Badminton Racket Selection Key Points – [ENG Subtitle in YouTube Caption]

Badminton Racket Selection Key Points – [ENG Subtitle in YouTube Caption]

Hello ladies, gentlemen and friends thank you for your support in 3 weeks we have gained over 500 likes on our Facebook page. Everyone would have different preference of racket so how do you choose your racket? Today, I will not be providing any racket reviews but will talk on the important points when buying a racket. When I buy a racket I will look into frame type and design designed string tension and limit shaft stiffness/flexibility weight balance point and grip size In the current market we often will see Isometric shape frame rackets Besides Isometric frame there are also Rounded Square and Traditional Oval frame The difference between Isometric and Traditional Oval is Traditional Oval have smaller sweetspot and higher force In comparison between Isometric and Rounded Square design is Rounded Square will have high sweetspot and lower force In my opinion when selecting the racket frame shape is something personal If you do not have special focus and requirement for sweetspot Isometric shape frame design is more practical All rackets can hold different string tensions however those that cannot hold high tension does not mean it is not a good racket because each person have different tension preferences In my playing experience high or low tension will have its own advantages during gameplay Normally high tension is from 27lbs and above the higher the tension the shorter the time the shuttle stay on the stringbed and the shuttle bounce speed will be fast if you do not have arm strength, avoid high tension On the other hand for lower tension the time shuttle stay on the stringbed is longer the shuttle bounce speed will be slow However I believe lower tension rackets will have greater overall control So when choosing a racket ensure to choose those that can withstand the string tensions desired. Next we will need to pay attention to the shaft stiffness and flexibility In reality, the shaft stiffness and racket string have the same theory The stiffer the shaft the force to hit will be greater and will need more arm strength when playing With a flexible shaft we will not need great arm strength to play My suggestion is that for beginner level or for players with weaker arm strength do not buy a stiff racket. Balance point of a racket can be categorized to high, middle and low Personally, I prefer the balance point in the middle of the racket because playing defensive or attacking they perform equally good Rackets which have high balance point the racket head will be heavier and are normally attacking rackets Head heavy rackets will require greater force to hit the shuttle thus it needs more strength With low balance point the weight will be felt at the grip So the racket head will be light and the racket swing speed will be fast When choosing rackets do consider these points Finally, I would like to talk about grip size The smaller the grip size the heavier the racket head feeling On the other hand thicker grip size the racket head will be lighter Different grip size will have an effect on the overall racket feel You may want to try different grip size setup and try to play again you will definitely feel the difference When choosing rackets I will pay attention to the frame type and design designed string tension and limit shaft stiffness / flexibility weight balance point and grip size Hope these pointer will help you to choose your own racket

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