Badminton: Right Attitude of Players

Badminton: Right Attitude of Players

Right Attitude of Players I would like to explain right attitude to players there are 2 different types of players number 1 – he will say I will do my best to win this match and number 2 will say I will win this match there are big differences between these two the person who says I will do my best if he try and then he found out opponent is much better then he simply can give up but the person who says I will win this game then some time during that game he makes mistakes or opponent suddenly plays well but he will stick with it and find a way to change the game find way to beat him rather than simply giving up the important question to the person who says I will do my best my question to the person is how do you know what is your best no body knows he thinks this is my best if he thinks this is his best, then he became this much person he only can achieve this much but if some body says my best is this much then he will achieve this much the important thing is the best ones best will always change depending on how badly he want depending on how much he wanted to do it so I believe human is unlimited but many players are limiting themself for example if some ones daughter or son is drowning in the lake no father or no mother will say to that son or daughter wait I will do my best to rescue no parents will say that most all the parents will just jump in whether they also can be dead, they don’t care one thing in their mind is just rescue their child when I hear some body say I will do my best there are already 20% failing feelings so, what ever you do believe it you can do it rather than just have a go crystal clear object and believe that’s important I know some players when they play against better player in their mind they already lost they go to the court to play to lose rather than play to win remember you are unlimited you are limited because you think you are limited so next time what ever you do believe you can do it if you learn new technique if you challenge against top player, does not matter why not the top player play same court as you do he use two legs, one racket same as you why you should be the loser all the time the life is too short for you to just try your best if you do, not many things can be achieved even if you think I can do it but still people fail that’s ok people can fail even when they really believe it but important thing is he will try again after he fails but the person who say I will do my best when he fails he will give up thats difference if some one say I will go to top of the mountain then he will just think to go there when he faces river hills then he will find a way to cross the river climb the hills because he wanted to be there but if some body I will do my best to go to the top of the mountain and when he faces that river he will say I tried to go there but there is a river I could not go, that is the difference if you think you are normal player you train normal way you became normal but think different way and training impossible way no body can do it then you will be special player the time you are spending now on the court will never come back so take that time put your soul in your practice then you will be different player its ok to say I will do my best, polite way to other people but not in your mind in your mind you should say I will be number 1 by when that clear object will bring you to there but if you dont have that clear object you will go like this and on the way likely giving up when a player lost a match I believe he or she must not blame something else blaming floor, umpire, ceiling its not good when a player lost a match he or she can only say, well done to their partners, to their opponent and say nothing even though you had bad stomach last night because of that you could not play well even if that is true its better not to say it, thats only excuses has a player, if a player play against stronger player then he should be able to challenge because opponent is strong there is more meaning to challenge it does not matter if he lose but he will enjoy that time of challenge also after the game he will learn something from it also same time if a player play against lower level player then he should be able to play sincerely and respect the lower level player if he can beat him 15-2 then the respect to the lower level player is beat him 15-2, rather than play with him and beat him 15-10 its not the right way its not right respect to the person if you do, it looks like you are a cat and play with mouse and the other opponent will feel not very good during the game when you are losing some times the player shakes his head, like this shows I cannot do it, things are not going well or put their head down it does not matter if you are losing 13-0 put your head up and continue fighting and continue challenge that is sportsman rather than giving up put head down means finish my player, if I teach a player I don’t mind he lose to some body 15-0 but I do mind, if he shakes head if he put his head down I do mind its not fighter, its not sportsman score does not matter what attitude he has that matters final words remember you are unique and you are unlimited challenge and enjoy the pain from hard work the pain will bring you special rewards in your life thank you

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  1. @mrsexykid1995 Thank you for posting your comment and I am very pleased to know that you agree on this clip. Lee

  2. Coach Lee you are very kind to spend time to teach us who love this sport. I'm going to share your videos with all my club mates. Cheers from Australia.

  3. Master… now i know what to tell my teammates and opponents whenever they doubt themselves.

    I shall share your wisdom… Thank you again Mr. Lee…

  4. I am pleased to know that this clip is beneficial to you and thank you for your such nice comment on this clip. Lee

  5. You are welcome. Lee

  6. Dear Master Coach Lee,
    While playing a Tournament, my Mind becomes too tensed & cluttered to play my “normal game”, I could feel the Adrenaline rush so much that my breathing became shorter, more sweating & while hitting the shuttle I was too tensed, & not relaxed as I feel everyday while in practice games, I felt less confidence too…
    How do I overcome this ? Is this normal to feel so tensed? What should I do to control this, other than play more tournaments? Please advice & thank you

  7. The way you feel is good thing. You do feel that way because of you would like to do well and it mean so much. That is why you do that way. If you try to not to be like that then you will be more like that. Do not try to run away from it. try to face it, be with it and become it. It saound may be difficult to understand but try. Put all your body and emotion to it thyen you will be able to see lights from it. Lee

  8. thank you sir… will playing more tournaments help me to keep my mind more still & perform better ?

  9. I have seen pretty much all of your clips. This one is my favorite.

  10. I am pleased to know that you like this one. Lee

  11. Yes try to face it then you will be able to see the way to beat it. Lee

  12. This video is very helpful. I used to think saying I will win would just make you disappointed if you lost. However, you are right. Thank you.

  13. I am very pleased to know. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  14. coach lee, what to think if your practice player or opponent is a intermediate and you are much better? or beginner and your intermediate? how to treat your opponent? – thanks coach lee

  15. You could help them by playing a bit lower level but you must not let your opponent feel it. You only do it when there is much gap between you and the others. Lee

  16. Thanks a lot coach Lee

  17. Thank coach for all clip. My son will be the good badminton player.Gold racket badminton team Thailand.

  18. you are a great role model not just a coach

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