Badminton-Smash Defense: 2 Different Types

Badminton-Smash Defense: 2 Different Types

Two different types of smash defence There are two different kinds of smash defence have a look please number 1 lift high with tap, in order to use your power its better to tap it like that rather than follow through forehand same tap rather than follow through so lift type 1, tap go high tap – ready tap rather than follow through number 2 defence you don’t want to lift because they continue attack, flat when you do the flat drive not tap, but little bit force and push watch this, backhand hold forehand same hold if you do this one like this with your wrist its looping slow opponent can kill it no like that forward push any side if you want to hit deeper, same technique but harder, watch this this will go to mid court you change mind forehand middle court push you change your mind but if you lift it high you must tap

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  1. This is what I was really looking for and glad to have found it here. Thanks a lot for this clip.

  2. I am very pleased to know. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  3. Hi Lee. Can you do a dive video?
    For the moment can you explain to me in words what are the steps to dive correctly?
    I mean it's just jumping and falling motion or it's a kind of movement of supporting with your left arm your body weight while streching right arm and hitting? I can't coordinate myself to do it correctly even if i'm really coordinate and fast. My recovery from the ground is fast and clean .
    Hope not to bore you with so much words. Thank you a lot and greetings from Chile!

  4. Hello Jose.
    This is the topic I am not able to help you much. I have the idea that players should train hard to reach to the shot with steps rather then dive. Same time i also do know that players have to dive time to time. I have not really thooughts about how to dive. I do not have much information on this. Sorry for not being able to help you much on this. Lee

  5. can we aim or target our opponent's face or body when smashing to make them pain?

  6. I do not think that is good idea. You are playing to win not playing to give them pain. Some time in a situation, the best shot can be aim your opponent body but in this case it is done tacticly not with intention to give pain. Please better not to do it. Lee

  7. thanks for your advice coach lee.

  8. I want to see the smash return about powerful smash. But really, smash is not slowly. The most badmintoner play a game of doubls. In my opinion, your returning's problem is that opposite forward player intercepted. I want to heared your opinion please. Thank you. Ps. (I am Korean. I don't speak english….)

  9. You are most welcome. Lee

  10. Couch Lee,could you make a video teaching how to change direction of the shuttlecock?I feel difficult to do it,I mean the shuttlecock doesnt go smoothly and to the point that I aim to

  11. Sure, I understand what you mean. Please wait a bit more. I will be able to record from April and there will be clips related to your questions. Lee

  12. Thank you so much Coach Lee for such wonderful videos.

  13. You are very welcome. Lee

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