Badminton-Smash Defence in Doubles (6) Push and defence practice-1 (put your soul into practice)

Badminton-Smash Defence in Doubles (6) Push and defence practice-1 (put your soul into practice)

Smash Defence in Doubles (6) Push and Defence Practice-I One of the most important practice is push and defence in doubles my partner stand at net hitting down I will defence his attack to the net this is kind of bread and butter practice every player whether regardless singles or doubles especially for doubles and mixed doubles players they have to do this one many many times with good quality every body does it but the result of the practice is different depending on how they do it please look my players how they do it go if 10 is perfect I will give three of them about 7 but 3 is missing out of 3 2 is missing by their focus one is missing by their techniques what I mean by that ok watch this Perry go when you look their practice style it looked fine ok I will copy that what they did it how they did it can you see any thing missing here yes something is missing the all three players use their bone and their muscle not their soul what do you mean its total focus so all my emotions go to the shuttlecock together the stage what I want players to be in is the stage they don’t have to ask them to work hard because its already there its already together opponnent his all body his all focus, emotions are together that is the practice that is pure quality practice that way there is no time to be disappointed when he hit net watch this lots of players do that every mistake he is distracted you know why he is distracted because he is not focusing he is not with it that’s why he is distracted by every single mistake he shows, he tells everybody I disappointed because I made mistake but it is completely opposite when you make mistake it does not matter, he is still ready for next one and then next one it does not matter does not matter he is in a way not assisted he is with it already there that kind of quality training is what I am looking for that kind of player I am looking for but not very often see player who put everything in every single shot you may tell to me Lee its just badminton just hitting the shuttlecock if you have that kind of attitude if a player have such kind of attitude he will never achieve anything why? the player who does this kind of quality training still loses many times but if you don’t do this quality training there is no chance my final words your life as badminton player is too short to use your muscle and bone only from today put your soul and put your bone and muscles use them to practice why? when you pass away your body become a dust what I am saving it for while you can use it do something before too late

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  1. Thank you for uploading new content lately coach Lee. I would like to see how to do a backhand smash (like Taufik Hidayat did). I can do it with some success from the mid court, but from the back corner it is more like a fast backhand drop because it lacks power.

  2. Dear Lee,

    As usual, masterful demonstration of focus! It is not difficult to show badly timed shots. But to illustrate the body language of a player without focus, I just can't figure out how you do it so wonderfully. I often feel that you secretly watch me and make these videos (joking). I will play less number of games from now on but will focus more. Thanks for uploading this wonderful video.

  3. Mr Lee, I learn a lot from your videos.

    Much appreciate, if you can make 1, advising the right kind of strings/tension to be used in rackets to get the best effect.
    I am a doubles (back) player & use Yonex racket & Strings.

    Currently, not able to make up my mind to go with BG 66 Ultimax or Bg80 !!  
    Please advise.

  4. Dear Lee Thank you for your excellent videos it would really help to hear you better without echo if you use a wireless mic ear piece. It's a simple suggestion you may find use of If you think so.

  5. shit that was deep man. well said.

  6. I'm so moved by your coaching. Thanks a lot.

  7. Hello Lee Sir , really great videos and techniques. Thanks a lot

  8. Awesome mental game teaching here I 100% agree. 9 out of 10 players I see never do what Lee introduces here, no matter their skill level I can tell they will never get better. I hv friends that play over ten years and be the best in the community however I hv seen kids play only couple years but with this kind of training beat the crap out of all veteran players merely rely on experience. If u want to get better in short period of time, listen to Lee

  9. Hello Lee,

    I'm playing Badminton since half a year and last week i had my first important match. It was not that succesfull for me, but your mental coaching helps me a lot to get a better focus on what I'm doing. My last two training sessisons were much better than before. Thanks for that!


  11. excuse me mr lee could you please explain what you mean by putting your soul into it please?

  12. hallo coach….
                            today i m very disappointed with me… i have been facing a problem from couple months .. problem is i  am loosing temper very badly when i make mistakes … today i even broke my racket in anger … the anger is not against any other member but with myself…. and i m feeling very sorry for my behavior … the situation is pretty much same as u discribed in this video

    please please help me couch to come over this problem…

    thnx . God bless

  13. Coach i will try my best to change things… I again wana say sory for what i did today…
    Thnx for the wonderful words and thnx for having a believe in me…

    You are a wonderful person

    Thnx n God Bless

  14. Nice tips. The tips that can make you a advanced badminton player

  15. Excellent Thought!!! Respect!!!

  16. coach 이 감사합니다 파이팅!!!!!

