Badminton Science: String Tension

Badminton Science: String Tension

Hi badmintologists!
Ever wondered what’s so important about string tension?
String tension plays an important role in being able to hit the shuttle. The tighter
the strings are on your racquet the more energy you need to make a powerful shot. So for a
beginner, having looser strings is best because all of the energy from the racquet is transferred
into the shuttle, making it fly further more easily. For more experienced players, higher
tension strings are better as the shuttle bounces off the strings and doesn’t absorb
as much energy giving the player more control of their shot.
With a low tension racquet not as much energy or power is needed to push the shuttle far.
However there’s less control of the shuttle as a little bit of power will push the shuttle
a long distance. A higher tension racquet, is the opposite. You need to use a lot of
power to move the shuttle barely anywhere, but this can be a good thing as players are
able to control their shots more accurately. Individual players will want different string
tensions depending on their ability and their style of play. Not all professional player
have high string tension. If you go too high you can run the risk of breaking strings from
mishits. So next time you’re asked what string tension
you want, tell them your style of play and they’ll point you in the right direction.
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  1. From my experience 24 lbs is the best for beginner

  2. whats the perfect tension for me? im 12 yrs old and im a badminton player

  3. How do you categorise what style of player you are?
    I always have trouble understanding this..

  4. It would be much better if the speaker spoke slower cuz viewers needed time to digest the words.

  5. Quick and efficient (The video)! I like it!

  6. 26 ideal tension….

  7. To understand better what her talking about my finger tip is always on the pause and rewind button.

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