efficient and best possible way ok ready, Mayur here ok watch this, in level doubles my partner is receiving the service this is you I am talking about there are players ready like that when my partner is receiving some of them they do that in my view, this side if you are right hander when your partner is receiving its better to put your right foot forward like this why? my job when my partner is receiving service is I have to go to the net when he is flicked I have to go to back when opponent serve to him at the net so, like this ok with out shuttle cock now Mayur, flick stop there if you do that, you are ready look here, Mayur flick then you are ready already, only one step same ready Mayur attack stop then if I move this one back, I am ready to go any direction so, this position allow you to get to net get to the rear very quickly without loosing your balance but watch this ready if you do that flick stop then you have to do that so you have to make about 3 steps or attack then you have to do that too same if you do this way ready, Mayur flick stop then you have to do that, that like this same attack stop then I have to go do that see that too many steps watch it again ready the right way in my view flick ready ready attack ready ok now let’s do that with shuttle cock ready wait please ok flick 1 2 3 again flick 1 2 3 one more flick 1 2 3 one more 1 2 3 ok now the other way ready low service, attack and then lift watch this focus my legs ok low go ready and then smash attack one more attack watch the other side, same reason same way instead of doing that, that’s better instead of doing that, that’s better because you can be ready you can be ready ok ready flick please go ready 1 2 3 ready go ready 1 2 3 same the other way low service go ready one more I hope you can see the point

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  1. Economy of steps and shortest distance between waiting racket and shuttle, I will use your lessons on efficiency to save valuable seconds in a match, difference between defensive play and agressive / attacking style. Thank you Coach Lee.

  2. @Oakley2256 I hope it works for you thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  3. No, you should use the way you are used to. Which food sould be forwarded is very small part so there is n o need to change as it will change all of your feeling, way to prepare. It is more personal thing as I do my right food forward. Lee

  4. You are welcome. Lee

  5. beautiful movement. I have to tell my partner, and train with him. thanks

  6. one more thing. when you are your partner lift the shuttle to back 3rd court, you should split-right? you show only attacking. thats why I was asking.

  7. Yes you are right you should be side by side. Lee

  8. Good luck and keep will see the benefit of it. Lee

  9. what if i am a left handed…what foot is on the front…left or right foot…thank you…

  10. Could be left foot but your personal compert is also important. Please try both ways to see which one is better and comfertable to you. Lee

  11. I am very pleased to see you like it. Lee

  12. If wrong reciever hits then they lose point. It does not matter if sever served wrong side. The reciever lose point. Lee

  13. hi Coach lee, how do you think someone should return a drive shot after your partner serves? the drives come at different heights and it is difficult to generate force to hit it back fast.

  14. Yes you are right it is hard to put force to return. The best shot is without much force block it to down so they can not attack again. And do it twenn them would be good. Lee

  15. Hi Lee
    Great technique
    If a receiver is a left hander where should the position be and which foot should be in front.

  16. The position would be similar but the foot to be front may be different.
    Which foot to put forward is more on individual choice. Lee

  17. So this is for right handed players, basically it's right foot in front on left side and left foot in front on right side right? Thanks again coach Lee :)!!!

  18. But I feel it is each players choices. As long as the position is right it may not make much different. I say what I would do. Please try different ways to find out the best ways to do for you. Lee

  19. Okay agreed I actually prefer to have my left foot in front as a right handed player on both sides of the court……….

  20. glad to see this tut video.. thanks Coach Lee! This might convince some players to move on a proper position and support the receiving partner whether low or flick serve. 🙂

  21. Thank for sharing

  22. Your videos are helping me a lot. My main problem is I am not able to place the shuttle away from the opponent player. I tend to always give it back to the opponent, i.e. he does have to even move a inch even if whole court is empty and I could have placed it anywhere else. Just not able to do that. Plz suggest. thanks.

  23. Good Infor Thanks 🙂

  24. Thanks for all these excellent videos, Coach!

  25. Hi Lee
    If your partner is left handed and the receiver is right handed then what would be the correction position

  26. hy lee usiing a slow shuttle cock in pakistan what should be the tacts to return a smash on back hand… thnx

  27. Hello sir playing shuttle on floor with tiles is good or bad

  28. its helpin much..thank u lee

  29. how can i improve my backhand skills and tell some exercise for that

  30. Sir in some of the cases the smash coming from opponent targets my face and very time I can not return my smash can you teach me any type of solution to overcome this problem l

  31. Thank u sir for your detailed demonstration on positioning in doubls while receiving service… very useful clip..thanks a lot…

  32. Dear Sir! Could you explain a bit about hand signals in doubles ? I would like to know while serving how to alert my partner of my intent __/__ Thank you

  33. Hi Sir. I have just found your videos on youtube. i have to say i am very glad. your videos are of great help. I have been able to improve my game A LOT! Thanks very much.

  34. Awesome coach, I learn from you implement next day and my mates are surprised

  35. Hi Lee sir,
    I learnt many tricks/practice from your video. Thanks a lot.

  36. I really want to improve my doubles service

  37. Thanks good trining

  38. thanks sir watching from bangladesh

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