Badminton-Play To Win 13: Doubles Rear Court Positioning

Badminton-Play To Win 13: Doubles Rear Court Positioning

Positioning – Rear players position ok the feet position is very important in this practice now when your partner standing at the center of the front court and if he goes to the central area of the net your feet will stay like that because he can cover both sides you just cover rear court but if he goes Simon can you go deep left hand corner to kill it go stop there in that case when he goes there you should change your feet to that corner like that so you will be able to go that corner that corner and that corner too this one is good for side and both rear court only difficult to cover that corner now could you go to the other side please here go stop and then my feet will be changed to there to cover that corner, that corner and that corner again could you go to the center please remains same again can you go any side again one more go again again ok just change the angle rather than physically go there thank you very much Simon let’s try that one again very good what’s important here is to have wider feeling ok this is court and you are standing here but you should feel that corner, that corner, that corner part of your body that’s very important in high level so when you move, you move with court together rather than you go that’s physically one part of the court you should feel, there, there, there so that sought of movement in badminton is very important now shuttle is in this area between Julian and my self and Julian leave it that to me to take it so I go from here to take there in the air after this shot its ideal me to go follow through rather than smash from here and go back there its wasting energy another reason if I smash from here which is mid court to my opponent I can think there return will be weaker than I smash, make smash from the rear court because I can make harder smash from the middle court so what I am try to do here there attack ready kill it that’s what I try to do it ok lets try that one please good like that so as the front player’s role is very important here the shuttle went side the front player should send an indication to my partner I am going out after the shot you come in that’s very important ready go excellent very good one more please go that’s it like that it can be same shall we try the other side too ready go good yes that’s it

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  1. wow…Lee, you were really skinnier and faster than you are nowadays but your coaching skills are alwasy the same. It is very easy to understand. Thank you so much.

  2. Feel the court's corner. Alright..

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