Badminton-Play To Win 1: Introduction

Badminton-Play To Win 1: Introduction

Lee Bok has reached the highest levels of the Korean game as singles, doubles and mixed doubles champion and now as an international coach he has coached the Korean national team the British olympic team and works with players at all levels he is ideally placed to bring the cream of match play skills to any audience badminton is his life and he plays to win People can improve if they believe they can improve that is very important thing, simple but most important thing and they have to see the new approach, like new technique new movement and they have to see the reason why a coach says ok do this way – why? they have to have a reason if they don’t have a reason why they are doing it, they can’t put there soul in it I feel sport and life are same if you respect your opponent, you will be respected by your opponent too in the life same, if you respect other people they will respect you too Play to win with Lee Jae Bok, take your game apart and learn the right grips the right strokes, the position and strategy that will enable you to play 100% of your ability and enjoy 100% of the game play badminton with Lee Jae Bok and PLAY TO WIN

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  1. Coach Lee make a playlist of all your videos "Play To Win" please

  2. Sir i am of 20 year old ..i play very well but poor defence….good attack .i want to know can i become a proessional player . What should i do to improve defence. .please reply sir

  3. How To cover the whole court because I am not able to do it,and i always missed the shots.

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