Badminton-Play To Win 8: Middle Court Defense

Badminton-Play To Win 8: Middle Court Defense

Middle court paly – Defence Most of you make unnecessary swing which is this you are ready there, when shuttle come your swing goes up down forward so you make circle, it looks like the boxer hit the opponent like this its fast and stronger to hit that way its same watch this let me demonstrate shuttle comes to you thats what you did try this way look, when there you don’t have time to make that swing when you defend smash because smash is very fast now backhand ready watch this please first shuttle come, hit it, hit rather than like that, making cirlce lot of players are doing that swing ok ready 1 good 1 ready ready ready ready ready ready like that but what club players do is this when they hit shuttle may be twice this side 1 2 and then they are ready like that, they think he hit twice here may be she or he hits this side no even he hit 5 times here got to be ready both side so ready 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 like this

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  1. wah this one so young!

  2. Yes I was but my mind age is same as this time. Lee

  3. Everytime I watch your video , I am always learning something .BTW, I
     am watching and learning for my sons' sake who are taking up badminton .

  4. Hi Lee, watching your videos has made me play badminton again! Thanks for the tutorials they're really very useful even for experienced players who wish to get back into the badminton again.

  5. Wow. It's a long time amazing.

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