Badminton-Return of Flick Service in Doubles

Badminton-Return of Flick Service in Doubles

Return of Flick Service Doubles Hello, I am Lee thanks for coming in this video I am going to show you how to return flick service in doubles there are 3 learning points number 1 – how can you make fast start because you will be stop and then the opponent will serve the question how fast can you make the start and the second point is after the smash what step and what should you do and number 3 some times, some players they do drive service to the backhand side some times forehand side I know some players they are struggling to return such kind of drive surprise service so I will explain one by one the first learning point how to make fast start in returning flick service so ready like that same, if you are comfortable to move backwards then you can stay little bit closer but if you are not sure about rear court then you can stay about this farther and I don’t think this is good idea to stay too far back because of rear court, then opponent will have better confidence in low service so which is not good so stay about here if you are club player or not too much advanced here the posture, two legs apart each other little bit wider, rather than like that because its slow to move wide bend both knees, some players they bend 1 knee and then they stretch the other like this then this knee cannot be moved immediately in order to move, then and move which takes longer time so bend both knees and then two hands together at this time the grip should be neutral because you don’t know whether shuttle will come here or here because you have to change grip, neutral grip here when my opponent flicked, the most important initial step is fast movement at the beginning so this push off steps allows you to accelerate speed of movement without that one just standing and move that may be big difference please have a look and focus on my foot movement ready ready – ready or ready – ready – hit ready – ready – hit rather than like this so in badminton many times we need that kind of short fast steps so if you can do that some times when shuttle is little bit high and be long then you need two starts but if shuttle is low, shorter then you dont have time for two you do just one and then smash but if shuttle goes long and high if you do just one you are moving too quick so your step whether you do one or two its depending on speed, height and the length of shuttle now, I will do just one fast step and then hit when shuttle is low watch this ready and then go and then go and then go if shuttle goes little bit higher then you need two fast steps watch feet please but in this height, like high if you do just one, the timing will be not right because shuttle is high, you need to adjust the movement like this bit higher so, this smaller steps will give you two things number 1 – faster movement number 2 – gives you good balance of movement just compare, without that steps with steps without with steps and number 2 learning point some times players when they do surprise drive service to this corner and the racket is high here like this ready normally players do that and the service will go very flat go that way so some times they do that or some times they don’t even touch the shuttle cock and they don’t know how to return such kind of shots and then they use it more and more especially in club badminton side so have a look, this kind of service you are ready, yeah like this and shuttle will go very quick and low so you don’t have time to do something about it and then next time, when you know your opponent is doing such kind of service then your posture, should not be like this you should be changing your grip already yes like this this is neutral grip, and then you change the grip like that not here, you ready this corner already here you cover this because they are attacking this corner so when shuttle comes, just hit it rather than you ready like that and do like this because when you know he is doing that, she is doing that there is not point to make normal posture you should be ready more for this corner here, like this and then like that or you do that and hit it for example the other side the same if you come this side, you are ready and quite often the opponent player will attack here very flat quick drive service same things can be applied so you are ready like that and shuttle goes there some times they don’t even be able to touch it ready here like this like that you then lose point in that case what you do you move little bit forehand side and your racket should not be here should be like this because your racket is already there does not matter if they do very surprised flat service so, you have to analyse what your opponent is trying to do to you and then your posture, your placement when you are receiving service will be changed depending on your opponents intention ok, number 3 what’s important after attack the flick service so when I go backwards and smash my role will be rear court play my partner will go to the center so important thing here is after smash, immediately ready your feet should be nearly some where center and then side by side because you have to cover both sides why immediately ready because smash will go fast there fore the return shot will be also fast which means your step has to be even faster so this is what a player should be doing ready shuttle comes smash ready so I can move again I will demonstrate again, what I mean by ready after the smash I would like to demonstrate the detailed steps when you are returning flick service ok ready like this ok ready first action two small steps 1 2 ok ready 1 2 after 1 2 1 2 3 4 smash again 1 2 3 4 smash or when shuttle is too long and short length then there is no time for 2 just do that 1 2 3 smash 1 2 3 smash smash that’s two start or one start smash fast action I would like to recap the 3 learning points number 1 the initial movement in order to accelerate or in order to move very quickly after when you start player need to push off, push off rather than just start like this and second learning point when a player is doing the drive service from the other side to weaker areas then be ready more for that angle rather than keep having normal receiving posture the last one after attack be ready immediately and imagine the speed of shuttle you made if you made fast shot then the return will be also fast which means be ready immediately after the shot rather than think or just look how beautifully you returned flick service thank you I hope you find it beneficial to you thank you very much

