Badminton Smash: How your elbow should be set for a smash (Part 1)

Badminton Smash: How your elbow should be set for a smash (Part 1) Case 1 – How the elbow should be set for a Smash In order to make best possible smash how the elbow should be set how the elbow should be used ok now watch this please set, shuttle is coming form there to here I am hitting shuttle from here to the other side there fore my elbow should be pointing straight backward to the shuttle cock so my elbow line, shuttle should be opposite each other that’s the way to create maximum power to the shuttle cock watch this so shuttle is coming from there elbow straight back shuttle comes and bang many players they turn the body so elbow goes that way when shuttle is coming from that way so my elbow is ready to hit it that way watch when players turn elbow that way when shuttle is coming from that way so look that way they go they have to turn that way so look like this like this instead of like that and then straight forward if I do that way elbow back straight back straight and then elbow goes straight forward elbow back straight and then stretch forward because elbow is straight back all my power will go to the shuttle cock in straight line but if my elbow goes that way so I set my posture, I set my elbow to use power that way when elbow goes that way this is really good to hit over there because I am hitting there not there and elbow is there, there fore he has to do like this like this so, it looks like set to throw the dart that way and then throw dart like this but if elbow goes there, it goes straight watch my elbow elbow should be straight back here straight back straight back and then bang set wrong way so there is turning right way again, elbow don’t move, don’t move elbow goes straight back so this is my racket this is shuttle cock shuttle fly this way, racket should come from that way bang opposite hit, that is the maximum power you can use but many players because they turn their elbow backwards shuttle fly this way, their (players) racket come from that way like this like that, no it should be shuttle come this way, your elbow your racket should come from opposite way to hit that is the maximum way to hit it, clean accurate way to hit it have a look again focus on my elbow there rather than there that way watch elbow, look wait, elbow don’t turn this one go straight, straight, straight not turning, because straight and then you can come straight forward if you turn, you turn back back back not turn turn, turn See more Badminton Videos at

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  1. lmao 2:50 was funny xD

  2. He reminds me to Kungfu panda

  3. @behrami29 LOL!!!!!!

  4. he eyplained it 12 times 😀 but good explanation 🙂

  5. Doesn't turning your body increase the power of your smash since you are using your whole body rather than just your arm? I would assume his suggestion for the elbow would work if you don't have enough time to get your weight behind you to get a really powerful smash off. Correct me if I'm wrong?

  6. 1:50 he made the the noise with his hand…

  7. @howtochow he clearly said his suggesting smashing pose is to maximize power. He is using body weight, but his critical point is:
    1. do not pull your elbow beyond your chest.
    2. do not to twist your upper body, or shoulder.
    Those tips will help us to have crisper smash and short time to re-position.
    In real game, your foot work has to be super fast like Lee Chong Wei to hit that smash in the left real corner. This pose may eliminate the angle and be easier to see the direction.

  8. cant believe people are accepting his way of smashing..more like strokes for aged people. LOL, no offense

  9. @howtochow Perhaps there's such a thing as "too much rotation"? Power generated is the result of summation of all forces, of which rotation is but one source. He's explaining in this video how we'd lose power if elbow is not set properly as the force from the swing is not in the same direction (drawn out an arc instead of a straight line for acceleration).

  10. @cernovlasy Did you not see he supernates his forearm as he swings his racket backward? Without pronation, how can he hit the shuttle?

  11. @cernovlasy Please review very closely, slowly and carefully what he did with his forearm between 0:39 and 0:41. He supinated his forearm when he pulled his racket back as part of the set up, before he pronate it forward again. If this is still not clear, I'd suggest you visit a website called badminton forum (without the space) dot com and ask people there to examine this video.

  12. good stuff, i subscribed!.

  13. @behrami29

    I like your comment as my nick name was White bare. Lee

  14. Thanks a lot Mr.Lee…I like your teaching method.

  15. @khalifahsaladin
    Thank you very much for your nice comment.

