Badminton-Power Smash

Badminton-Power Smash

Smash Hello, I am Lee thank you for coming I would like to show you in this video about smash which is every body who plays badminton would like to do very well, many players want to have big smash and there are number of important elements in order to have big smash grip, posture, steps, body action all those things I will go through one by one number 1 – in order to make big smash the most important thing is the grip how to grip? depending on this grip, the power of smash will be different let’s see how Robin is doing continue when I say stop, just freeze stop, stay, stay, stay, stay just stay please if you see Robin’s thumb his thumb is straighted in order to have big smash player must be able to hold the grip tighter and harder I don’t think, this thumbs power is being used in his smash he could increase another 15% if he can use this thumb little bit more, which is little bit more round which he is using his power for example, if he can use this thumb power then the other 4 fingers can be also used more if this finger straighted, not being used then the other 4 fingers also have not been used so now, I would like to ask Robin to go little bit round and this one go little bit higher yes yeah something like that and then I want you to just try ok grip straight like this and change 10 degrees inside stop and then thumb goes round ok can you do that smash with that grip now, can you go back to your grip straight one, thumb goes straighted what I normally found when people stretch their thumb more chances to slice it rather than have full power now change again change 10 degrees little more outside, yes and then do clean impact smash how you feel? different thank you look this is what I believe this first initial point is crucially important in order to make big smash, player must be able to take shuttle in front of their body, here so their weight can go together so, in order to have a clean shot powerful smash, its better to change about 10 degrees from here to little bit like this and then thumb goes round in that way player can make really big hit that is number 1 learning point watch this please so, in theory depending on where you are hitting shuttle cock your grip has to be changed smash, which is you must hit shuttle in front of your body your grip has to be changed from neutral to 10 degree the thumb should go round rather than straight second point – also linked with grip could you come another one when I say stop, just freeze from there after 2, 3 smashes stop stay, stay again watch me don’t watch me just stay still if you are ready like that stop don’t watch me, after I say stop again ready stop stay, stay, stop thank you very much stay like that stay look, he is smashing that way at this moment, his face and eyes are facing that way also, the body is completely side ways and left hand, this left hand is closing his view to the forward so his focus, Robin’s focus is some where here not over there so this, this left arm should be opened little bit more and this one turn little bit and he is ready in this way then he can see shuttle, as well as front so he is dealing with shuttle, same time he is dealing with opponent opponent court together but because he is turning body too much he is only able to watch shuttle over here and there is no feelings the other side there is a reason, why he has to do that because his grip is neutral grip neutral grip, makes him to hit side of this body not in front of their body so, the reason for having for Robin to have this kind of posture is because of the grip but if he can change grip 10 degrees then it will be change can you please go, I will show you what I mean ok watch this, this is neutral grip no changes and what Robin is doing at the moment is like this like that so this left arm is closing the view his eyes are some where here and his body is like this again ready like that and like this like that and like this so before he hits he is watching there what I believe, this one should be opened and he should see shuttle like this rather than like this have a look please like that so I can see I can see there better there and hit rather than turn it and hit can you try please ok this one Robin will do what he normally did before don’t change please ok like this now left arm open, 10 degree change, face me ok like this more left arm more yes ok ok number 2 – stop before you hit smash if you stop, if your racket is stopped you will be able to generate more power lets see how Rob is doing watch his racket please smash please you can see when I lift shuttle his racket is already there and waiting for the shuttle cock one more please thank you now why? why we generate more power when you stop now you can compare I will show you the wrong one I don’t believe Rob will do wrong action I will do the wrong action can you feed me please ok watch my racket like him, racket must be stopped before smash watch this stop stop rather than moving like this if racket is continously moving it cannot generate power stop and then hit it like this stop, hit it stop, hit it rather than different one more ok more power stop third one – left hand if you use left hand right time, right way your power of smash about 10% can be increased lets see how Rob is doing just do your normal ok watch his left arm movement go that was very very powerful ok watch my left hand please you hold, before you come forward your left arm should come first and then your right arm should follow watch this please left – right left – right rather than stay high or come down same time it does not give you balance and power look, hold, left, right left – right left – right one more 1 2 lets see Rob’s action again yes 1 2 left – right one more now, watch this go back to number 1 point his view does not change his view from here, he does not change that way he stays like that and hit it like this ok watch him again please watch his face ready come closer ok go that’s why his shot can be accurate but can you do side looking and hit forward like this so, his view is changing now go back to what you normally do face it and hit like this that was crucially important that’s not only power, the accuracy very very important do not turn your body too much some might say, in order to hit hard we have to turn our body if they turn too much, its like squeeze and then the power angle can be starting from here and then circle it will lose power its better, start from here clean very simple action rather than turning too much so recap number 1 – change 10 degree don’t face this side, face there number 2 – use your left hand number 3 – stop, before you hit stop and then suddenly start stop and smash rather than like this ok Rob can you feed just here the 3 points I will demonstrate again number 1 – stop stop number 2 – face, face don’t turn your body face and hit it rather than turn and hit it number 3 – left arm left – right hold together, left – right left – right left – right ok same thing I would like to ask Rob to demonstrate number 1 – Stop and hit stop and hit same thing stop number 2 – left – right left arm, right arm left – right left – right one more number 3 – not to turn too much it will effect your view and power face there and open your left arm because you will have view watch left arm open so you have view yeah like this now show me the other one closing your view and turn your face that one it affects your view ok same things now I will try with Robin ok Robin come here please thank you ok ready before you smash stop lets do that stop and hit common smash stop stop stop left arm first and then right left – right number 4 – learning point the feet, feet movement in order to make strong smash the body weight should move from right hand side to left foot so the smash can be stronger after smash you will be ready to go forward which is this ok same smash watch Rob’s feet movement his weight is moving from right foot to left so it will increase more power, ready watch the feet watch the feet he is landing left foot so that he can move forward and then when he goes up his weight is more right foot right and left ready please like that watch my feet please watch my feet little bit there right – left right – left there – here one more so weight can go together now, you will see little bit more details of what I explained to you now this is neutral grip if you smash with this grip, its not so powerful for smash, from here, 10 degree change and thumb goes so this thumb goes behind index finger and third finger rather than thumb goes there then just bottom will be opening so thumb goes little bit so if you look little bit changed from neutral grip to 10 degrees like this this is good neutral grip changed neutral changed so you will be able to smash in front of your body rather than side of your body ok from here, shuttle comes and you go on the way you change little bit ready watch this change change rather than just same grip, hit it then sound will be like this or it goes slice number 2 point, stop quickly as soon as possible powerful, more deceptive watch this number 3 – use your left arm, fast when you put your left arm where should it go here – no some where here so you have balance have a look what happens if I drop here or here look left – right here if this one goes longer, then this one affects my balance yeah because of this it hits me but if this arm stopped here then it will not affect my balance watch again rather than number 3 – feet move your feet there are may be different ways to move but this is very basic move your feet from right to left your weight should go from right foot side to left hand side watch my feet right – left rather than, the other way round yeah, my body is moving backwards ready forward ready forward there are many players whose smash is slicing and they don’t know, why there smash is slicing some time I say to them do you want to slice in your smash and they say no I don’t want to slice and I say why do you slice I don’t know, that’s there answer that’s not right if a player slice smash, because he want to slice it that’s ok but grip is the initial important point maintain your grip right and the rest will be followed thank you

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    To those with pain in elbow: probably maybe you swing the arm too much, which twisted the muscle ? See coach Lee movements: pull elbow back, stop the racket, switch the balance from left leg to right leg, and you can smash without any pain.

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