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  1. very helpful demo! this has always been my weakness and the small steps i think it's going to benefit my movement going back. Awsome!

  2. I am very pleased to know and thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  3. I've been following all your vids and it really helped me a lot…now I'm a bit improved 🙂

  4. I am very pleased to know that my clips have helped you. Thank you very much for letting me know. Lee

  5. you are a very good coach!

  6. Thank you very much for your kind comment. Lee

  7. Quite surprised about this video. Why do you stand so far away from the service line? Do you encourage players to jump at all? I find it quite helpful to do so.

  8. Most of people view on this channel will be club players and I focused on that level. If you are an experienced player then you can stay much closer to the service line. Same there will be a few different ways to do it depending on how early or late you take the service. This is a standard way which would help most club players. I hope it answers your question. Lee

  9. Lee lets say if the shuttle dropping 90 degree instead of 45 degree . Should you bring it back up or should to flick/smash it?

  10. In that case your body should go behind shuttlecock. That means that shuttlecock lifted very high otherwise it is not possible to drop 90%. Shuttlecock should be in front of your body and depending on how deep it is you can smash or hit clear. If my answer does not answer your question, please ask again with more detail question. Lee

  11. I'll give it a try tomorrow, thanks

  12. OK Good luck and let me know how you did. Lee

  13. Lee what is the best way to return a serve, when the server goes out wide to serve to your rear back hand? look forward to your answer or even better a video : )

  14. I think I know aht you mean. Your opponent move wider side to make flick drive service to your backhand rear corner. Is that right?

  15. I think I know aht you mean. Your opponent move wider side to make flick drive service to your backhand rear corner. Is that right?

  16. I think I know aht you mean. Your opponent move wider side to make flick drive service to your backhand rear corner. Is that right?

  17. I think I know aht you mean. Your opponent move wider side to make flick drive service to your backhand rear corner. Is that right?

  18. I think I know aht you mean. Your opponent move wider side to make flick drive service to your backhand rear corner. Is that right?

  19. I think I know aht you mean. Your opponent move wider side to make flick drive service to your backhand rear corner. Is that right?

  20. Yes Lee, that is what I mean.

  21. In that case you move two steps to rear and change your face direction to him. Finally your racket should move to his shot direction already. Your racket should be ready for his drive direction. Then he may do cross court short service so you have to aware nthat too. Try. Lee

  22. Sir,I have a doubt, can a person in the opponent side who receives the service can move while we service to him? and another how long can we take time to service…10 secs or do v have to be quick…? do let me know thank you in advance

  23. while opponent is serviving you can not move but after serve you can. I am not sure but I do not think there is time limit of in what sec you have to serve. but 10 sec is too long. If umpire thinks you delay too long then he will warn you. It has to be done in reasonable time scale. Lee

  24. I think you have to do it in 5 secs if not you will get warning and if repeated again fault will be called.

  25. coach lee, can we instead stand with the right leg forward and putting extra weight on right leg, which allows us to take back hand drive and other flick and low services. i have tried this but failed a bit. Can u plse explain me about this, and thanks for the video, you are doing a great job 

  26. Dear Coach Lee, thank you for this excellent video. In regards to receiving the drive service and your advice to adjust the racket position to prepare for this, wouldn't the opponent simply change his mind and serve to the other side? Therefore, what would you advice I do to be able to cover all serves without being caught out by a drive service?