  16. @fruitychees
    Thank you and I am very pleased to know.

  17. 3:30 why is he smashing the cocks together? Lol cool vid

  18. Good video. I am a tennis player and I am used to pulling arm sideways and twisting at the hips which he said we should not do for badminton.

  19. @randysite Yes, I do believe that way with reason that if you turn your vision and the direction of your power has to be changed on the way resulting lose power and the control. Lee

  20. What if I want to smash the shuttle to cross court? Does the same principal for elbow apply?

  21. Yes, if you would like to smash to cross court the your ellbow should be turn bit deeper then stright. Lee

  22. Unless you would like to do the deceptive check smash. Lee

  23. grossly disagree. very misleading.

  24. Thank you for posting your comment. For my self and other viewers, would you please point out the reasons for your disagreement and misleading of this clip.
    I am very interested see your point as we all learn from difefrent point of views. Lee

  25. Just doing it without a racquet i feel the difference, cant wait to use this in a game, thank you very much Lee

  26. I very much hope it works for you but when you try to do it please do it with 100% believe and possitiveness. Lee

  27. I am fan of your work.. I wish I could manage my finances and come and learn all of it in person from you.. specially the power smash and backhand clear techniques have done wonders to my confidence and skills

  28. Wherein. The re is will the mre is a way. Please let me know where you are, what level you are, where you would like to take your Badminton to. We can try to find way. Lee

  29. this has been so helpful because it is such a simple mistake and it has given me more power and accuracy when i hit the shuttle especially when you are aiming for tramlines to make that shot inch perfect to make it so much more difficult for the opponent to return. I like your teaching method because it is easy to understand. I would love to learn and train with you to inprove every technique to the best of my ability

  30. Hi, thank you very much for posting your comment on my clips. I am very pleased to know they are working for you. Lets hope to meet each other on badminton court in the future. Lee

  31. couch Lee,would you mind answering me a question?what factors does the power of a smash generates from ? turn the body ,elbow,twist ,arm or all of them ?thank U very much !:D

  32. I have to say that it is influenced by all the factors, step, focus, body action, wrist seting, elbow seting, impact point, awareness, will, and co-ordination of all the factors. That is why players have to do a lots of repeat training to make things natural and automatic. Lee

  33. thank you very much! now I will try to combine these factors because I always depend on my arm and twist not the whole body 🙁 .

  34. Yes all the factors have to be right. But please try one by one first to make it right then you can practice all the factors on same time. Good luck and let me know if you face wall. Lee

  35. couch Lee ,now I can smash but when I smash straight to the mid-court my opponent often defense well .He always smash or slice to the 2 side of the court.I couldn't make a slice like that so he had no difficulties in defensing me .how can I change the direction of a smash?and can U give some guidance to slice?

  36. It has to be explained with clip and I will be doing it in due course.
    Please follow me from in June for much more detailed clips and explanation.

  37. Just practice your technique in the smash and it work-well with a heavy smash.

  38. Thank you for letting me know and am very pleased. Lee

  39. @coachingbadminton

    How hard do you string your tension?

  40. You have a very good question. My answer is no. When you are under pressure then the arm setting has to be changed to cope with it. Less bend and more close to shuttlecock. Lee

  41. @coachingbadminton

    What racket are you using in this video?

  42. It is YX -LJB. Name of brand is Yehlex and name of racket is YX – LJB.
    I tested it and I put my name on it. Lee

  43. Great video. Thanks a bunch.

  44. Thank you, Coach Lee.

  45. You are very welcome. Lee

  46. Hello coach Lee and thx for all the great videos! I've rather confused about the role of the wrist in smash(and clears). You seem to teach that the most power comes from the flick of the wrist, while many other badminton sources state that the most power comes from body and arm rotation. Any comment on this? For me it's not clear should i start focus using wrist flick when smashing or focus body and arm rotation?

