Badminton Smash Defense: Two Different Types

Badminton Smash Defense: Two Different Types

Two different types of smash defence There are two different kinds of smash defence have a look please number 1 lift high with tap, in order to use your power its better to tap it like that rather than follow through forehand same tap rather than follow through so lift type 1, tap go high tap – ready tap rather than follow through number 2 defence you don’t want to lift because they continue attack, flat when you do the flat drive not tap, but little bit force and push watch this, backhand hold forehand same hold if you do this one like this with your wrist its looping slow opponent can kill it no like that forward push any side if you want to hit deeper, same technique but harder, watch this this will go to mid court you change mind forehand middle court push you change your mind but if you lift it high you must tap

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  1. thank you sir for your valuable notes, but im finding it very difficult to send the shuttle at the oppents base line while returning his smash in back hand position? and which grip were you using while returning the forehand and back hand smash returns

  2. @SIFYWAY That is a very good and important question. When you defending smash, you do not have much time to chage grip therefore you have have grip allow you to forehand and backhand with very little change or without change. Which is ready grip. It is not forehand nor backhand grip, it is the grip between those two grips. I hope to be able to demonstate to you. I will try to pint it out on my next clip. Thank you for your kind words on my clip. Lee

  3. i am a recreational player from india and its the same problem with me at all the times when i am returning the smashes on either forehand or backhand i end up missing the shuttle at all the times or it goes out from the frame of the racquet . now with your clips i am getting more practice and trying to improve

  4. @SIFYWAY Try not to be perfect from the biginning. You must practice the concept and be able to feel it. Then try to hit harder. Because of you are try to hit hard, you may miss the right feeling. The most important thing is your positive will to make it happen. be ready to try 101 time if you could not do it right on your 100 try. I garanty you will have it. I was like you before I train. It is 99% training with positive will and 1% skill. Lee

  5. @hakeempower Thank you for leaving your comment and I am very pleased to know that it works for you. Happy Badminton. Lee

  6. When awaiting for possible smash, should the racket arm Leg slightly forward, or we wait with both leg square?

  7. For backhand defence, should i cock the wrist like the backhand clear considering that the grip is now neutral grip?

  8. @ycc71 Hi. Good and important question, If you right handed player, you are on left side of court and shuttlecock is cross court then your lft foot should be forwarded. Opposit situation you should put your right foot forwarded. When shuttleock is located straight to you then all three can be used(side by side, left foot forward or roght foot forward. I use side by side feet, my right foot forward. In this way I can defend both side better and still be able to take his clear or drop. Lee

  9. @coachingbadminton Thanks for your pointer. btw a side comment: i find that your power smash & level double DVD helps me a lot.

  10. By using your fingers. grip your fingers at the impact time very powerfully and sharply. It will generate much power and lift shuttlecock deeper. As smash comes fast if you do big swing there is more chance to make poor impact. Lee

  11. Hi Coach. Did you mean side by side and your right leg forward is a bit forward? Or more forwarded?

    Thank you Coach Lee

  12. put right foot about 20cm forward if you are right hander. Lee

  13. 20cm. Understood Coach.

    May God bless you. Thank you.

  14. Thank you very much for your kindest wish. Lee

  15. you are the best coach i`ve ever known..I wish you stay alive for years and learn us more and more…Thank you so much

  16. Thank you very much for your kind wish and am very pleased to know that you value the clips. thank you for taking time to post your comment. lee

  17. I think tbis is for double only. F

  18. I think this is for double only. How about in single match? I see many player

  19. down to the ground to catch the shuttlecock. Any way to train this action?

  20. Please explain more as I am not clear of your question. Sorry. Lee

  21. How to train up to have a fast action to defense if the shuttlecock is not close to you but close to the side of the court? Probably, as I watched from some matches, the player will fall down on the ground to defense.

  22. Coach Lee,
    I cannot say you are the best player i've seen, but YOU ARE the Best Coach i've ever seen,you teach with good heart and of course you have the skill and intelligent. you tell us the wrong way not to do it, and explain why, also you use very good example to understand. Thank you for you Clips, i wish you the best in your career.

  23. Hello Will, thank you very much for your kindest comment on my clips. I am very pleased to know that you feel that way with my clips. I shall continue as it is my plessure. Lee

  24. When your opponent is taking shot by his overhead, you do not know if he is going to smash or clear or drop. It is therefore, better to hold somewhere middle. Not too high or not too low. If you hold somewhere middle then you will be able to both without much problem. Lee

  25. Put your racket forward and get your posture lower. It may help you to see the shuttlecock faster and react faster. Lee

  26. How can I return the shuttlecock when it aims at my face coach?

  27. If you have good posture it is not too difficult to return such shots. Get low posture and put your arm and racket forward then you will be automatically return it. Lee

  28. You are welcome. Lee

  29. hi Coach, low posture is definitely helping a lot defending smash. However, my major problem when smash comes very fast, I am not able to see it, also smash to my upper body or chest is hard for me to return.

  30. That is same to many players. You have to focus and keep practice as there is no magical solution. There is another smash defense clip which deals with more key elements. Please view that one, it may help you. Lee

  31. I watched the other video-thanks. just to clarify from this video, you are using finger power to return the shuttle-right, not wrist?

  32. 80% fingers and 20% wrist as fingers are faster then wrist. Lee

  33. sir how can we lift smashes that are directed towards the side courts could u please upload a video for that!!!!!!!

  34. Hey Coach Lee, is it possible to defend any smash no matter how fast it is? I know someone who can smash really fast but I can never return it.

  35. It is great to see how I'm improving my game with your videos!! I wish I were 20 years!! 😀

    Please keep publishing!

    Greetings from Spain

  36. Dear Coach Lee,
    I like your VDO so much and I'm trying to improve myself by watching this.
    Could you give me advises about how to improve my wrist please?
    do you use any tool to practice your wrist?

  37. mr.lee thankyou sir

  38. thanks fr the tip lee .. could u suggest me that what type of grip i should use in backhand n. forehand deffence ????

  39. best coach in the world

  40. Is it a good idea to put your tumb behind the racket so you can generate power when defending.

    I do this myself.

  41. I learned all the techniques in badminton by watching all your videos I'm so thankfull

  42. How do you generate so much power with such a small action?

  43. Sorry sir but i dont think the smash you are showing is that slow make is fast please

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