Badminton-Play To Win 16: Mental Attitude

Badminton-Play To Win 16: Mental Attitude

Mental attitude to the game The technical point is to have a very good supportive partnership international players and few club players I saw some of them doing this way could you make a shot over there, hit it hit shuttle at the net when I say go could you do that again we are playing game now go yeah, there are players who do that and second one to remember is don’t blame your racket, your floor, ceiling and shuttle I saw several players when they make mistake I made mistake because racket is not good some times a player made a mistake there and he pass the shuttle like that that’s very bad things to do its better here and remember what happened just before why he made that shot and why I did not get that why did I make that mistake you go and think while I am going to the net and then you take shuttle and think and give him or give her and try again I know many coaches say to a players when they lost, its bad luck its not bad luck, opponent practiced more they are dedicated to the game, that’s why they are winner especially you did not believe in your self you could win it that’s why you lost you got to improve that that’s important to do that it does not matter what skill you have its very important to have good service and good returning service I think that’s more important than 50% so win or loose of doubles, good service, good return service is very important in technical terms last one in doubles attacker always win than defencer if you attack you have far better chance to get a point than you keep defending it but remember you have to attack at right time but its difficult too, when is the right time? I can’t give you, you have to keep practising till you can feel it if you respect your opponent you will be respected by your opponent if you do so in your life you will be respected by other people in normal life that’s what I always believe I always believe that all of human if they believe something then they can achieve it if they really believe in themself it does not matter how good coach or how much time they put on or what so ever good surrounding they have that’s nothing that’s second matter most important thing is to have that will say to you I will do, yes I can do it that’s first thing to do before coach, before quality training, before any good skill practice that’s second matter most important thing is to believe in your self The one advice I would like to give the youngsters is if they want to be better than other players they have to work more harder they have to think more than other player in order to be better it does not matter what level they are I always enjoy if they want to learn when I am giving them what they want I am very very happy

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  1. Very good video. Very underrated aspect of badminton

  2. who are u? r u God ?my life would be most beautiful if I can able to be ur servant .can u take me as ur servant? trust me sir ur the first person seeing whom I started to trust .pls sir say ur birthday. I will observe it.I actually love u so much with respect I think there is no man in this world can not love and respect u after seeing u.

  3. lee believes in me more than i believe in myself, therefore, i will believe more in myself

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