Badminton-Play To Win 10: Smash

Badminton-Play To Win 10: Smash

Rear court play – Smash I would like to point out the important things to remember when you do smashes most important thing to remember is take shuttle in front of you that’s most important because if you take shuttle in front of you you are likely use all your power than you take the shuttle behind you secondly when you take shuttle in front of you after the shot you are ready for the next one if you take shuttle behind or side of you after hit you are not, you don’t have your balance to go to next shot so take shuttle in front Thirdly when you take shuttle in front here you watch shuttle and at the same time you can feel your opponent too but if you take shuttle behind you, you loose that view another one when you take shuttle in front of you same you have good view of the opponent court so you can feel exactly where to hit you can feel it, but if you take behind or side then you loose that view, you just guess some where over there rather than here exactly where that’s the big difference smash in badminton what we need is the accuracy like a dart, if you see dart player, no dart player throw darts from here or from here all dart players throw dart in front, that’s the way to get best accuracy same we need accuracy not just power so work very hard before you hit it to get behind the shuttle then everything will be alright you have power, you have control, you can make deception because you know where the opponent is but if you take shuttle side or behind you loose all of that now right one get behind the shuttle here and ready here ready so after the shot I can see my opponent I can go any where again immediately when I take shuttle in front of me when you hit smash, after smash particularly your level what I would like you to try here after smash be ready so you can go to next corner very quickly so, smash ready smash ready smash there so be ready all the time after your shot at this time just smash little bit gently to let you have a feeling be ready watch good very good

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  1. The last two shots by the male player at the end of the vid, is he doing wrong because appears to be that he look at shuttle and side of court, but not at opposite court

  2. You have a very good eyes to spot that. I think also same he can hit it more in front of his body to view shuttlecock as well as opponent court. Thank you for your comment. Lee

  3. Please check inbox I sent you a video thankyou soooooo much!!!

  4. I love to watch Play To Win series. Thank you coach Lee for dedicating your time for making us videos.

  5. You are very welcome and I am very pleased to kow that you like them. Thank you. Lee

  6. sir where r ur project clips ? pls sir upload it otherwise I will be in deep trouble without ut help my idol my God everything.

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