  27. Thank you Coach for sharing this techniques. this is really so helpful

  28. làm được như thế này thì không phải ngửa cổ,đánh với – Hay thật !

  29. Hi lee,
    I hav a doubt in 2nd point…changing the posture for surprise service  from normal posture…

    1.but most of the time we dont knw when the opponents goin to put that surprise service, we dont have any clue ???
    2. what if opponent see our different posture and change the service to low service ??
    3.Is there anyway to face that service without changing the posture?

  30. 7:58 How did you catch that ! 🙂

  31. Dear Coach Lee,

    Thanks for these excellent tips for flick services, i had tried these and the results are very good. thanks once again

  32. What if the service is a fault serve? then you have no choice to make a high clear.. I realise that a fault serve tends to give the opponent an unfair advantage.

  33. I like your videos. You not only explain what to do but also why to do it.
    Thank you so much. 🙂

  34. Best badminton coaching videos on YouTube. Thank you coach Lee!

  35. Thank you Mr Lee for the great tips. I played with a lady who always served to the middle of the court – short and fast. Now that I watched your video, I am able to take her service now.

  36. Dear Coach Lee
    I notice that you do not go all the way back to the service line to return a flick serve. I am quite short, 5’2” or 160cm, and I find I cannot reach a high/long flick serve unless I move further back. How should I adjust my footwork to get further back please? Or should I just jump higher :-)?

  37. Since you are very good at moving your feet, are you also good at dancing?

    Thanks for video! Very good!

  38. I keep forgetting. Sigh. Thanks for reminding. These videos are legendary.

  39. Thank you sir, as always, your videos are super!!

  40. Excellent videos Mr. Lee!!! I'm relearning badminton and these videos are pure gold….keep it up

  41. just awesome sir Lee you're out of the world

  42. This is awesome ! The counter to drive service on backhand is a pure gold advice ! Thanks !

  43. Sir how can i know what type of flick my opponent will do? And if i prepare for flick service to my rare side then what i wl do if they serve low to my other side as i change my grip for flick serve as you said. Please explain all serve without any preparation

  44. Thank you Mr Lee! I'm discovering all your videos and they are excellent at explaining and demonstrating badminton skills.

  45. Sir I serve with my right hand sometimes and play the rest of the game with left hand. Is that allowed according to the rules?

  46. Thanx a lot sir my game has improved only due to ur vdo's??

  47. Hi coach lee, i am having a hard time when I am receiving serve in doubles. My opponent loves to stand at his right corner near the service line (his number 2) and hit a forehand flat and fast service to my number 3. The shuttlecock fly across my partners court then lands to my backhand rear court ( my number 3 ) usually it lands near the middle line of the court at my backhand side)when I am receiving service at my right court. Could you give me some advice what I can do ? I have tried to check if his shot is legal or not as the shuttlecock fly across my partners court but I can’t find any rules mention about that. When I later on stay a bit backwards to receive his weird shot he then hit a low forehand serve from his number 2 to my number 2. His service tactic makes me lose many point. What can I do?

  48. Sir.. you are really a good coach who teach very simply but effectively… God bless you… Please keep it up with new idea

  49. I understand about adapting posture IF we read opponent is most likely to do surprise flat drive service. Question: what would it look like (from our point of view) of the opponent that tells us he is about to do a surprise flat drive service (so that we can adapt our posture)?

  50. You are a very observant man Coach Lee because you are so right in saying people sometimes freeze to admire how beautiful they made that shot and not be ready for next one. I do that sometimes… so, guilty as charged!!!! Thank you for reminding us.

  51. I would like to train myself under your coaching. Where are you located?

  52. I just love this man! Lot of thanks..

  53. thanks a lot Lee ! There's very little information on such kind of stuff. You're the best !

  54. Thank you very much

  55. Caoch Lee, some players drive the shuttlecock low instead of flicking during serving…Is that legal? Driving low makes the shuttlecock drops very fast and I always cannot turn fast enough to hit it…I feel it is not a legal serve…

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