Badminton-Return of High Service in Singles

Badminton-Return of High Service in Singles

Return of High Service Singles In returning long high service in singles the most important thing here is get behind the shuttle as soon as possible so the player can make deception powerful shot and better accuracy and further more if this player go behind the shuttle very quickly, which means they are holding shuttle longer if they hold shuttle longer then more deceptive so I will explain the first learning point the player is ready some where here in singles and there are two different types of players when they see high long service is coming they stand like this and their movement from here is very casual ready, like this, which is I don’t believe this is beneficial way to move ok have a look please like that and just move and hit little bit longer please like this to me its better to make sharp movement at the beginning so he can get behind the shuttle quicker and he will be able to hold the shuttle longer which is like this one more rather than so this last one speed of shuttle speed of this players movement is very similar what I believe in is the player must be moving quicker than shuttle shuttle comes, player should go quicker, wait and then shot so there is more deceptions ok once more hold and hit hold, hit hold – drop shot rather than move together or same like this in these days, just hit clear, just do drop shot just do smash is not enough the clear should be made like drop shot smash also should be made like its clear or drop shot finally like drop shot, should be made like smash in order to do that player should be able to get behind very quickly in order to do that they need that quick start quick start rather than like that, casual movement thank you I hope this is some kind of help in returning high long service in singles Thank you

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  1. Thanks very much Coach Lee. This is very helpful.

  2. You are most welcome. Lee

  3. thank u sir..very helpful

  4. You are very welcome. Lee

  5. Hi Lee, thank you so much for the detailed explanations. One question though: how far do you recommend players to stand from the service line?

  6. It is depening on what your opponent is doing. Let say if your opponent is doing backhand low servise more often then your base should be crosser to the service line. If your opponent is doing more high long servise then bit further back is better. If your opponent is doing short and long servise about 50/50 then middle will be good base. Lee

  7. Coach Lee, your videos are really helpful. My game has really improved post adopting your techniques. Thanx a lot 🙂

  8. Hi Mr. Lee. I always find it difficult to return an effective shot when my opponent do a "shooting back service" to me, meaning the shuttle will be behind me when i execute the shot. How do i solve this problem? TQ.

  9. When you face players who do more deceptive flick then you should make you reciving service base a bit backward. put your racket bit higher and same time you have to push/move backward faster to make the hitting point in front of your body. Try and I hope it works for you. Lee

  10. You are welcome. Lee

  11. You are very welcome. Lee

  12. Hi Coach Lee,
    While playing doubles, when i am standing in the forehand court, my opponent serves the shuttle to my back hand at the back of the court ( fast and not not very high). How should I prepare to take this? Should I be doing a backhand clear or should i run around and try to smash it forehand?

  13. hi coach lee,
    I enjoy and love your tutorials.  May I have a suggestion?  Is it possible for you to attach a wireless mic to your body while talking instead of using the mic from the videocam, this way, the audio will be clearer and will have less echo.  

  14. Hi Lee, when my opponent serves it high and far almost hitting the back line I am not able to hit it behind him so he ends up in a perfect smash position. How do I fix this problem?

  15. Thanks for the video Lee it was very helpful. I would just like to know more about what kinds of shots are suposed to be made when recieving low and high serves. where to place them, where not to place them and so on. I hope you can answer my quetion

  16. Lee, great job! Thanks so much – yu are very clear and very helpful.

  17. Thank yo Coach Lee, you help me a lot in my play. everytime i play watch your video learn something.. it great. love your teaching…

  18. When I hit high serve my opponent hit smash and I can't lift it why plz make a video

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