Badminton: Posture

Badminton: Posture

Posture right posture which is number 3 root in badminton when I see a player’s posture even before they hit the shuttle cock I can tell what kind of quality, what kind of power, what kind of deception he may make because, the posture the quality of posture can make decision of about the actual shot which means poor posture can make poor quality of shots serious and good posture also can make good shots there are 4, 5 important things to be remembered in making right posture in badminton number 1 point in right posture which is most important is the hunger and seriousness in the posture lets say shuttle is in the air opponent court, then I would like to see the players posture is like this, and I can see his seriousness and hungryness to the shuttle cock please compare this one please if some one has got that kind of posture ready smash watch this like this that posture allows him to make good movement early contact to the shuttle cock but if some one has got this kind of posture with attitude before I would like to show you all the elements, detailed posture this hungryness and seriousness should be there after that, where right arm should be that is number 2 learning point right arm which is with racket its better stay away from the body rather than bring this arm some where here in order to do that there are very important points here watch my elbow, here this one if you make posture like that straight then they are likely bending your elbow like this so its better to make right arm little bit that way side ways, if you do this likely stay like that but if you do that likely bending do that way see the difference if you put the racket away from your body have room between your racket and your body room there, that’s important have a look if you do here then you can take it earlier here but if you put your racket near your body then like that then like this so remember, put the racket away from your body cent of your body, not forehand, not backhand number 3 general posture your body, shuttle is the other side then little bit down looking forward that way watch this, smash please like this you can see shuttle better that way rather than like this not here, there please see the difference, ready like this and do that ready like that you can do this compare, please or big difference whether you do that way or do that way its completely different number 4 the left arm, human has 2 arms but many players they worry about their racket arm they forget the left arm we need balance, for example smash then, left arm should be used for balance and increasing the power of smash, please watch my left arm left – right left – right left – right left – right because this left arm down and forward the power can be increased another 10% or 15% just imagine if some one don’t use left arm like this different or some body is using left arm, but in wrong way like that also looks silly and strange, and some body put their left arm but they don’t come down also different watch left arm please now compare with right left arm movement same, at the net have a look attack from the net, watch my left arm should be like this rather than because the left arm is moving it affect right arm too or some times they get too nervous even more they feel too nervous so their face goes strange watch my face the shuttle should be controlled by racket and left arm balanced not using their face muscles like this watch my face, which is not really ideal to try [laughs] so face goes very strange for example, if they want to hit the other side shuttle comes, then should use racket but some of them I saw they use their lips to change their direction watch my lips [laughs] so, be aggressive, how? use your left arm and right arm away watch again left arm, and posture, right arm I call this posture is aggressive ready go please there there this is aggressive but some of ladies and girls they don’t want to be too aggressive on court like this, genuine and soft go too soft look in badminton court there is no girl, no boy, no man, no ladies in this court only players are there so there is no gender difference the player who will challenge who will respect, the player only there there is no English, no Korean, no Chinese no different in badminton court only player who will enjoy the pleasure from challenge will enjoy the pain from hard work that’s badminton so please be aggressive, be hungry and use your left arm and have a serious posture before you try to hit any shot then I am sure you will make good quality of shots I will explain what I mean by that for example, if some one has got picnic badminton posture they are likely make picnic badminton shots for example let’s say some ones posture is like this picnic, its not sport, just playing for leisure like this smash picnic I call this posture picnic badminton posture or beach badminton posture I call this posture serious badminton posture and dedicated badminton posture this one so when I say to player be ready then I want to see this players posture ready rather than I say to player ready this is not ready

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  24. Mr. Lee.Thanks!!Love your video!!All the best.

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