Badminton-Right Attitude

Badminton-Right Attitude

Roots of Badminton Hello, I am Lee I hope you find this video enjoyable and beneficial to your badminton in badminton I believe there are 5 most important principles I see this 5 principles as roots of badminton lets say if this racket is badminton tree I believe there are 5 roots any body who play badminton if they can understand this 5 roots they will be able to understand the trunk of badminton branches of badminton, as well as the leaves of badminton so, he can understand badminton as whole but I saw many players and trainers they have no understanding of this 5 roots and they only see branches, leaves of badminton tree so, when something is happening they cannot see reasons for that they cannot explain, why that happens because they have no idea of this roots if a player play badminton or trainer teach players before that in my view, they have to have the understanding of this 5 roots before they try to understand the footwork, grip and technique this 5 roots are most important things to know to understand and be able to perform Right Attitude Right Attitude which is most important root among the 5 of roots of badminton tree there are 2 things I would like to explain, demonstrate to you number 1 – be able to challenge against stronger player and number 2 – be able to respect lower level players I saw many players that when they play against stronger player in their mind they already accept he is going to lose so when they take racket go to court to play they go to court to play to lose rather than to challenge if a player already accept he is going to lose and play a match to me that is labour, not sport the beauty of sports is be able to challenge against stronger player it does not matter if this player lose 2 to 15 does not matter as long as he challenge it then after the match he will learn something and during that time he can enjoy the match but just imagine, if one already accept he is going to lose and play what can he get from that match nothing just wasting time and second point there are many players when they play against lower level player they have no respect and they behave like king of courts and they treat their opponent, like if he is a cat and play with a mouse no respect some times I can understand if a player gets nervous against stronger player but I hate to see the player who have no respect against lower level players just imagine if I play against lower level player I know I can beat him 15-0 but same time I treat him as my opponent equal and I respect and I play sincerely that is real beauty of sportsman I will demonstrate what I mean number 1 – lets say I am playing against stronger player when match starts love all then this players posture is like this properly and then ready service comes and then play like this but after this initial start because opponent is better he is losing point and score became 12-3 something like this and at the beginning he was like this and then 12 – 3 and his posture his attitude is changing like this yeah and then like that this posture shows, explains to me he already given up he does not want to try, why? because in his mind that if he keep trying and he lose 15-2 or 15-3 he thinks this is kind of embarrasment that’s why he try to destroy the game to me that behaviour shows very small heart does not matter, lets say 14-1 I believe this player should have posture like that and does not matter continue try lets say game 14-1 and try to get service back and challenge and challenge again that’s right attitude to game also that is right attitude to my opponent this kind of behaviour, ok common quickly I am finished, come on finish it this kind of attitude is not sportsmanship attitude he is wasting his opponents time the second point I would like to make is be able to respect the lower level players some times like this player when he does not try he is giving up against stronger player posture like this and then when he play against lower level player then his behaviour is completely changing he became king of the court and some times he make a good shot, and he look the spectators their parents and show how he nicely hit for example lets say he has got very good opportunity to kill from the net and then some spectators or friends or parents are sitting some where here and watching this game and after he kill this shot like this and then he look opponent, and then he look spectators and he look their parents and show how he looks nice its completely different against stronger player he does not try against lower level player he became a king and show to me it should be other way round he should try against stronger player because he is strong there is more meaning to challenge him but when he make mistake then he blame something else like this great chance comes and kill it, he hits net and immediately he looks his racket which means he shows, he is telling the people who are watching its not my technical mistake, some thing wrong with my racket so he does not accept what he has done wrong if he make second mistake cannot see it because he saw it already and then shuttle comes and then he hits and then he look the light this mistake is light not my technique and player like that when he lose a match he will say I had bad stomach the umpire was not my side the floor is very slippery, like this no when ever a player lose he will say nothing but congratulate his opponent, well done you are stronger than me, you are faster than me that’s only he can say the player who has small heart will blame all other things but not himself the attitude when a stronger player play against lower level player its changing dramatically for example if this player play against similar level stronger player then his posture is like this when shuttle is in the air smash please then his posture is like this serious ok but if he play against lower level player who he know he can beat him easily then his posture will be changing from like this to like this casual and he hits some times like this smash please common hit harder hitting like this or some times he hits like this and he is playing with his opponent to me that is not very good attitude even if I can beat him 15-0 I believe I should respect my opponent does not matter his level and play sincerely like this rather than yeah just imagine how his opponent feels when he is watching when he knows this player consider him as nothing his feel will be terrible same even more like drop shot when he play against stronger player then his posture is like that and like this serious posture but when he play against lower level player he try to make fancy look nice beautiful like this watch my face and posture yeah I am playing against lower level looks very nice backhand clear against stronger player his posture is like that against lower level player he is playing this is not good what I believe in badminton this number 1 root right attitude is most important to me badminton court is like normal life in this court if a player able to challenge against stronger player in normal life he will say what he believe if his boss says not fare things to him he will say so, that is wrong he has that attitude to challenge but if a player already giving up against stronger player in normal life what ever he do if he faces difficulties he will give up same the other way if this player respects his opponent does not matter how low his level is and he plays sincerely if a player train that way on court in normal life, if he become a boss and then he has got many staff he will treat his staff as his level he will trust his staff with fare way rather than he treats them like what can I say slaves nancy so, to me how a player behave on court I can see how he will behave outside of badminton court to recap the most important thing in badminton is 2 things number 1 – be able to challenge against stronger player number 2 – does not matter how low level he is playing he should be able to respect the lower level player what I mean by respect lower level player is if I can beat him 15-2 beat him 15-2 is my respect rather than play with him and beat him 15-10 like cat playing with mouse

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  1. Would you say it is wrong to purposely not play against weaker player (because it would not be a good game)
    Purposely not play to your best ability against weaker players? (because they wouldnt win a lot of points)

  2. Yes you do not have to play as you would not have much benefit but if you have to play with what ever reason then you should play respectedly(sometime club badminton you have to change partners and you can not always possible to play better players or sinilar level players)

  3. If you do that for your weak opponent benefits, let them make good rallies and let them have good game then that would be good of you but if you do it purely with reason for that there is no fun and it becomes boring for you then I dont think that is good of you. We all was not good at the start and there were time the players better then us have played against us some of then sincerely and some of then with bad attitude without respect. That is the points I am making. Lee

  4. If it's you………Then Dear coach Sir, I happened to see your vidz recently nd in simple words i'd like to say "Hats off to You", Sir.
    The Right Attitude video has impressed me the most and i really look forward to have more coaching tips from you…… improve my game…….as i'm a big lover of this sport and constantly look forward to improve ma game…………..

  5. Thank you for your words and I am pleased to know some of my clips are beneficial to you. As badminton is my life, I will continue to make coaching clips to share my experiences with someone like you. It is great to know there are some like you enjoy them. Thank you very much for posting your comment. Lee

  6. Yes! I had to play against people like at12:37, so now I'm trying to find coaching so I can beat them. I have one month left.

  7. thank you soo much for sharing these principles sir….. you really are a great coach. you inspire us

  8. Thank you and I am very pleased to know you see the point. Lee

  9. Coach Lee, what areas contribute to success in badminton?  For example 80% skills, 10% mental attitude, 5% racquet, 5% fitness, etc.

  10. I am very thankful to have found these videos of yours Coach Lee. I have been playing "picnic badminton" and i would love to engage in "serious badminton" but i lack the courage because of my low-level skills. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

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