Badminton-Play To Win 7: Net Play

Badminton-Play To Win 7: Net Play

Net Play ready go ok good excellent good very good there are few things I would like to make comment on this exercise 1. most of you are using your wrist, not your finger that’s new technique, many players think hitting shuttle is wrist action no in doubles, in singles, in mixed doubles there are many shuttles you have to use your finger power rather than your wrist ok let me demonstrate what I mean by that with finger ok look ok that’s finger, its little bit of may be 10% or less than 10% of wrist movement, but controlled by your finger action ok ok tap tap ok relax, tap so you are ready to hit again ok one more, ready tap ok that’s the idea, let me demonstrate to you again Samuel’s would you like to hit with me please, its gently ready there there there so ready ready ready there there so, make action little bit shorter at the moment what you do is, little bit here here rather than there

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  1. really pleased to see your training back of time, when you was young. You are really a good coach. Your lessons are so useful. Thank you coach.

  2. I am learning to play as I watch others play and by hit and miss. As I have been playing for sometime and realise not much progress and not knowing the basics this collection of your coaching sessions is excellent. I really appreciate your coaching and this video presentation – Thank you, so much :)..:)

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