Badminton-Play To Win 6: Doubles Return of Service

Badminton-Play To Win 6: Doubles Return of Service

Return Service There are two ways to move to the shuttle most of international players they use their left foot forward and hit it because any ways they are already close to the shot try, have a look please good and some times, ladies players can do right foot forward when they stand little bit further back, here little bit more, about there then, they can’t just use their left foot forward because then they have to take shuttle low down so there fore in this sought of position which is if you are standing little bit further from the service line its essential to move right (your racket) foot go forward so that you can take shuttle earlier that’s it, that is the difference one more please good another very important thing here international players are naturally doing that push push there they know naturally they have to push in order to increase the speed to the shuttle but club players they don’t push it they don’t push go they just stand and then go so what I would like you to try is relax watch shuttle and then have a look you need that action that action or international players same here that action I am going to demonstrate the ordinary club player’s racket movement they are ready here, they stand some where here they are ready like that, when they receive serve their racket goes that and that their racket goes backward and forward in my view it will be faster and more efficient if you can move your racket straight to the shot rather than go backward and forward have a look like that go backward and hit forward try, see the difference here there so your racket goes straight to the shuttle which is the shortest way to the shuttle I explained the best option is hit to the body and second option is same action but push to the middle court which is between two opponents and I think in my view the third option is same same aggression and do tight net shot so make your opponent lift it there fore you can keep your attack going as I said before with server what’s important to remember here after the shot be ready for the next one too ready hit ready – hit ready – hit ready – hit continously until shuttle is on the ground or until your opponent lift shuttle to my partner ok ready continue ready and make some rallies to the net please again yeah fine ok now let me demonstrate please here what Tina did here flicked it she did that movement this is essential in many ways most important things that step allows the player to adjust the length adjust timing of the shuttle because all the flicks, speed of the shuttle the angle of the shuttles are not same its unique, there fore you have to make right timing of the movement you have to find the right place to go but without that movement players can’t get to the right place or they can’t make right timing ok let’s watch it again if you can do that step, you have no problem at all with returning flick serve, that’s my view ok let’s focus again ready excellent ok that’s very good when your partner is serving the rear court players feet should be side by side when your partner is receiving service your rear court player should have the non racket foot forward

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  1. sir how old is this video???? as
    u r looking so young……

  2. I was about 32 at the time. Yes it looks very young but my mind is still same. Thank you for your kind comment. Lee

  3. The beauty is that though this video was ages ago, your theory and tips still remain the same. Awesome, thanks for living up to you what you say and teach.

  4. Hi coach Lee, is there a video of you playing competitively? Thanks. 

  5. Dear coach Lee. All Your videos are so amazing. Much appreciated for your time in recording and uploaded to share to the world. My son started badmington 6 months ago and i have shown him your videos. Thank you. Tony.

  6. OMG coach, is this you? you still have same energy level at present.. awesome video coach… i always wonder, where are you from coach?

  7. Sir big badminton fan of yours and always love that you show us all tactics in much, MUCH greater detail than other channels. Please keep on the effort so that all of us benefit. Thank you.

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