  47. coach how to do a jumping smash …can you pls post a video ..thx for all ur videos

  48. Yes I am planning to do it as number of players are asking too. Lee

  49. Non of them are wrong. the key thing is proportion of each elements. To make perfact smash all of nthem must be used in right way. In my view many players lose their power because of using too much body movement and try to apply too much arm pronation skills. What I am doing in this is less pronation and less body movement. Ones a player understand all the point then he can add or take out each skill depending on the situation he is in each moment. Lee

  50. In short , just fold the arm straight & hit , no need to rotate the body …..

  51. This is a skill but after you can add your body. I am pointing out that there are many players who turn too much and lose power by losing balance. Lee

  52. such a simple rule, yet it makes such a huge difference

  53. I am very pleased to know that you could see the point. Lee

  54. thank u sir i will use this trick today!

  55. I hope it works for you. Lee

  56. I am drilled to hear that my clip gave you such improvement. It is my great plessure and thank you for taking time to letting me know the result of viewing my clips. Lee

  57. I play badminton daily.I have learned so much by watching these videos.things which i thought i knew.Thank you so much.I will try out the new ideas on the court tomorrow onwards and get back to you.

  58. I hope it works for you. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  59. Thank you Mr Lee ! Your teaching is very clear . I am badminton player not bad so after watch some lesson of you I become good player .

  60. Thank you very much for your comment and I am delighted to know that my clips helped you. Thank you too. Lee

  61. sir your videos are very informative and helpful….sir plz can you upload some videos about the jump smashes as my jump smash is very poor and i make lots of mistakes doing it…….thanxx in advance….

  62. Thank you, I wll do it when I do my recording in the near future. Thank you for asking. Lee

  63. Dear coach Lee ! I am very happy to tell you that I am Vietnamese . In World Badminton championships 2013 player Nguyen Tien Minh had bronze medal single men.
    Amazing victory ! Hope you feel happy too ! Thank you !

  64. Yes I am it is good to see badminton becomes world of sport. Congratuations. Lee

  65. Extraordinary explanation about the smash. Thank you

  66. You are very welcome. I hope it is a small help to your smash. Lee

  67. amazing sir…… gud job….. you r a gud coach

  68. Thank you for your kind comment. Lee

  69. Best coaching, trust me your videos are so detailed and to the point. Excellent!!!

  70. lee … youre reaalllyy amazing suhu

  71. im from indonesia.. country with so many talent people at badminton

  72. This video had been helpfull to me alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it helped!!!!

  73. Great videos, I'm truly learning from them and my game has improved a lot. Thanks a lot Coach Lee. 

  74. coach lee can i use my left arm to make my right elbow straight and dont turn ?

  75. How to smash with the swiftness you were doing ?
    I don't have that swiftness either + i hurt my wrist. Please help

  76. dear Sir i really improve through your videos…however, i would like to know how can i remediate for playing a forehand or backhand drop after doing a long serve….usually i receive the shuttle below the net coz i'm late…how can i improve plz….

  77. thanks for your tips in the video, i've got a lot of knowledge from you

  78. Sir some of my senior advance players say that my Racquet swing is too slow. Sir how can i increase it. And what is the proper way of swing the Racquet and its speed??

  79. Sir pls be kind enough to reply if u see this
    Instead of this if we use some other way giving more stress to elbow .will it leads to permanent pain during course of play

  80. Thank you Mr Lee for all your videos. You are one of those rare youtube gems! Brilliant!

  81. Excellent coaching Mr.Lee thank you

  82. I am New player so I am watching your videos from the bottom … it's very good … I like this

  83. I in fact coach Li, Kindly I disagree.
    There's a situation where a player needs to do a scissor smash so he has to turn then jump twist hip and use side muscles to promote Smash. What I can see here is a standing smash. Otherwise, I really do appreciate your efforts and your valuable clips.
    Best regards.

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