Badminton Racket Review – Power Shot Nano Hexagon III

Badminton Racket Review – Power Shot Nano Hexagon III

this is a racket review and it’s about
the racket that I use when I play matches it’s called hexagon to nine zero
zero it’s a bit offensive and that’s because there was some weight towards
the racket hit and it’s quite easy to swing through the air and that gives you
a lot of acceleration we would recommend this if you’re an offensive player and
if you want more power in your strokes and if the game case is quite fast as
well this racket has this unique feature
called the hexagon shaft which is only available for Kumpoo rackets I would
never play without it and why I would never play without it you can read in
the description it’s super cool this unique feature will enhance your game a
lot if you’re interested in purchasing this racket which I would really
recommend take a look at the webshop by the link in the description I would give
it 5 out of 5 stars

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  1. is it heavy head or light

  2. nice review of racket????

  3. Hello, we would really like to know what you think of this review! Best regards

  4. It looks better than most yonex racquets..

  5. I never seen a minute review b4

  6. Wow! You have racket reviews and demo now. Cheers! The racket looks like a winner. How does it compare to other rackets that you've used before? Like against any Yonex or Victor racket you've tried? Thanks!

    I'm liking the the specs shown in the site you linked. Attack-oriented racket. Anti-torsion feature is great to have in a racket. Looks like a well thought out design. Even the cone is hexagonal.

  7. What size grip is the racket? Furthermore, what kind of frame does the racket head have? An "aeroblade" frame (like a Brave Sword 12) or a box frame? Also, is it a conventional head size (unlike the smaller head of a Z Force II, for example)?

  8. never heard of it.

  9. you use 84g or 3u version?

  10. I bought a kumpoo racquet about a year ago, not from yourselves unfortunately, but the quality and finish on these racquets are superb.

  11. Nice racket. Too expensive for me.
    I’ll stick to APACS.

  12. Why don't you review yonex and li-ning racket? According to me , you have to review budget racket of other companies also.

  13. Are these rackets available in India?

  14. We need video like this! Racket review and shoes review.. Keep post!

  15. Do the chair with a wall is a good exercise too ?

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