  17. Excellent Fundamentals !

  18. respected sir{lee} iam very thank full to you you givus very wonderfull techniccal video i see your video last 3year regulaarly perday thanks pawan mahar[uttrakhand} india

  19. Good job coach lee

  20. coach sir why can't you visit India once. the lessons all are very very nice and people ll there game if they follow you correctly.

  21. Thanks Coach Lee. It's really deep and inspired

  22. Coach Lee I really enjoy watching your training videos, they are very motivating and detailed. I'm trying to learn badminton skills again in my mid-twenties. It would have been great to have had you as a coach in high school! Thanks again for your videos. Qas

  23. Much respect for you Coach Lee. I have learnt a lot, from you, within just a month of playing badminton. Your teaching style is truly inspiring and very informative. I only wish if I was able to train under your wing, but nevertheless your videos help a lot. Thank you, Sir.

  24. Thank you sir
    U help me a lot
    now I know how to save smash in doubles alr thanks coach Lee

  25. Mr. Lee , What grip i should use for smash Defence on badminton? can you give me a video for that

  26. this video is giving a positivity energy like a glucose for a weak body!!

  27. hi couch

    can you show us the video on how to hold the racket if you are doing the backhand server

  28. Sir I have never gone through a format training … I simply follow you… your emotions .. your training.. your couching … I want to be international player from India. I am ready to be prepared quick. I will do what ever you say Lee…. I want your invitation … Sir I respect you

  29. Sir, I am very inconsistent in my play. Sometimes i play okay where i can hit the shuttle to the place i want but sometimes the place is different from what i want. And sometimes i really cant focus in my game. Please give me some advice.

  30. Sir, your coaching sessions are really helpful and motivating. Currently I practice and play daily. Should i consider a recovery day in a week. Or is it OK to practice 7 days a week?

  31. thank you coach…I feel motivated

  32. this is firstime see this video over past 4 years following your lesson miss this video maybe.You right mr lee,without focus and soul sometime easy return or easy shuttle become big fast shuttle coming after opponent smash it,im still can return back.all about focus and still remember 1 years ago in tonuments i and my friend fight this strong opponent double.they have powerful smash.we play until rubber set.first set they friend almost give up but im giving him pep talk n motivate how to defeat them.sometime emotion will change games.we change game with playing flat and fast.second set and rubber set we win after that.this is the match im always remember until today and im proud of it but still,me and my friend still lack and work hard until today.more strongest oppenent waiting top on the mountain.thank mr lee.

  33. Sir, I am having problem with smash defence because i am not able to predict which side opponent will smash….so when i am thinking that opponent will smash on my backhand and I am ready with backhand grip, but then opponent smashes on my forehand..and at that time I don't have much time to change my grip from backhand to forehand.. So please help me with it sir.Thank you.

  34. sir…!!! your advice is awesome..not only for badminton..but also for the life…

  35. sensai . you are the man!

  36. I can understand where all this wisdom is coming from sir.
    I pray to god that you get your ideal student.
    I have no doubt you will turn him/her into a legend.


  37. Thank u sir it is most useful for thank u very much sir

  38. thanks sir it will be improve my badminton skill bcoz I m the shortest player in my team

  39. it was really helpful
    thank ya sir

  40. Brilliant inspiration. From this video, i learnt that in everything you do in life, you should put your heart and soul into it. Commit to it and never give up. Cheers Lee!

  41. Great to see, learn a lot

  42. I always wanted a strong and determined coach. like batman. masters alike.

  43. There is a concept called ‘presence’ that is relevant to this topic, for those interested. Watch a movie/read book called “Peaceful Warrior” – useful to watch. This is what sets the difference apart from top players and those who work hard and want to be the top player but struggles to get there.

  44. Can I get the email I'd of the coach?

  45. Coach Lee I wish to meet you someday in my life if possible and thank you for everything you have done. I wish you could read this and reply to me. I shall always be in your debt and you shall always be in my prayers.

    Love and respect
    Heyshiv Parashar

  46. Misteri Lee or pak Lee tolong di diterjemahkan ke bahasa indonesia saya cocok dengan teknik teknik badminton yang bapak ajarkan thenk you pak Lee….?

  47. Thank you Sir for posting such a great video, I learnt most of my badminton skills from your couchings. This video is very important one for because I make such mistakes often and wondered why I lost the battle. God bless you… Mohanlal from Tamil Nadu, India.

  48. Your last words in this video gave me ghoose bumps…very valuable lesson, Thank you.

  49. Can I apload how to defense smash in long range

  50. I feel his passion for badminton. Love him! Hope to meet you in person, coach Lee!

  51. Which grip should we use while defencing smash?

  52. Thats motivational

  53. Which racket you use

  54. Absolutely true. I'm a classical musician, not really a badminton player but the focus in practice and everything else you said applies for almost all the fields! Good day!

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